Renting with Sixt in Germany

A good friend and I recently took a weekend trip to Germany in an attempt to clear out the rest of the miles in my United account. My friend had never been out of the country, and in the process of trying to decide where to go with 235,000 United miles, we settled on Germany.

While Germany has excellent public transportation, there were a few places that we wanted to visit that would require a vehicle. I checked a few rental agencies and settled on Sixt as they offered the cheapest price ($68). Sixt also partners with most of the larger airlines in the world, allowing renters to earn miles or receive discounts for holding elite status.

Although our reservation was for the Sixt location at the Mainz Central Train station, we spent a good ten minutes searching for the office. Though I had a data plan for my phone, I was trying to go without using the GPS functions, so it took another ten minutes until we caught a glimpse of the Sixt sign in the distance. Their office was a five minute walk from the train station, rather than in the train station as we had been led to believe.

Inside the office, I presented my United 1K card to the agent and received the 15% discount. The agent attempted to up-sell us to a BMW, which would cost an additional 35EUR for the day, but we declined. Just as they were about to hand over the keys, the agent asked my friend for his ID and credit card to confirm the reservation details. My friend handed over his drivers license, and just like Matthew's experience with Budget, the agent pushed back and said his drivers license was not his ID, and that he would need to product an ID card or his passport. He had left his passport behind at the hotel, and without that, the agent was unwilling to rent us the car. I attempted to hand over my passport, but the agent refused, saying that the ID needed to match the name on the reservation. Fortunately my friend had a photo of the picture page of his passport on his phone, which he sent to me so I could do online check-in for us on Lufthansa, so the agent released the car.

Our rented VM Polo

The Golf we rented was brand new and performed adequately for the German highways. At the end of the day, we used less than a quarter of a tank of fuel, despite using the car for the entire day, including some long distance drives to visit castle's an hour from Mainz.

Burg Sooneck Castle

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Jerry March 27, 2014 at 07:56 pm

Hi its not a Golf in the picture but a Polo.

@Jerry: Thanks!

JRG July 28, 2014 at 09:16 am

Just read this; would like to note I've used SIXT twice in my trips to Europe (Germany/Switzerland) and had a great experience each time with the car and customer service.