LaGaurdia Shut Down After Southwest Landing Gear Failure

Breaking News: Southwest Airlines Flight 345, from Nashville to LaGuardia landed without nose gear this afternoon at LaGuarida. The New York Airport has had an Air Traffic control ground stop since the incident and Southwest has so far reported no injuries.

There is still mixed reports coming in as this is breaking news, but thus far, it appears as though there are no major injuries. The Boeing 737 was carrying 149 people and per the reports appears as though its nose landing gear failed during landing. There are also mixed reports on whether or not  the plane was evacuated and the emergency slides were deployed.

Per USA today:

There were conflicting reports about whether the plane was evacuated. WABC-TVreported that it was, WNBC-TV said that although the plane's emergency chutes had been deployed, the passengers remained on board.

The plane landed on runway 4 at the very busy New York LaGuardia Airport at 5:45pm EST. The airport is closed until further notice.

I happen to be in ATL on my way to LGA and planes have been delayed here and Delta is now starting to cancel flights for later this evening. My thoughts goes out  to everyone on board and I am extremely happy to hear that initial reports are reporting no major injuries. I commend the pilots who landed the plane after the landing gear failed and hope that this is truly a mechanical failure and not another incident from pilot error.


Stay tuned to your local news for more details on this incident . 



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