Spring Break in Paris - Introduction

At the end of November, I was on my way back to KU, when I discovered that my flight from Chicago to Kansas City was oversold. After talking to the gate agent, I was added to the volunteer list, and was asked to wait for ten minutes, while they double checked to see if my seat would be needed.

With boarding for United Global Services & 1K members underway, the gate agent paged me to the podium. If I was willing to volunteer my seat, I would receive $400 in paper vouchers, as well as a confirmed first class seat on the next flight. With less than an two hour wait, I was happy to accept the $400. Unlike the electronic certificates, or e-certs, that United hands out, VDB (Voluntary Denied Boarding) certificates can be used for anywhere United flies.

With December winding down, I started to work on my trips for 2011. With no plans for March, I checked on prices for United's European destinations. Having been to London before, I took a look at Rome and Paris. Both were being offered for the same price, and both had confirmable business class upgrade space. While Rome was very tempting, there were no Hyatt properties, unless I booked an additional ticket to Milan. With that in mind, I went ahead and booked my ticket to Paris.

I depart for Paris in one hour, so keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Thanks for reading!