Targeted: 75% bonus mile per dollar spent on Delta Amex

Everyone has his or her favorite credit card. I have a few favorite credit cards and it honestly just depends on what I’m buying determine what my favorite credit card is. However, with that, if you are anything like me you use your credit card for their benefits and free miles more than anything else.

My Platinum Delta Skymiles card is just one of the many credit cards in my wallet. Needing to grasp a higher Elite Status last fall, I took advantage of the 10,000 EQM for spending $3,000 in 3 months (promotion expired) and I also got a 25,000 miles sign up bonus. With its $150 yearly charge, it was high, but it allowed me to gain a higher level of Elite status for just 1.5 cent per EQM, which is MUCH cheaper than most mile runs. Further, the card has a number of added benefits like a FREE yearly companion pass ($99 companion pass for Gold card) and Free bags ine every Delta flight + 20% of inflight purchases! Furthermore the Delta Gold card still has 30K sign up bonus for spending only $500 the first 3 months and the card is free the first year!

Each Delta Skymiles card comes with a number of different benefits and depending on how often you fly, there’s a perfect Delta Card for you. However, the reason why I am even writing this article is not to push the American Express Card on you, but instead it’s to let you know that right now, if you have ANY of Delta’s Skymiles American Express cards, between July 24, 2012 and September 23, 2012 every purchase is eligible for a 75% mile bonus. This means you now earn 1.75 miles on every dollar spent. At the end of the promotion, your TOTAL amount spent will be multiplied by 0.75 and the bonus miles will post in 6-8 weeks.

Bonus examples: 

Total Purchases

75% Bonus Miles

Total Miles











The above offer is a targeted and only available to select card holders who are eligible. The maximum bonus miles is also capped at 25,000. However, even if you didn't get the email, it's worth trying to sign up for, a 75% bonus offer is a #DoubleWideDelight and is not worth missing!


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