Singapore Upgrades Their Reservation System - Recipe For Disaster

Attention Singapore Airlines (SIA) flyers! On July 7th Singapore Airlines will shut down their current reservation system and not come back online until July 8th! From the 7th of July at 6pm Singapore local (6am Est) time to July 8th at 10pm (10am EST) SIA will transition from their current reservation system to a newly updated reservation system.  During this 30 hour period NO reservations will be able to be booked neither via or nor via the call centers, ticketing offices or travel agencies! In fact if I’m reading the media release correctly. No tickets will be able to be made at all during this time! So word to the wise, don’t miss your flight!

During the downtime of the SIA and SilkAir reservation system, not only will ticket purchasing be suspended, but all activity related to Krisflyer will also be suspended which includes the checking of your KrisFlyer membership account, redemption, upgrading and refund services.

Finally, if you’re flying on July 7th or 8th note that online check in will be unavailable and the only way to check in on these will be at the airport. Check-in begins 3 hours before departure for ALL flights. Based on pass experiences though I would HIGHLY recommend printing out all your confirmations before heading to the airport on 7/7-7/8 just in case something goes wrong. Furthermore, if you have tickets purchased on SIA for travel after July 6, I would also be sure to have a saved copy of the ticket, proof of payment, and itinerary with ticket number/reservation number. Too many times have upgrade of reservation systems gone array and travelers have been left stranded. I won’t go into details, but look at Continental/United recently or even the simpler Virgin America upgrade that ended in epic failure in 2011.

If you’re flying SIA anytime after July 6th take a few steps and protect yourself! Plan for extra time July 7th and 8th (and even a few days after if things don’t go smoothly). Be sure to have ALL your ticket copies with you when you arrive at the airport and if you have future flights save your copies now. Finally, if traveling during this time period, take your patience with you, for you’re probably going to need it during Singapore Reservation System Upgrade. 



Wow. Dark for over a day??

Anybody want to place a bet that this will go a lot smoother than the COdbaUA transition to $HARE$?

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