The Suite Life at the Hyatt Regency Toronto

Hyatt Regency Toronto

If you were thinking about the Disney Channel tv show, "The Suite Life", fear not. I'll spare you the pain of reading something based on an awful tv show! ;)

After a pleasant ride on the airport express bus, I was dropped about thirty feet from the main entrance of the Hyatt. This was convenient, except for the fact that I walked two blocks past the hotel, thinking that I was heading towards it. There was also a heavy rain/snow mix, so I was pleased when I finally found the hotel entrance.

Only one agent was working at the front desk, which caused me to wait about ten minutes before I was able to check-in. During that time, I was listening to a cab driver who was trying to haggle on the room rate for his son. The agent offered 190+tax, which the cabbie immediately shot down. This exchange lasted for another five minutes, before I could sense that the agent was getting tired of haggling, so he asked them to step aside to allow me to be checked-in.

As I handed over my Diamond card, the lone agent's eyes lit up. First off, he thanked me no less than five times for being a Diamond member, and mentioned that I had been upgraded to the Deluxe Suite, the highest category room in the hotel. And, as there was no Regency Club on the hotel premises, breakfast in the restaurant would be comped. Internet access was also included with my Diamond benefits. Not a bad spread, considering the fact that I paid less than 0 all-in!

My room was on the 17th floor, and offered nice views of the downtown Toronto area. The living room featured a wet-bar, small desk area, 42" plasma TV, some bar seating, and two large couches. The bathroom was located just outside the entrance to the bedroom, and, while small, was nicely appointed. While some deluxe rooms feature Quince and Bergamot soaps, my room only featured the standard Portico soap options. The bathroom was quite small, despite the overall size of the room. As you can see from the photos, this room was designed for larger parties, something which the bathroom was not designed for.

Hyatt YYZ 1

Hyatt YYZ 2

Hyatt YYZ 3

Despite the overall size of the suite, the master bedroom was about the same size as my dorm room. There was little room between the end of the bed and the TV/dresser, so I ended up climbing over the bed when I wanted to get to the other side of the room. In addition, the room was severly lacking power outlets. In most hotels, especially Hyatts, there are one or two outlets on the lamp, or a power outlet right next to the bed. In my case, the outlet was behind the red wall, and required me to get on my hands and knees to find it. I thought about calling the front desk to ask for a power strip, but figured it was not worth it for such a short stay.

Hyatt YYZ 4

The bed was extremely comfortable, which allowed me the chance to get almost eight hours of sleep. My alarm sounded at 7:00am, but I decided to sleep until 8:00am. Thank you, snooze button! Due to the extra sleep, I was not able to sample the breakfast offerings, something I would later regret.

Across the street, the Airport Express bus picked me up shortly after 8:45, and we faced light traffic for the journey back to YYZ. And with less than five passengers on the bus, the on-board wifi was pretty fast. Thirty minutes later, I was dropped off at the door for Air Canada, and the real fun began!


Jimgotkp February 2, 2012 at 05:59 pm

Looking forward to the flights! :)

Whats kind of sad is 5/2011 i stayed at that hotel and my room I booked on Priceline looked the same :)