Getting Away on Miles: Singapore Air SilverKris Lounge Terminal 2

Singapore Airlines is known as one of the world’s best carriers, offering 5 star service in the air and on the ground. Never before had I flown SIA despite traveling through Singapore numerous times. All in all I'd rate the lounge 4 out of 5 stars,  and I honestly was epecting to give it at 6 or more….after all this is Singapore Airlines right?!?


After checking in with the snarky agent my travel companion and I quickly were processed by customs and security and were on our way to check out the SilverKris lounge in Terminal 2. As we walked towards the entrance to the lounge, an attractive Singaporean lady approached us, checked our tickets and welcomed us to the lounge. Without even looking at a computer, she confirmed our flight was scheduled on time and told us we would be departing from gate 42. I was quite impressed with her knowledge and the fact that she didn’t have to check her computer.


We entered the lounge, walked past the business center and found a place to sit in the dimly lit sitting room. The music + dim lighting made me feel as though I was at an elegant restaurant, not an airport lounge. The lounge had plenty of seats, was extremely empty (it was 2pm New Years day), and had almost as many lounge attendant working as travelers who were using the lounge.


The highlight of the lounge was the kitchen. I was so full from eating lunch with friends that Icouldn’t bring myself to eat anything except a few slices of fresh baked bread and exotic cheeses. However, there were a number of scrumptious dishes, which included food for everyone. There was Chinese food, western food, Malay food, fish options, tofu options, meat options, soups, cheese, desserts, coffee machines, high-end tea and more! In fact thecoffee/espresso machine that SIA has in their lounge retails at over 30Kusd! Clearly, Singapore air is not cutting any corners when it comes to their business class soft product!




2013-01-01-12.23.23The lounge doesn’t end at the extensive food options in the kitchen and a nice selection of beer, wine, and spirits. Singapore Airlines likes to make you feel at home in every way. To further prove this, in the bathroom there’s a bathroom attendant ensuring you have soap and towels, again making the place feel like an upscale restaurant. Also, the bathrooms have L'occitane products! The men’s bathroom had a number of individual shower stalls as well, fully stocked with just about every product you would need to groom and pamper yourself on a layover.

The business center is in the front of the lounge, away from the kitchen and TVs. It’s a typical business center, however it offers both PCs and MACs. This means no matter what your preference is you’ll be accommodated.


The lounge was a great place to spend a few minutes before our flight. I will remember not to eat before visiting the lounge next time, this way I can lounge I’ve been to! sample more of the food options and desserts. The only drawback to this lounge was that I didn’t get a massage nor did I see a sleeping area. I guess Thai Airways ups Singapore in this regard! Nonetheless, much nicer than any US business class

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