Top Notch Service On Delta. This is Why I love you!

It’s amazing how flight attendants can make or break a flight! Last week I finally go to wish Boringham…I mean Birmingham, Alabama good bye and head back to California for good! Being an epic moment, I decided to fly home on my airline of choice, Delta. Why Delta? Because Delta has the largest fleet equipped with Wi-Fi , in seat entertainment on the majority of planes, and the majority of flights with them are enjoyable, in economy or business, plus the extra legroom in Economy Comfort is always a plus! Anyway, back to my flight story, I had missed my upgrade by 1 on my flight 25 minute flight from BHM to ATL, however I was #1 of 7 on the list from ATL to SAN, with 11 seats open, so clearing my longer flight wasn’t going to be difficult!

Upon arriving at the gate, I noticed on the overhead monitors that not only had myself and all 7 on the waiting list cleared their upgrades, but Delta was selling same day upgrades (rarely seen on any Delta flight) because there were still 4 seats available! A few minutes later 1st class was called and I was boarding my flight.

 Upon entering the B757, it was the typical meet and great. A FA saying hello and helping people to their seats, and other FA preparing drinks and prepping the plane. Soon after everyone in the 1st class cabin was seated, a very sweet older women walked through the cabin. She introduced herself by first and last name to each and every one onboard! She shook everyone’s hand in the first class cabin, smiled, and thanked them for joining herself and the Delta team! I was blown away by this! Never before on a domestic flight do I recall the purser actually introducing themselves and thanking the customer, this is normally reserved for International flights, and even then it can be hit or missed! Then before takeoff, Kay came back through the cabin and thanked everyone again, and took each person’s meal order to ensure a more prompt meal delivery once we got into the air (I like your thinking Kay!)

 Once we took off the pilot announced that due to turbulence he was going to ask the flight attendants to stay seated for longer than normal, for there were a number of storms over the South East. Understanding that the pilot had the best interest and safety of the crew in mind, I rested assured knowing that service would be delayed, but well worth the wait. About 35 minutes after takeoff, the FA were clear to move throughout the cabin and started serving drinks. However Kay and Deborah, barely made it through taking drink orders and delivery drinks when the pilots asked the FAs to be seated again due to turbulence and more bad weather.

 Another 20 minutes or so passed as we cruised through some choppy air, but before we knew it, the FA were back in the aisle again. Now being about an hour into the 3.5 hour flight, the FA were crafty. Knowing that everyone’s drinks were empty, Kay grabbed the coffee pot and started immediately refilling coffees and Debrah brought everyone else refills those who were not drinking coffee, they did this without even asking if we needed a refresher, honestly smart and superb service! Next as one of them hurried to reheat breakfast, the other brought around the snack basket. They knew our mouths were watering and that by now food would typically be served; the snack basket was offered to hold us off as breakfast was heated up. Again smart! Shortly breakfast was served, drinks were refilled, and we were now more than ½ through our flight.

 As the flight continued, I took a liking to Kay. I noticed that unlike most FA she never sat down. If her 1st class cabin was content, she was whisking through the economy cabin collecting trash or refilling coffee or offering water to customers. During the entire flight, I never saw Kay sit once. She kept her customers happy and ensured everyone was comfortable. One could barely finish a drink before Kay was there offering a refill! Then at the end of the flight, and she secured the cabin, she again walked seat to seat and thanked each and everyone in the 1st class cabin for flying with her and her team.

 Service like this makes me love Delta and makes me happy to be a frequent flyer of an airline of such! I wish each and every flight attendant took as much joy and pleasure in their jobs as Kay! Thanks Delta! You really do know how to win me over when I start to stray!




Jimgotkp August 22, 2012 at 01:58 pm

Great asset to Delta! I hope you sent in an e-mail regarding her fabulous service!

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