Philippine Airlines Monday Madness Sale

Philippine Airlines and PAL, the low cost subsidy of Philippine Airline, have started weekly sale fares every Monday called Monday Madness. These tickets offer AMAZING savings for travel throughout South East Asia, Australia and within the Philippines. Tickets go on sale EVERY Monday at midnight and continue through Tuesday. This means that at 12pm EST Sunday the sales begin!

Although many of us will not be in the Philippines and will not be able to take advantage of these deal there are ways that many of use can if traveling that direction.  If you are traveling to/through/or near the Philippines, I would HIGHLY consider looking at how low some of these fares are! Last August when my family and I traveled to Borneo, fares to Kota Kinabalu were over $1800. Instead of flying directly into BKI we saved almost $900 by flying to the Philippines for $800 roundtrip and then bought a connecting ticket to BKI from Manila on a LCC for less than $50 each way! Therefore, if you are traveling to SE Asia, be smart, save some money and make a pit stop in Manila!


Sadly Philippine Airlines do Not earn any frequent flyer points with any other airlines, but a saving of hundred of dollars can be extremely entiching over a few hundred/thousands miles!

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Chris May 19, 2013 at 03:17 pm

Very interesting. Thanks for the heads-up about this, Rocky.

Dan99 May 19, 2013 at 08:56 pm

The domestic flights look very good, less than $25 ow for lots of flights. But the international flights aren't that attractive.

The $280 base fares from MNL to Australia look good, until you add $300+ in fuel surcharges and $100 in taxes for $700+.

MNL-BKK rt base fare of $98 becomes $271.

If you were thinking of accumulating a lot of cheap PAL miles Mileage Accrual: 25%

And then there is this, Sales Restrictions: VALID FOR SALES IN THE PHILIPPINES ONLY/PAL WEBSITE Might be a deal breaker.

@Dan99 the idea of sharing this wasn't so you could earn PAL miles, for really PAL miles are useless to most people. The idea was that if you're flying domestically within the Philippines or if you're traveling to SE Asia you could save hundreds by connecting in MNL instead of going directly to your destination. i.e. like the example I gave up top

Rohan May 20, 2013 at 01:20 pm

Lots of really good sales to the Philippines!

Also, I think the LCC subsidiary is PAL Express, am I correct?

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