Virgin America Offers Status Match for American & United Elites

Virgin America (Vx) which claims to be A breath of fresh Airline is taking on United and American Airline by trying to steal their elite customers by offering them a FREE status match! Virgin America launched their own elite program earlier in an attempt to take on the legacy carriers and to lure business travelers onto their metal tubes and is now offering status matches to encourage people to make the leap.

The Virgin America Elite Program is fairly comparable to the legacy carriers, without as many perks, and offers their elite complimentary Main Cabin Express seats at booking & free upgrades to Main Cabin Select seats 12-24 hours before departure. The only downside to the program is even the most seasoned frequent flyer on VX still has to pay for the upgrade to one of the few first class seats on the plane, for first class doesn’t come free and upgrades are not complimentary.


The VX route map is still tiny compared to United and American, but if you fly up and down the west coast or from NYC, DC, or Boston (and other destinations) to San Fran or LAX often, VX could be a more comfortable and a hipper ride for you. Their network is slowly expanding each year and their partnership with Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic allows customers to earn and redeem points on each other airline opens up a world of possibilities—as long as you’re willing to pay steep fees.



To qualify for a status match email [email protected] with a copy or screenshot of your most recent mileage summary showing your name and current elite level. Or attach a copy of your membership card that identifies your name and current elite level in the United Air Lines or American Airlines frequent flyer program. You’ll be instantly matched (after a few days of processing) and will be able to enjoy the perks of Virgin America!


There is one catch though. The status match is only good through April 30, 2013. If you want to have your status extended through the 2013 program you must fly earn 8,000 status points for silver and 12,000 status points for Gold. This requirement is FAR below the 20,000 and 50,000 Status points usually needed for elite status.


And Remember, if you sign up for a Virgin America Visa you'll get a ton of benefits plus will only need to earn 40% as many points to retain your status!


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I'm not impressed with their program and don't plan to status match. UA and AA keep me more than occupied!

BR November 14, 2012 at 07:40 pm

I don't think I'll fly VX much, but I think I will status match because of the lounge access. Apparently, you get 3 day passes for the lounge in LAX as a gold (2 passes as a silver). I'm not really sure if it will be one of their nice Clubhouse lounges with all the food. I think it's still being built.

Not sure why their limiting the day passes to just their LAX lounge.

Does anyone know if this lounge is open yet? If so, is it as nice as the VX Clubhouses at other airports?

rocky November 20, 2012 at 04:28 pm

Hey BR, Just FYI if you take the match, until you actually meet the spending requirements for either gold/Silver you will NOT get the following benefits as laid out in the rules and regulations by VX

Matched members will not receive 25% off personal discount codes

Matched members will receive one complimentary day pass to the Virgin America airport lounge at LAX

Matched members may not have access to all reciprocal benefits on Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia that require the member to present their membership card

Brian Adello December 11, 2012 at 10:01 am


Thank YOU VX for arrivng to EWR!!! I'm tired with UNITED (the new company)! And Jetblue!! They both are horrable airlines in EWR.

VX, Thank you! You will WIN a lot of new customers to your airline! Make sure though, you do have a clubhouse here in EWR! That will be the only thing you need here. Make it like SFO, and LAX! Be on top of the game!!

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