SeatGuru Fails Me

Every time I fly ANYWHERE I always jump onto when selecting my seat to ensure that I get the best seat on the plane. Rather that be an Exit row or a bulkhead, I want to make sure that my seat is going to have everything I want in a seat. I do not want to be crammed in like a sardine (Hey I fly coach A LOT) and if available, I want power (some airplanes only have power in the first few rows of economy). Not to mention, I want to make sure there is none of those annoying emergency slides protruding into my space. has been my go to place for seat map information now for 6+ years. However, recently I am finding that they have become very lazy, and are failing to update their seat maps! For example, Just this week I had to book a flight from San Diego to Birmingham, Alabama. When choosing my economy seat for my regional jet flight from MSP to BHM I wanted to see if I should choose the economy comfort bulkhead, Delta was showing as row 4 as the bulkhead, or if I should row 5,a non-bulkhead. If the bulkhead is a curtain, I like it and I might end up with more room than a First Class seat (see my CRJ-900 economy comfort seat review). However, if It’s a wall, then I know leg room will be cramped and I’ll have no space for my storage.

I quickly jumped onto Seatguru to check the reviews and this is what I found:

Seat guru showed 1st class rows 1&2 and then economy being rows 3-89 being regular economy seats. I knew immediately this map was wrong for several reasons A) there was no economy comfort seats on the map and Delta was rolled it out on their ERJ-170s, B) the bulkhead was showing row 3 instead of row 4 and C) first class was only showing 2 rows instead of 3 rows!


I then looked at the seat map again on and confirmed that I was looking at the right plane on Seatguru. Sure enough I was.  Here is Delta’s Seat map - VERY different than Seatguru!

e170_newBelow I also checked a number of Delta’s other Domestic airplanes. It appears in every example that Seatguru has not updated their maps to show the new economy comfort seats, or place any reviews on them.  Delta rolled out Economy Comfort across their entire fleet over a month ago (maybe even two months ago). Has Seatguru gotten lazy? Have you experienced this with other airlines? I’m ready to ditch Seatguru and use another site. Any suggestions?


737700_seating_newVS delta_airlines_boeing_737-700w


767300_seating_new  vs delta_airlines_boeing_767-300_d_new





a319_100_seating_new vs   delta_airlines_airbus_a319


crj_900_seating_new Vs delta_airlines_canadair_crj900_c


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They're often to slow change errors on the website. Once saw it saw that there was in-seat power on the UA ERJ-170s. Uhh.. From my error submission, it took about four months for that to be fixed.

Sanjeev M July 21, 2012 at 03:25 am

There's which can sometimes be better than seatguru but sometimes much worse. I would not rely on one and instead use a combination of the 2.

solo.flyer July 22, 2012 at 03:28 am

Seat guru is very outdated, and I don't know if they're relevant at all.

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