Off to the United Airlines Family Day in San Francisco

Tomorrow morning, I'll be flying out to San Francisco to attend the United Family Day at their Maintenance base in San Francisco. If you aren't familiar with the event, check out Matthew's report from the 2010 Family Day. United has done this for the last few years to show off some of their behind the scenes work to their employees. They've also offered invitations to a small group of FlyerTalk members, as well as some of their Global Services and 1K customers. Below are a couple of photos from the 2011 Family Day.

Coming as no surprise to me, I am waitlisted for the upgrade to first class on my flight to San Francisco. Operated by a Continental 737-800, I was hoping for the upgrade to "escape" the park bench seats in economy, though it looks like that won't happen. United shows me as 4th on the upgrade list, and they're offering an upgrade to first class for $179..

I am excited about the first segment, however, as it is operated by one of the ex-Colgan Q400s that have been picked up by Republic Airlines. While I'm normally disappointed to board a regional jet in Kansas City (we've lost most of our mainline flights), this flight is using one of the Q400s that has gone through a cabin retro-fit and now features Economy Plus & First Class seating. I've never flown on one the United Express Q400s (I refused to fly Colgan), so I am a bit unfamiliar with the way that the cabins have been configured. I'll make sure to grab some photos of the interior.

If you have a Q400 flight coming up, this is what the seatmap should look like if your aircraft will have the new cabins. First class is rows 1-3, while economy plus is rows 4-8.

I'll also have a quick report from one of my favorite hotels at SFO, the Hyatt Regency. They've got a great balcony that faces runways 28L & 28R, so I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my camera. Below are a couple photos from my last visit.

The event will be held from 11am-5pm on Sunday, so be sure to follow me on Twitter for some live updates from the event! @FriendlySkies1K


Nick October 6, 2012 at 12:08 am

Glad to see that you are able to go again this year. And at least this year you are not having to run off to a launch party that evening ;)

While I loved the OWMD launch party, we missed out on a lot of the family day events! Planning to stay until 5pm. Maybe I'll even be able to grab that coveted BP to visit the widebody they have on display (rumors that it will be a CO 787)