Earlier today when trying to log into United.com from my work computer to check on a flight to the Philippines I made a few weeks earlier I found myself having difficulties retrieving my reservation. After a closer look I realized that I was not on United's web page at all, but instead I was on an Anti-United Consumer Protest page!

The web page has been kept updated and looks very similar to the United page. In fact, for someone who rarely flies United (I RARELY visit united.com), one could easily be confused by this web page. The only time I ever have flown United was for work, once from MCI to Sea vs Den and another from MCI to Montana via Denver. However both times I booked the flight through my company's page and never visited united.com However, point is the page has the same general structure and color scheme as united.com. I had initially clicked in the middle right side of the screen to log into the MileagePlus area to retrieve my reservation. When the web page wouldn't allow me to input my email address, then and only then did I realize I was on the wrong page! Good trick people! You pulled a fast one on me!





As you see there are clear difference between the two pages. However being in a rush and not really paying attention I did not initially notice I was on a difference web page.

Untied.com has actually be around since it's conception in 1997. It was started by a Canadian traveler after he had a less than pleasant experience on United flights that took him to Hawaii and Japan. He initially sent complaint letters to United, but after not receiving the response he hoped for, he started Untied.com to protest United and to create a place for others to voice their frustrations with United Airlines.

There are a number of unique features to Untied.com. One includes a complaint form that posts the complain on the website's forum for the world to read and archieves it by month and year. However the coolest part of this complaint form is that it actually sends it to United customer's complaint department and forwards it to the CEO and the Director of Customer relations!

Untied has been mentioned in over 40 news article since it went online in 1997 and has been updated over the years as United Airlines has changed. Recent additions includes the forum for the Continental Merger. Untied also has an area for employees to receive information about lawsuits filed against United by airline employees and another area to read about United Safety violations and concerns.

So what are your thoughts? Is Untied created by someone who went on an elongated rant and wanted to complain and try to ruin United airlines? Or is a website like Untied a helpful addition for unsatisfied travelers?


I really enjoy the site. My thoughts on untied.com here:


It's a an interesting website to browse through. However, I've noticed that many people will post their full contact details, Mileage Plus #s, PNRs, and even e-cert #s!

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