The Grand Hyatt Sinagpore: Twenty-Four Hours in Singapore

Traffic was non-existent as our cab sped towards the Grand Hyatt. The driver spoke excellent English, and upon discovering that this was our first time in Singapore, offered up several suggestions for places to visit. The growing list of suggestions was clearly geared towards a person spending more than a day in Singapore, though I did not reveal to him the length of our stay.

As we pulled up the drive-way of the Hyatt, the clock struck 3:00am. I had figured that most of the employees would have gone home for the night, but the front entrance was fully staffed, and within minutes, our bags had been unloaded from the cab. We were warmly welcomed to the Grand Hyatt, and directed towards reception.

Upon seeing my Diamond card, the agent remarked that they had been expecting us. In an effort to speed up our check-in, he completed the required paperwork in record time, and then escorted us to our room, located on the 15th floor. This was the second time I had been escorted to my room at a Grand Hyatt, with the last time occuring during my stay at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, and then at the Park Hyatt Paris in 2011.


waterfall next to the elevator lobby

15th floor

The agent stopped at our room, which was only a few steps away from the Grand Club. We had been assigned a corner room, which meant that the overall size was slightly better than most of the rooms on the floor, although it was still a standard room. I had thought about using one of my Diamond Suite Upgrades, but I decided against that due to the short duration of our stay.


As is the case on all of my hotel stays, I spent about fifteen minutes taking photos of the room that we had been assigned to. I always take photos when I first arrive, as I find that if I wait too long, I will either forget to take photos, or will have to spend a lot of time to make the room look good.

comfortable, although firm mattresses

HDTV with a DVD player

work area

sitting area

The bathroom was nicely appointed, although the appearance of the June Jacobs amenities was a bit surprising. In my experience, most of the foreign Hyatt properties choose something a bit more upscale than June Jacobs (or the Portico White Ginger used at more US properties), often using a product that is locally made.

While a suite would have been nice, it likely would have taken a lot longer to take enough photos. The clock in this photo, unfortunately, was displaying the correct time. If I could turn back time, I would change it to 3:30pm, allowing for a full night of sleep!!

sitting area

lots of granite in the bathroom

the water pressure in the shower was surprisingly good

With photos taken care of, I took a quick shower, and settled into bed. It had been an exceptionally long day, and the fact that all of our flights had been in economy did not help the situation. The bed was quite firm, but it seemed to work out all of the kinks in my back, Sleep came fairly quickly for me.

Six short hours later, we wandered down the hallway to the Grand Club for some breakfast.

The lobby of the fifteenth floor is taken up by the Grand Club reception desk. The concierge are on-hand for the majority of the day to assist with dinner reservations, suggestions for places to visit, general directions, and general conversation. Despite our short stay in Singapore, the concierge were more than happy to recommend several places within walking distance of the hotel, along with places that required the use of a cab, such as the Botanic Gardens, which we spent most of the day at.

grand club dining area

Similar to my stay at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, each table in the grand club featured a menu item that changed on a daily basis.


Preperation for the A'la carte breakfast selection took about ten minutes.

In the meantime, we grabbed some items from the buffet along the main wall of the club. The buffet was similar to most Grand Clubs, as it featured smoken salmon, some meat, various types of bread, a large drinks case, and then a nice selection of fruit and cereal. There were a few hot items available, such as sausage and the hash browns that are pictured in the photo below.

hot buffet


any bets on which of these I chose to eat? ;-)

the cinnamon rolls were delicious!!

selection of cheese, grapes, and crackers

several cold options to choose from for breakfast or dinner.

After a great breakfast in the lounge, we took a cab over to the Singapore Botonic Gardens. With so little time in Singapore, our time in the city was limited, so we figured that the gardens would be our main attraction, with the remaining time spent around the hotel area.

When we got to the bottom level of the hotel, it took less than thirty seconds to find a cab for the short ride to the Botanic Gardens. While we could have walked, the heat and humidity would have made for an unpleasant walk.

Once inside, we took a stroll through the

park area

After thirty minutes of walking around the property, we made it to the National Orchid Garden.

The Orchid Garden requires tickets, although they only cost $5.00.

The Orchid Gardens were very nice, although after forty-five minutes outside, the heat began to take it's effect. Fortunately, the Gardens feature the "Mist House", which was a nice place to recover from the heat.

The Mist House




We spent about two hours at the Orchid Gardens, and then another hour in the Botanic Gardens, before returning to the Grand Hyatt. Although we had gotten a bit of sleep from the night before, the flight back to Hong Kong required that we wake up at 2:45am, so we decided to head back for a relaxing evening.

The Grand Club did not have any of their dinner items available when we returned, although an afternoon snack selection, along with the drink cases, was available. As this was our last night in Singapore, we wandered a few doors down to the local shopping mall for dinner. Though not the best meal, it was cheap and filling. We had dessert in the Grand Club, and then packed up for our long day of flying back to Colorado.


BrownOstrichBag October 16, 2013 at 07:20 pm

I also stayed at the GH Singapore. Also in the same category room. I found it was a very uncomfortable room, especially the window was in the corner and did not provide sufficient light for the room. I always had to have the lights on all the time which was not very natural. DId you also find this problem? Even though I understand you were only there for one day.

Daniel October 16, 2013 at 11:44 pm

Now that I think about it, I did notice the lack of light in the room. It was definitely more apparent in this room, than it was in the suite I had during my last stay in the beginning of the year.