Uber & Lyft Cleared for Arrival at LAX!


For rideshare companies Uber & Lyft, July 16th marked the beginning of their ability to pickup passengers from LAX. Previously, regulations allowed for passengers to be dropped off at the airport, but expressly forbid pickups. In an interview with the L.A. Times, City Councilman Mike Bonin said it best.

"People are baffled that they can take ride share to the airport but can't take one home."

Less than three weeks later, Matthew reported that the L.A. City Council had vetoed the decision by the Board of Airport Commissioners to allow passenger pickups. It was clear the taxi industry had won this round...until this week.

Uber & Lyft have been cleared for arrival at LAX and passengers should expect to see the ability to request a ride within the next few weeks. As with other airports that have recently approved Uber, such as Kansas City, passengers should expect to see the $4 pickup/dropoff fee added to the total cost of their ride.

This is a huge win for passengers and should only get better going forward. Uber is a breath of fresh air compared to riding in a taxi.



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