My First Trip EVER on United

Always being a Delta Guy, I recently decided to try out United. After attempting to get a status match and having more than an Epic Fail from United, I decided that United was not the airline for me and I was going to stick with Delta. Although, this week, I’m going to use United for a flight because the flight times just happened to be better and this week only (ok I've had elite status for 2.5 months with them, but have had no interest in flying them) I’ll be United Platinum and I wanted to see how they treated their 2nd highest frequent flyers before my status match expired in a few days.

My flight schedule is small but simple. BHM-IAH-SAN. From Birmingham, Alabama to Houston will be on a tiny 50 seater ERJ-145 with no 1st class. In fact, United flies directly to IAH, DEN, and ORD from BHM and only offers these tiny planes! Why they fly from Denver to Birmingham on a tiny 50 seater jet with no first class, taking 3+ hours is beyond me, but you wouldn’t catch me dead on such a flight! Anyway, from IAH to SAN, I’ll get the pleasure of flying a B757-200. I’m currently booked in coach, but after much searching and tweeting, I found out how to find the United Upgrade list (WAY MORE DIFFICULT than and found out I was #1 for 4 remaining seats.

In fact, my first observation of flying United was their poor communication. Delta, 24 hours before flight departure, sends you a friendly email that reminds you to check in. United on the other hand emailed me nothing! Strike 1! Then when I checked in there was no way to find out where I was on the upgrade list. No “Check Upgrade list” button. Strike 2! Thankfully I have some good friend on Twitter and after sending out an SOS they told me I had to open my reservation, click flight status, scroll down to the flight I wanted to check and THEN click “United first upgrade list”. Honestly! I hate to complain, but I will, Why can’t there be a button directly under the reservation next to the rest of the flight tools (i.e. Change Seat, Change Reservation, Print, Etc) that takes you straight to the upgrade list. Why hide it within multiple pages? Delta IT system has a lot of bugs, but is DEFINATLY superior here! Despite all this, 15 hours out, I’m finding myself #1 on 13 on the upgrade list, with 5 open seats….*fingers crossed*


Thus Far United has not impressed me. I’m scared to see how tomorrow will play out. Being that United doesn’t even have a Social Media team and they think their Elite are to whiny, I’m sure United will not become my new favorite Airline. I’ll be tweeting #1stTimeOnUnited tonight and tomorrow. Watch out for the tweets. This just may be a #DoubleWideDelight or a #DoubleWideBust.





UA is supposed to send you an email about checking-in. I always get them, though usually they're 30 mins after the 24hrs.

Looks just like this:

Flight Check-in Reminder for Daniel Check in at and print, fax or e-mail your boarding passes for your trip to Denver, CO (DEN). Flights operated by United arrive and depart from Denver (DEN) West Terminal. Important Baggage Information: For information regarding baggage fees, allowances, weight/size restrictions and embargos for flights originating on United, go to If your flight originates with one of our codeshare partners or another airline you will need to check the operating carrier for baggage policies. United Confirmation Number: XXXXXX UA5531 8:40 a.m. Sun., Aug. 5, 2012 Milwaukee, WI (MKE) 10:22 a.m. Sun., Aug. 5, 2012 Denver, CO (DEN) Canadair Regional Jet 200 Fare Class: United Economy (H) Meals: None Flight Time: 2 hr 42 mn Flight UA 5531 is operated by Skywest Airlines dba United Express.
UA-NYC August 10, 2012 at 08:06 am

Unfortunately, don't be surprised if you stay #1 on the upgrade list and F magically fills up - something we loyalists recognize as "TODs" (Tens Of Dollars upgrades)

@UA-NYC: I was just going to write something similar. Rocky-did you get a cash offer to upgrade?

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