Why I Will Never Rent from Enterprise Rent-a-Car Again

I started a new job two weeks ago and have to rent a car every week for work so I can drive to my client’s site. Of course I do not pay for my car, my company does (along with the parking fees and gas) so I don’t mind renting. However, I don’t actually have a choice of what rental company I actually rent from. Sadly, my company’s corporate agreement is with Enterprise/National.

When I first started I went online and looked for the nearest location to where I live. There was an Enterprise neighborhood location 1.2 miles from my house or a National at the Long Beach airport 4.5 miles from my house. Naturally I choose the Enterprise near my house, for I can earn National points at Enterprise locations. MISTAKE!

The first week I rented from enterprise I was given a 2010 Toyota Yaris. The car was functional and did the job. However I’ve never rented such a stripped down car in my life from a major car rental company. My last job had a corporate agreement with Avis and I was use to driving cars with power everything, CD players, Ipod connectors and even satellite radio in some of the newer models.  This Yaris was the bottom of the barrel. The Ipod connector was there, however it had been removed. I had power windows but manual mirrors! Not ever driving a car, except for work (I drive a motorcycle) I had forgotten how hard it was to reach across the passenger seat while in traffic to adjust the mirror! Despite this, I still wasn’t 100% turned off until I returned the car.

Upon returning my Yaris, I found that my corporate rate had ballooned from $91 for the rental to well over $120! Honestly I don’t care for my company reimburses me for all costs but I was confused on these added costs. On my online profile for nationwide/enterprise I had preselected reject all extra insurances (my company has their own insurance for us when renting).  Yet, I was scammed! When checking out the car at enterprise they had pre-checked all the extra insurances and had me initial them. Inadvertently I had accepted the extra insurances (not reimbursable)! When signing the rental agreement, I asked them twice, “all of this is included in my corporate rate/agreement correct?” the lady reassured me that it was and that there would be no extras…..LIES! All LIES! After a short conversation with the branch manager a credit was made, my final bill was adjusted and I was on my way home until next week.

This week I returned to the same location to rent my car for the week. It was the Tuesday after Memorial Day (branch was closed on Monday) and I was running late for a meeting. They offered me a 2011 Toyota corolla.  I took the keys and I was on my way. I did not do a walk around (I’m used to the airports where everything is done for you and there’s no hassles—my first mistake). The car was dirty (looked like the person before me had gone camping in it) and was in bad need of a wash and a vacuum. I didn’t care though; I was late and needed to be on my way.  I was shocked that I was being rented a dirty car, but I didn’t have time to complain.

Three days into my rental when parking my car in my garage at home I noticed that my tabs were expired! I was appalled that Enterprise would rent me a car that tabs were expired since February! I tweeted to enterprise and they quickly responded to me telling me to get in contact with the branch. Being that I would only have the car for less than another 24 hours I decided to wait until I returned the car to return to the branch. After all I needed to leave my house the next morning for work at 7am and the branch didn’t’ open until 8am and the branch was already closed for the night by the time I realized the tabs were expired.

Yesterday upon returning the car, I brought up to them that the car’s tabs were expired and they honestly didn’t care! They told me that since the car was licensed in New Mexico and we were in California it was too difficult to get the tabs for! I was flabbergasted! They rented me an unlicensed vehicle and didn’t even care!  To make matters worse, it was a manager who told me this! Then to add fuel to the fire, the then claimed there was damage done to the rear passenger door!

I walked out with the manager and they started to claim there were “ripples” in the rear passenger side door. I got on my hands and knees, examined the car from at least 4 different angles and I could not see any such “ripples” in the door. We walked back inside and they started to fill out the damage report! I honestly couldn’t believe this was happening. The car went from my garage at home to the USC parking garage every day. I never hit anything, nor could I see this “damage” they were speaking off. All they said was, oh well must have been a hit and run!

I got on my phone and called my company’s insurance to report a claim, for I wanted to have this done before I left the Enterprise location. I started the call at 5:50 and was on hold for almost 25 minutes before a claim representative was able to take my call. While on hold, the Enterprise location had closed. At 6:14, a minute before the claim representative came on the phone, the manager of the branch told me I had to leave for they were closed! I was shocked! Here I was being blamed for damage that was not even visible to me nor that I caused, and they were kicking me out of the branch before I even had a claim number to attach to my rental agreement! A minute later, while arguing with the branch manager about the fact that I wasn’t leaving until I had a claim number/spoke to my insurance, a representative came on the phone. I was able to get the information I needed and then leave the enterprise location.

Needless to say, two weeks in a row I had very poor experiences with Enterprise. However this one really breaks the camel’s back! I was speaking to my friend about this experience over dinner last night, and he informed me he had a VERY similar incident happen with Enterprise (different location).  So let you all be warned. If renting from Enterprise CHECK YOUR CAR! Mark every dent, ding, scratch and more on your rental agreement or it will come back and bite you in your A$$! I’ve been in contact with my company and they are handling things now. I also wouldn’t be surprise if my company seeks out a new corporate agreement with either Hertz or Avis.


The Expired plates




Mike June 2, 2012 at 04:55 pm

Enterprise has always been difficult in my experience, lots of fees, and beat cars that the employees usually drive as their own vehicle. I've had great experiences with National - good rates and selecting your own car from the Aisle is my favorite way to rent now. It's amazing they are owned by the same company.

marco June 2, 2012 at 10:26 pm

Enterprise has done this damage car trick a few times before. Never had weird damage claims from other companies, but agree with you to double check and mark the all that can be claimed prior to driving off the lot with Enterprise. Too bad they do not make it more customer friendly.

Naif June 2, 2012 at 11:08 pm

I hate Enterprise.. first of all the car selection is pathetic and then the agents there force you to buy insurance ... once a lady refused to rent me a car unless I purchased their insurance... That was my first and the last time with Enterprise.. On the other hand National is much better compared to Enterprise

matt June 3, 2012 at 02:28 am

Just go with National. They're generally outstanding.

Nick June 3, 2012 at 03:49 am

The only reason I have any positive experiences from Enterprise was that I had a friend who was the manager of a location (met him through someone I worked with in college) so he gave me the pick of the location and trusted me. But other than that, National is the way to go every time.

Tom Jones June 3, 2012 at 06:21 am

Ditto. Enterprise is bad across the board. I've rented (before I knew better) from them for over 12 weeks at intervals in NJ, OH, TX, NY and CA. They are universally and I really mean at every single location the same - pushy on the insurance, terrible cars, mismanage the billing are and quite unapologetic. Terrible company. National is the best in my opition - for both personal and business.

EnterpriseCares June 3, 2012 at 04:11 pm

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please email care[at]enterprise.com with your full name, the exact rental location and the rental agreement number, along with any other details.

When emailing, please list reference #120603-000748 in the subject line.

Veronica Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Brad June 4, 2012 at 08:58 am

So, I guess if you have your own blog and complain about a vendor, you get noticed - bully for the rest of us :)

Stephanie June 4, 2012 at 11:33 am

Wow--sounds like you had a bad situation! 99.999% of the time, I go with National, but I have noticed, as you mentioned above, that it's hit or miss with their cars... sometimes they are loaded with options and sometimes you're lucky if it's got manual windows. But in general, I've had just FABULOUS experiences with National. One of my biggest pet peeves, though, is the selection of cars they have specially set aside for Executive Elite.... it's as if they think that all their EE's are 60 year old white congressmen. I'm a 31 year old woman... I don't want a Lincoln Town Car or other similar land yacht. It would be nice if they put some youth into their car selection.

One rental car company that my corp. travel agent sometimes MUST book me at is Hertz and I shutter with fear every time I see that name appear on my travel itinerary. It's THE WORST. After being with National for years, Hertz is painful!!!

The good news is My company has said forget about the corporate agreement, rent with who ever I am most comfortable with! Despite renting from national this week (had to take a cab to the airport to get the car) and having a pleasant experience. I'm taking my business back to Avis. I always had good experiences there and always very professional! I hope their neighborhood locations are as good as their airport locations....thoughts?

Nick June 4, 2012 at 01:45 pm

I've done quite a bit of neighborhood renting from Avis, and the selection can be inferior, however once you start getting to know the people at the location, they are much more generous than the airport locations.

George Williams May 3, 2013 at 03:35 pm

I think is necessary for all to know that even though Enterprise says they support the troops,they will not execute their guaranteed delivery to the service personnel at Boca Chica NAS; despite the fact they offer this service everywhere else in the country. Their reasoning is that Boca Chica is a different key than Key West. However it is only 7.2 miles from the base. Other places on the Key are much further but they can justify that because it is the same key. In my opinion Enterprise should be ashamed of themselves by not catering to those who have spent many hours defending them so they can have a locally run business and have the freedom to live in such a beautiful place. I encourage all who read this to boycott the business and tell their friends to do the same. Thank You Thrifty Rent a Car for picking up Enterprise rental's slack by offering the service on base to our personnel.

Jack May 20, 2013 at 11:53 am

I think I can add some insight here. I interned at Enterprise and learned quite a lot about the company's side of this. First of all... Memorial Day is the SUPER BOWL weekend of renting cars. Think about it, It's the beggining of summer for kids in school and people have Monday off of work so basically everyone travels somewhere and a lot of people rent cars on do so. So if your company made a reservation for you a couple of days in advance, there probobly weren't too many options left for you, explaining why you go the Yaris (which is a terrible car I agree). There are literally people who make reservations for that weekend months in advance. As far as not walking around the car with an employee... you actually signed a portion of your rental contract saying that you walked aroud with them. It stinks that some employees don't do so (which makes me angry), but by signing the contract you agree there is no damage on the car before you have rented it (unless it is marked down on the contract). And enterprise has damage down to a science, to the point where they give every employee a damage evauluater which can show you where the damage is. Finally... when returning the car or at any point in the rental process, i would suggest being in a good mood. At the end of the day, Enterprise employees realize that renting a car is generally a very stressful situation (especially if you just got in an accident or your car is being worked on), but I know for a fact that the employees have just as much, if not more stress to deal with tha you. They work 12 hour shifts (opening up before normal starting hours and closing after as well so customers can pick up and drop off cars before and aftr work) washing cars, pciking up and dropping people off, managing relationships with body shops and car dealerships, taking calls from and making calls to insurance agents to set up insurance rentals, a lot of the time having to work with someone in the office and someone on the phone at the same time and then havig to run to the back to help wash cars all to get people in cars. At the end of the day, everyone I have ever met at Enterprise is a good person. Not only that, but they are very nice and personable. So my advice to everyone renting is to just keep in mind what both sides have to do, and just be NICE and friendly. It goes a long way. I, after only a month of a short relationship with a customer, would look forward to her renting a car. I know her favorite car and we loved to just talk to each other. I would go out of the way to make her rental experience better. So at the end of the day you have to realize the amount of $h*t employees go through on a 12 hr shift (with very, very low pay by the way) and treat them as a person instead of a machine that gives you a car and you might be pleasantly surprised. I hope you give them another chance because I'm sure the people there are good people. Everyone needs to be patient during the summer months because 99.5% of cars are rented the majority of the time, so if one customer is a few hours late back with a car... it screws everything up. Just another side of the argument.

Kellie July 15, 2013 at 09:43 pm

Just had the same experience... I wish I had read this first. They even charged my credit card for the damage without telling me or getting my approval. Will NEVER conduct business with them again.

Billy Ramos November 26, 2013 at 11:15 pm

My family is never renting from Enterprise again. Thank you for sharing!

Tamara Curtis May 2, 2014 at 10:13 am

FOUR CARS; 1BLOW OUT W/KIDS IN THE CAR, BROKEN SEAT CONTROL PANEL A SHOT THERMOSTAT WHILE MORE THAN 50 MILES FROM HOME WITH KIDS IN THE CAR, A RECALL, AND A BROKEN DOOR HANDLE & PANEL INSIDE THE DOOR OF A FORD ESCAPE, AND SPENDING CLOSE TO $2K IN INSURANCE. I finally called ENTERPRISE CUSTOMER SERVICE and was told that the info would be passed along to corporate now I'm waiting to see what will happen. I was told that I was one of those customers who just had bad luck, but the truth is that I know several people who have rented from Enterprise and have had similar or worse situations to happen. I ONLY RENTED from them because that's who the insurance company set me up with. When I started my business 3 years ago, I set up a corporate account with Enterprise and quickly changed to HERTZ, the cars are terrible, they've been rented and re-rented without being cleaned, or kept up mechanically. Putting peoples lives in constant danger. I can't believe no one has stepped in to do anything about this. Then after they've allowed certain customers to dog the cars and they've neglected to provide proper maintenance they re-sale this crap to consumers. WAY 2 GO ENTERPRISE. for the LOVE OF LIFE DO NOT RENT OR PURDCHASE CARS FROM ENTERPRISE.

T. Hill May 22, 2014 at 02:26 pm

Their cars are always empty of fuel - first thing you have to do is go find a filling station.
I was blamed for hail damage yesterday for a car that was left at an address they instructed me to leave it at and the hail storm occured 1 hour after I left the car. No telling how many hours of my time will be tied up in fighting this mess - NEVER use Enterprise.

ivan August 9, 2014 at 02:57 pm

I was very annoyed when I returned a car at LAX. The lady who checked my car in would not sign my receipt that the car was being returned in good condition. I on the other hand had to sign and initial a dozen times before I could take the car.

Ray-Sean August 18, 2014 at 02:28 pm

I had a very bad experience with Enterprise also.

Absolutely taking my business elsewhere! Beware to be scammed!

I am writing regarding the 2013 Honda Civic, which I rented from a local office (4600 S Wadsworth Blvd Littleton, CO 80123) of Enterprise Rent-A-Car from July 9 through July 23, 2014.

When I returned the rental car to the local office, two clerks noticed very few and very tiny dents on the hood of the car. They said that the car had hail damages during my possession. I told the clerk that the tiny dents must have already been there when I picked up the car. When picking up a rental car, we only pay attention to scratches and not to tiny spots. In addition, there were no hail storms at all in the area during the two-week period when I rented the car.

The clerk promised me that he would do research for any hail storms during the two weeks before putting me as responsible for the damages. Obviously, he did not do any research and just put me responsible for those tiny dents. I searched the internet for the weather history in the Denver area on each day during the two week when I rented the car. There is not a single indication that there was a hail storm in the area during the rental period. I drove only 144 miles for the two weeks and certainly did not drive to other places.

In a few days after returning the car, I received a letter from Enterprise. It demanded me to claim hail damage compensation to my credit card company. (Claim Number: 05417258) I responded saying that this is a scam and it should be stopped. But to no vail, they called me and said that I was still responsible for the damages. I honestly couldn’t believe this was happening. How could I be blamed for damage that was not even visible to me nor that I caused?

From different blogs, we can find that Enterprise has done this damage car trick a few times before. Avoid Enterprise if you can. If you cannot, be sure to check and all dents, dings, and scratches and put them on the contract prior to driving off the lot with Enterprise.

DEE LEACH January 7, 2015 at 12:00 pm

enterprise allowed a very young kitten to suffer and die trapped in the dash board area of one of their rentals. I will write more at length a detailed account of what occured on 09/12/2014 . later today right nowI just needed to be sure I started the ball rolling once again to remind enterprise that I will never let this cruel act be forgotten !!!!!!! Enterprise I continue to spread the cruelness of your inaction to save this poor little very small kitten.

DEE LEACH January 13, 2015 at 09:50 pm

on september12th 2014 I drove to my placeof employment aprox.13ml once there and parked with the engine off I heard the soft "meow " of a kitten.confused as to where the sound was coming from I engaged the women sitting in her car next to where I had parked. she told me to open the and much to our surprise a kitten was sitting on some kind if ledge on the right side of the engine. I tryed to reach for the poor frighted baby but it scrambled away toward the back of the engine ( under the dash area). both the women and I new the kitten had not left the car. we would of surely seen it under the other parked cars. also a kitten as small as this (mayde 4-5 wks) could not not have possibly tore off across the huge parking lot to the bordering tree lined area. frantic I called the tow company and explained the dire situation that this poor little creature was in. this was aprox. 8:15 am. it was a hot humid morning with rain storms on the way. as I sat in the car waiting for the tow truck I could hear the sound of the kitten scrambling around somewhere under the hood in the dash board area. it sounded like a mouse srambling around in a wall several times I got out of the car and called to it under the hood as well as continuing to check under the surrounding cars just in case it got out.but no it had not. as I continued to wait for the tow truck, I heard the kitten many times in the dash area. Over four hours later and after several more calls to the tow company he finally arrived on scene. by this time there was a very strong storm,pouring rain with very loud thunder. the driver would not get out of his truck to hook the car to load it up onto the flatbed. I had to beg him explaing the Kitten had been in this hot car wedged somewhere under the hood for more than four hours not to mention the ride it took from my home to my place of work over 13mls.he finally agreed and we were on our way back down a very major hywy 13mls to the rental loction which happens to be located at the Jarret ford dealer ship @ 2600 access road in Davenport FL. when we arrived and the car was set on the ground again the mgnr.of ENTERPRISE (James) as well as a service rep.for the dealership at Jerret ford. sat in the car to see if they could hear what I heard. after only a few sections they both got out a exclaimed that "there is deffinately something in there" they then spoke to the men working in the service department who tryed despartly to locate the kitten. they took parts of the dash on the inside of the car and "scoped"it to no avail. I begged them to allow the men to remove the dash . for more then 2hrs they did what they could but ENTERPRISE refused to pay the men to remove the dash. I stressed to James and the service rep that the kitten is going to die and you will have to remove the dash at that time to retrieve a dead kitten. my son called the corporate office he was told that JAMES was authorized to do what ever it takes however James said that he had gotten no such authorization.I called the local fire department they came out to access the situation but did nothing they trey to tell me what I heard was the noises of a car settling as it cooled down!!! I told them I know what I heard and I explained that the ENTERPRISE mgnr and the service rep also heard the kitten and told the men in maintence that they had heard it. the men in maintence did what they could but their hands and my hands were tied there was no way that ENTERPRISE would allow them (machanics) to take the dash completely off to rescue the kitten!!! I resolved to let ENTERPRISE do nothing and asked that when they found the dead kitten as they surely would that they (ENTERPRISE) let me know so I would have closure. when I went to retrieve my belongings from the car I once agian heard the sounds of the kitten. but the sounds of the poor little thing moving about was short lived. they were not as I had been hearing them while waiting, that very hot humid morning, for over four hrs for the tow truck. the following day (saturday) I went back to the ENTERPRISE located in the jarret ford dealership drove around and could not find the car on the lot. so I went and talked to the machanics who tryed to rescue the kitten they informed me that after I left James the mrgn had the car towedoff the lot but they did not know where. I said to them "you know I am not a crazy cat lady I know what I heard. they reassured me that I was not hearing things because James and the service rep. had told them that they too heard what I heard.sunday the car was still not on the lot. I tryed contacting the corporate office and left a voice mail demanding that someone get back with me. monday ENTERPRISE was open and I called. I spoke to James the mgnr. i asked him where the car was he told me it was on the lot and that there was no kitten in it. I replied "you're telling me what you and the service rep and I heard was our imagination?" he again repeated that the car was on the lot and there is no kitten in it and promptly hung the phone up on me. the car was not on the lot. when corporate returned my call they gave me a different story saying that James had taken the car home over the weekend and there was no kitten in it they could not explain why their mgnr James as well as the service rep told me and the mechanics that THERE IS DEFINATLY SOMETHING IN THERE (the car) enterprise could have donnnne the right thig and been heroeswhich would be great P.R but instead because they did not want to spend the money they chose to let thepoor little kitten DIE! SHAME ON YOU ENTERPRISE. i will never let you off the hook and will remind the public everychance I get of your cruelty and love of moneynot life. there will bea sign on my car for as long as I am alive and everywhere I go I tell as many people as will listen and that is many. lots of people feel as I do and will never rent from you again. this is not over and never will be!!!!!!!!

Bryant March 23, 2015 at 03:14 pm

Worst company i have ever worked for. and thank god i was out of there by 6 months. i don't understand why the government hasn't cracked down on these guys.

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