Getting Away on Miles: Asiana Boarding Gate Lounge

The Asiana Boarding Gate Club is located in the satellite terminal that is served by most airlines serving Seoul Incheon Airport except for Korean Air and Asiana. Although Asiana flights fly to and from the main terminal, Asiana still maintains a smaller club for their Star Alliance Partners, known as the Asiana Boarding Gate Lounge. The lounge has a homely atmosphere, with lower ceilings and dim lights, one feels like they are in an old library of a turn of the century hacienda instead of a modern Asiana Business Class Lounge, like in the main terminal.

Like the main lounge, this lounge consists of one large area used for Star Alliance Gold members and Business Class travelers. The main sitting area is split into several small sitting areas, but is otherwise just one large room. There’s a dining area, located next to the food and beverages; a decent size computer room, with several high-end computers sponsored by Samsung; and 4 small relaxing pods with massage chairs (not quite as nice as in the main lounge) located next to the showers and bathrooms.  

Food & Beverage offerings



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computer room


When I visited this lounge, it was around 6pm in the evening and dinner items were being brought out by the staff. There was a large spread of food ranging from fresh fruit, hot dinner items like seafood spaghetti, cheese & crackers, fresh sautéed vegetables, and a salad bar. The food options were plenty for being a satellite lounge, however similar to the Korean Air lounge I found alcohol options to be severely limited to primarily just beer and wine.

This lounge, primarily used by Star Alliance carriers other than Asiana, is actually nice for what it is, even if it is a bit dated. There are very few outlets, so make sure to arrive with all your devices fully charged and a power adaptor. Otherwise kick back and enjoy this little oasis in an otherwise busy and amenity-lacking terminal.


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I enjoyed my visit to this lounge when I flew ICN-NRT on TG last December.

rocky January 9, 2013 at 10:45 am

@Daniel: Glad to hear I wasn't the only one. there's a lot of people on flyertalk who complain about it. My only complaint about this lounge is the sever lack of plugs!

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