Admirals Clubs Going Cashless - Oct. 1


This is likely not a huge problem for the majority of people out there, but as of October 1st, American Airlines Admirals Clubs will be going cashless for all purchases.

American says this change is to align purchases in the Admirals Club with those made on-board, which have only accepted credit cards for quite some time (some American Eagle flights excluded).


Though I agree with this change, I can imagine some of the bartenders might not be the biggest fans of this policy. In many cases, it is faster to leave a tip for the bartender with the change you receive from your purchase, vs. having to wait for the machine to process your credit card and deal with signing the receipt. For those who are getting non-alcoholic drinks from the bar, such as pop, they may be less likely to tip.

What do you think about this move?



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