Up to 40K Bonus Miles with the US Airways Credit Card

***THIS DEAL HAS ended***

US Airways and BarclayCard has announced a limited time promotion where new card members can earn up to 40K bonus miles for just signing up for the US Airways Premier World Mastercard. The bonus is simple: Get 30,000 bonus miles after your first purchase and up to 10K more when you transfer money. The card is loaded with benefits and can be an easy way for you to rack up additional miles with US Airways. I won’t feed ya with a long tangent on why you should get the card, but I’ll tell you all about the benefits at the perks!

  • Up to 40k BONUS MILES 
  • Save 5,000 miles on EVERY MILE REDEMPTION: Every time you redeem an award ticket using your US Airways miles you’ll save 5,000 miles! This means a low level domestic award tickets are now only 20,000 miles instead of 25K! This is true no matter where you’re flying, save 5K miles PER ticket! This could equal HUGE savings!
  • First Class Check in: Checking in for your flight just got easier! Bypass the line and use the first class check in counter at airports worldwide when flying US Airways!
  • Priority Boarding: Don’t have elite status or flying coach? No worries, now you board in zone 2, so overhead space for your bags should never be an issue!
  • Earn 2 miles for every $1 spent on US Airways: Each transaction by US Airways will earn you 2x the amount of miles you would normally earn!
  • Earn 1 mile for $1 Dollar everywhere else: Grocery stores, gas stations, post office, you name it you’ll earn miles with EVERY purchase!

This card is a great addition to anyone’s wallet who is trying to rack up US Airways Miles. There are some awesome uses for US Airways miles including Business Class Award tickets on US Air’s partners to Asia for only 90,000 miles (That’s leaps and bound less than Delta/United which require 120K!). If that’s not enough to convince you, maybe Mommy’s Point latest post will. She talks about the constant influx of promotions from Barclay Card offering her 5x the bonus miles for select categories, including grocery stores, movie theaters and more. Meaning if you sign up & keep this card, you too may be select to earn 5 miles per dollar spent in select categories! OR recently I was targeted to earn 15,000 miles for spending $750 a month x 3 months on this card! That's 7.66 miles per dollar!

Now be aware, the card does come with an $89 annual fee, however when you break that down per point, it means you’re paying .002 cents per point! That’s a true bargain and a steal if you ask me!

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  *Your support by applying for this card via my links is always appreciated. As a discloser, I do receive financial commissions for each application that is approved. I do encourage fiscal responsibility; spend within your means and I highly encourage that you pay your balance in full each month. Thank you again for your support - Rocky



bkoehler December 29, 2012 at 05:37 pm

The companion certificate is a one-time use for up to two additional people at $99 plus tax, minimum $250 for the first ticket. The blackout days are not that bad (unless you want to use it during the holidays).

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