UPGRD My Room In Vegas Baby!


This last week over the 4th of July I had the opportunity to cash in on my gambling habits in Vegas for a free room at the Total Rewards Casinos (Harrah's, Paris, Caesars, Flamingo, Bally's, Rio, etc).  Being that it was the week of 4th of July rooms on the strip were not their typical Monday-Thursday night lows and nights like the 3rd and 4th were going for $150+ at the lower end resorts (Harrah's, Flamingo, Bally's) and well over $250 at Paris and Caesars. With this in mind, I logged into my total rewards account and surprise surprise I was able to lock in either a “Pet Stay Premium” or “Classic” room at Harrah's for 3 nights for Free!


I was traveling to Vegas with 3 friends and opted for the Pet Stay Premium room. Knowing the Pet Stay Premium room was updated and newer than the Classic; I figured I would opt for this room and then ask for a change to a normal premium room on arrival since I was traveling with a Pet. Not sure why this room was available vs the typical premium room, I booked it. However I assumed it must had something to do with occupancy rates already made for the 4th of July, and the lack of people bringing their pets.


Upon arriving at Harrah’s we went straight to check-in. Only two of us were there at the time, but being late in the evening the hotel was filling up fast. The clerk asked me if instead of a Premium room if I would be willing to Opt up for a Executive Suite? The only problem was instead of two queen size bed there was one master bed and sofa-bed. Knowing that sleeping in Vegas wasn’t going to be an issue I opted for the upgrade! We ended up on the 33 floor with a view of the pool and strip from both the living room and bedroom!  Not bad for free!


After doing a little investigation and talking with staff, I soon found out that on busy weekends most often times, classic and premium rooms are overbooked. Due to the overbookings they have to find groups to upgrade to premium rooms. Upgrades begin first with Total Reward Members, but at the end of the night go to anyone. Further, upgrades are more likely to happen later in the evening hours than during the day, for as guests arrive and rooms fill up, they have to find places for everyone to Stay.


So the trick is, check in late! We checked in around 9pm on the 3rd. It was the first time I’d ever checked in after say 2pm at any of the Total Rewards casino and the first time I ever received an upgrade on a free stay (and I’m only a Gold member-their lowest tier!)


So word to the wise, if staying in Vegas, check in late, not at noon or even 3pm the standard check in time!


  *Some Pictures of the Room. Sorry I forgot to take before we were leaving, so the room wasy dirty!*



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