American Eagle Inflight experience

Things are different over on American Eagle, I’m truly noticing a difference and finding myself jetting back and forth on the smaller commuter planes more often. Although my flights on American Eagle are usually less than 30 minutes, I’ve notice the crew goes above and beyond to make it the best 30 minutes of flight time possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Economy or First, the crew really doesn’t seem to forget about anyone!

What sets American Eagle apart? Service! The staff is always friendly, always smiling, and always willing to help in one way or another. The servitude of the staff is unlike any other I’ve ever seen in the United States and it really shines through.

My flights on American Eagle are usually only from San Diego and connects me to Los Angeles. The flight time is sometimes less than 20 minutes in the air, yet that doesn’t stop the staff from going above and beyond. Each time I have flown in the front of the cabin I have received a number of amenities that are usually only reserved for longer flights. These include such luxuries like a pre-departure beverage, hot towel service once above 10,000 feet, a drink while in the air, a snack, and sometimes even a refill! If that is not enough, the lead flight attendant has always walked through the first class cabin and informed each individual of his or her connecting flight information. On each flight, I’ve been greeted by name, my connecting flight is reconfirmed and the gate information is shared with me. Honestly the service is unlike any other on such a short flight!

In addition to good first class service, I have also observed that in coach on this route, the crew provides a higher level of service than most. Many of the airlines disregard coach passengers on such a short flight, but American Eagle still provides an express beverage service, normally consisting of a choice of juice or water. Although the options are limited, it unquestionably better than no service!

Why this service has not won Best Regional Airline of the Year, North America, since 2011 behooves me, nonetheless I know that regional flying aboard American Eagle is steps or maybe even miles ahead of the competition! I can only hope that after the merger with US Airways, American Eagle keeps its culture and service in place!

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Buckleup Poweroff February 23, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Love flying AAEagle. True the staff are exceptional (many times gate agents and F/A's were former major carrier staff.) I never mind flying the smaller jets, even in Y on the E140/145's, on 1.5 to 2.5 hour flights.

Most of my experience has been flying DFW or RDU routes, think the AAEagle have some real opportunity to become an airline of customer choice. Big sister just does not do so well, and hopefully the US Airways team will encourage their culture amongst the staff.

Thanks for posting the experience. It is not bad in the back either. Cheers, Buc Pow

Eagle is pretty awesome! I fly them mostly from Hartford - Chicago. We always get drink service. They have snacks for $4. Everyone's friendly and we're almost always on time, weather permitting. And even though they're tiny planes, I'm really enjoying the 1_2 seating and getting a single window seat all to myself on the E140s. I hope Eagle survives the merger! They're great. Oh, and Delta Xpress is good too :)

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