United Launching Daily Washington-Dulles to Doha service, via Dubai

United fliers now have a new flight to Doha, via Dubai. Announced this morning, United will use a Boeing 777, configured with the new international First/Business seats, as well as a refreshed Economy cabin. The flight, will be a continuation of the current non-stop service from Dulles-Dubai. Previously, United fliers would have to fly Qatar Airways' non-stop service to Doha from Dulles, while forgoing almost 7,000 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs), or 14,000EQMs on the round-trip.

The Qatar flight to Doha, which is a non-stop flight from Dulles, departs at 10:50pm, arriving at 6:30pm, the following day. The United flight through Dubai departs at 6:22pm, arriving to Doha at 5:15pm. With the United flight arriving over an hour earlier than the Qatar flight, travelers have much more choice when planning a trip to the Middle East.

United Airlines Dulles/Dubai/Doha Schedule

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Qatar Airways Dulles/Doha/Dulles Schedule

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image from friendlyskies.smugmug.com

Doha is on my list of countries to visit within the next five years, so I am pleased to see this new option for using my system-wide upgrades.