TSA Please ADD Precheck to Lindbergh Field

If there is anything I love about flying today it’s TSA Precheck! Sure I’m not a fan of the post 9/11 security check point personal or even the multitude of measures they’ve implemented trying to keep our skies “safe”. However TSA Precheck has remedied a part of my discontent for the TSA and allows me to actually get through security and on my way without the feeling of discontent towards a stranger I’ve never seen before and one I’ll probably never see again. Despite this, I’m one of millions of individuals that calls San Diego home, and one of the last remaining major city airports to not have TSA Precheck (San Diego is the 8th largest US city). A full list of cities and how Precheck work can be found here.

When on my first business trip from San Diego, I purposefully chose the security line that was not using a full body scanner. Although I have no problems with my body, people checking me out in the nude, or even going to Black’s Beach and sun bathing in my birthday suit, I do have a problem with a government agency capturing near nude photos of me when some guy in a dark room starts at my junk doing who knows what. Not to mention, being a nurse, I do try to avoid extra radiation exposure at any and all costs (the true reason why I avoid the body scanners). After removing my shoes, belt and my laptop from it’s case (I was bad and left my toiletries/liquids in my carry on) I walked through the metal detector. After I walked through I was cleared and then suddenly it beeped. I was asked to stand to the side.

My flight was already boarding and I didn’t want to deal with the TSA today. Not knowing how long it would take, I laughed when I was told to follow the TSA agent. He asked me where I was going, how long I’d be gone, and why I was flying. Excuse me, is this really your business? I answered all the questions, and then added with a sly smirk, You realize you chose a frequent flyer with Global Entry and TSA Precheck, you really think I’m a threat? Your randomization is off (or I guess on since it should choose everyone equally at random). After I told him this, he told me to get “dressed” and he checked my laptop bag for explosives in the handy dandy TSA machine. He didn’t even bother checking my carry on, and only rubbed the outside of one side of my laptop bag—really thorough, ok not really—and then told me to have a nice day.

Although the experience wasn’t bad, it still delayed me. The gentlemen was friendly and wasn’t a pain to deal with (what an improvement TSA!). I just wish now that the TSA would add Precheck to SAN and let me get on my way faster.


Randy August 31, 2012 at 09:26 pm

I'm with you on both counts: I wish San Diego had Pre-Check, and I always opt-out rather than expose myself to even more radiation.

One question, though: where in SAN is there a security line without a scanner? Whenever I go through, they switch back and forth between making people go through the scanner or the metal detector.

rocky September 1, 2012 at 03:00 am

T2 at delta/aa/us/co gates. Stick to the FAR left, there are 3 more security lines hidden behind a wall

Chris January 8, 2013 at 01:16 pm

nope, ive been in that FAR left lane, there's a body scanner there. However, it is the millimeter ones and not the more hazardous backscatter

rocky January 8, 2013 at 01:21 pm

In It north when its busy 1 lane on the far left. Go left then stick right and if that lane is open there's no scanner. But if its not busy that lane will be closed.

Rob April 7, 2013 at 01:16 am

The TSA at San Diego Airport told me late last year, that Terminal 2 will get Pre-check as soon as they are done expanding the end where Delta flies--late this summer.

I hope they also allow people to exit at the screening entrance (as they used to for many years) because I rarely check bags and it's ridiculous to force everyone to exit through baggage claim when they don't have bags to claim.

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