Review: Grand Hyatt Shanghai

With four Hyatt properties to choose from, I was a bit unsure of which location to choose when it came time to book a hotel for my trip to Shanghai. The Andaz was opening about a week after we were scheduled to arrive, and the Park Hyatt was double the price of the Grand Hyatt. The only remaining property was a bit too far from the area that we were hoping to stay in, so Grand Hyatt it was!

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Upon arrival to the Shanghai-Pudong airport, we took the Maglev train to Longyang Station, and then hopped into a cab for the twenty~ minute journey to the Grand Hyatt. Although the driver did not speak English, I was able to use the Shanghai Taxi Guide iPhone App to offer the driver directions to the Hyatt. Although the app cost $10.00, it was worth every penny.

photo-sep-23,-11-42-54-pm The app offers directions to almost anywhere you might need to go in Shangai. They also offer apps for other cities, such as Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, & Seoul.

Traffic was rather heavy, so it was closer to forty minutes from the train station to the Grand Hyatt. Along the way, we were treated to some pretty nice views of the buildings around the city. This was my first time visiting China, so it was nice to get a first hand view of what it was like to be a visitor to Shanghai.

Grand Hyatt on left; Park Hyatt on right

As we pulled up the Grand Hyatt, the agents at the front entrance began to unload our luggage from the trunk, and also welcome us to the Hyatt. The agent directed us to an elevator, which took us up to the lobby on the 54th floor.

At the Diamond desk, the agent thanked me for my loyalty to Hyatt, and confirmed that they had my suite upgrade on file. I was staying at the Hyatt with a friend, so I figured that a suite would give us the best chance of having enough space to have our own rooms during the three night stay. Unfortunately, the hotel was not able to upgrade us to the suite with two beds. However, they did offer a rollaway bed at no additional cost. After thanking me once again for my loyalty to Hyatt, we were directed to another set of elevators which took us to our Grand Suite King on the 77th floor.

Looking down from the 77th floor

The Cloud 9 Bar located above us on the 87th floor

Just a short walk from the elevator lobby, we reached room 7701, our home for the next two nights. Each room features a doorbell, as well as indicator lights for housekeeping & a do not disturb sign.


The Grand Suite King that I had been upgraded to featured a large living room, separate bedroom, enormous bathroom, a decent desk area, and nice views of Shanghai (if you could see through the smog!).

Even with the couch, chair, and table in place, there was plenty of room for the roll-a-way bed to be setup.

As with most upscale hotels, our room featured a Nespresso machine with a nice selection of flavors. Also included was a complimentary bottle of wine, which was part of our Diamond amenity.

The second portion of our Diamond amenity, refreshed daily.

Minibar with overpriced drinks. $5 for a can of coke?!

Master Bedroom

Just off the living room, the master bedroom had a fairly large bed, as well as a 32"~ flat screen tv, a sitting area, a small writing desk, and connecting doors to the bathroom.

I've stayed in several of the Hyatt properties in Asia, and with the exception of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, and the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, it seems as though the mattresses at each hotel are quite firm. This bed was no exception, unfortunately, although I was still able to sleep for eight~ hours both nights. When I returned to Kansas, a friend of mine suggested that I should have asked for a mattress pad.

Master control for the suite lighting. Also contained an alarm clock.

Sitting Area

View from room 7701. The Park Hyatt is located in the building across the street



Although it was a suite, it had a central bathroom. The door on the left housed the room with the toilet, and then the door on the right featured the closet. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of the shower. It did feature eight water jets, and the water pressure was quite good. Considering we were on the 77th floor, I was pleased to have such a high powered shower.

The bathroom also had a nice amenity kit, which works well for storing liquids and other toiletries on extended trips.

The following morning, I was pleased to see that we had a nice view from the room. It was still early (7:30am~), so the smog hadn't become too bad.

With about two hours until we were supposed to meet at the Shangri-La, I went down to the fifty-fourth floor to visit the pool & Club Oasis (the hotel spa). The pool was deserted, except for one staff member that walked in while I was taking photos of the pool.

My next stop was the Grand Club, located on the 83rd floor. If you have been to a Regency or Grand Club outside of the United States, you may remember the extremely attentive staff. Unlike the lounges in the US that have one or two agents on at a time, the lounges at international properties often have seven or more agents working the lounge at the same time, waiting on each guest. In many of the Hyatt's in Asia, the agent will bring each guest a drink, as well as offer to get their food for them. Sometimes, it feels a bit odd, as I'm used to getting my own drinks from the ice case, or grabbing food from the buffet. At the same time, I didn't mind it too much, although you definitely get the sense that you're being watched during every bite you take.

View of the Oriental Pearl Tower (left) from the Grand Club

On the 84th floor, the elevator lobby contains a large desk, along with three to four agents who are ready to assist with everything from directions to local restaurants, to making future reservations at the Grand Hyatt.

Inside the lounge, the "hostess" seated each guest, and then brought over a breakfast menu. The lounge featured the traditional Grand Club buffet, and also included some made-to-order items.

my "five minutes omelette"

During the evening service hours, the lounge offered a nice spread of items that can easily make a dinner.

Evening view from the Grand Club

One part of the buffet

Dinner selection (menu changes every night)

Lemon Grass Shrimp Ball

The following morning, I enjoyed another delicious breakfast in the lounge, allowing me to skip lunch. Normally I skip breakfast, and only have lunch & dinner, but when I travel, I usually make an exception.

Later that afternoon, I visited the agents on the 83rd floor, and received a copy of my bill. They offered to have my luggage sent downstairs for me, although I decided to take it down myself. On the lobby level, the agents bowed good bye, and assisted us with calling the elevator to take us down to ground level. Moments later, we were loaded into a taxi, and sped back to the airport for the fourteen hour flight back to Chicago.

The next time I visit Shanghai, I plan to stay at the Park Hyatt, which is located across the street from the Grand Hyatt, in the Shanghai World Financial Center building. The building also contains an observation deck on the top floor, offering stuning views of Shanghai (though most of what you see is smog).


Great review! You would get lox at the lounge!

Concerto September 30, 2012 at 04:27 pm

Very nice, Daniel! :)

Looks very nice. I stayed at the Park and while great, when you give up a better room upgrade and club access, you sometimes question what is the better deal.