Getting Away On Miles: Delta SkyClub Manila

The Skyclub Manila is probably the most dated and one of the worst International Delta Skyclubs in the system. Although international airline clubs tend to be of higher rankings and have better amenities than domestic clubs, this is only because they have to compete with 4 and 5 star international airlines, especially in Asia where airlines like Singapore, JAL, Thai, Cathay Pacific and Asiana dominate. Despite this, the Manila Skyclub is lacking all allure. The Manila Skyclub dates back to the 80s (or early) and appears as though it has never been remodeled since its opening! The old NWA WorldClub fits perfectly into the passé Terminal 1 at Ninoy International Manila Airport.

The club itself is fairly small, but can comfortably accommodate all business class and elite passengers flying out on Delta’s two daily flights to Japan. With the departures spaced a few hours apart, the club never feels congested; even though Delta’s largest plane, the 470+ passenger Boeing 747-400, is used to taxi passengers between the Philippines and Japan. The club features most benefits of a domestic club, but lacks the lackluster of Delta Skyclubs in locations such as Tokyo. The club has a small business center and a boomerang-shaped sitting area with TVs that feature international news.


2013-01-03-06.04.05There is no dining area in the club, however food and drink offerings line one wall of the club. Since Delta departures are early in the morning (between 6 and 9am) the club offers few choices, but even less that make sense for the breakfast hours. Fresh tropical fruit and yogurt is served, but instead of offering the typical bagels, oatmeal, and scones, the club offers the same sandwiches that can be found in other clubs at MNL (like theMIASCOR Lounge). The club also offers a modest selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; all mid-shelf and typical quality of a Delta Skyclub. The club also does not offer showers, but only two small bathrooms. The reason for now showers: There are no Delta connections or long distance flights from MNL and since only those flying Manila-Nagoya or Manila-Narita use the club, showers are not really necessary because a shower can be had upon landing in Japan.


The Delta Skyclub in Manila is nothing like the SilverKris lounge or even the Korean Air or Asiana Business Class Lounges in Seoul. Despite this, it’s a semi comfortable space to rest before a short hop to Japan and is honestly on the same level as the Pagss Lounge or Miascor Lounge at MNL which is used by some of the most luxurious carriers that offer service to the Philippines. So kick back, have a drink, rest up and decompress, because you will need it before dealing with the extra security at the boarding gate.2013-01-03-06.10.28

Busines center has nice computers at least!

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