1K Flying on Continental

With the closing of the United/Continental merger on October 1st, both airlines started to offer reciprocal upgrades to each others elite members. As a 1K on United, I knew that I would have a pretty good chance of trying the First Class product on CO, and with CO also costing $300 less than UA for MCO-DEN, I took the plunge. Since October of 2009, I had only flown United. I had status with them, and saw no reason to fly on Frontier or Continental. United sort of felt like my family, especially in Kansas City. On a recent trip, I walked into the terminal, and before I even got to the ticket counter, the Service Director said "There's our world traveller!". I know almost every United employee in Kansas City, and would miss seeing them if I flew on Continental...

Tomorrow, I will fly the first two CO flights. MCO-IAH on the Boeing 757-300, and IAH-DEN on the Boeing 737-800. Both upgrades cleared at 120 hours, and I am definitely looking forward to trying out CO. They even have DirecTV on their aircraft! I'll be writing a report about the service and soft/hard product on Tuesday night. Stay tuned..!

Maybe I'll end up on one of the newly painted "United" aircraft! image from sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net