A Mileage Run to Hawaii - My Journey to AA Executive Platinum Begins

Some would say I’m crazy, others would say they would do the same, other’s just shake their head in disbelief. Nevertheless, as I write this I am somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and by the time you read this post I’ll be in Hawaii. Nevertheless, over the next 3 days I will travel 15K+ miles as my carbon footprint grows and I ply the skies between San Diego, Hawaii, New York, and back again! I’ll travel for many hours above the 30K feet mark as my routing takes me SAN-LAX-HNL-DFW-LGA, I’ll bus across town and then return JFK-LAX-HNL, rent a car and spend the night with an old friend who lives in Honolulu and then return back the next afternoon flying HNL-LAX-SAN.


The routing was simple, getting the ticket was complicated, and applying the evips was even more difficult, but the price was right! I couldn’t book the ticket online because despite pricing out at $797 when trying to purchase the ticket the price would jump to well over $2500. Yet a call to the AA help desk resolved the issue and shortly after the purchase, I was applying system wide upgrades to ensure a comfortable experience at 30K feet!


The issues: My flight had too many segments for the archaic AA reservation system to handle. With only a 5 hour layover in Honolulu and a 3 hour layover in NYC the system wasn’t sure where my trip started or ended. This caused for the pricing the change among each step along the way. First $797, then $1500, then $2500. Hence why I called the help desk!

The second issue came when trying to apply the System Wide Upgrades. Due the number of segments, AA required 3 evips. Perfect, my friend had 3 evips expiring at the end of the month, and my mileage run was a perfect excuse to burn them! However, the system kept rejecting them. After spending 45 minutes on the phone with an agent, she finally got the certificates applied to the ticket.  Then, the next morning when I checked my reservation, my first class seats were gone and my reservation read “error”. I immediately called American Air, and an 1 hour and 45 minute phone call later, ticketing was able to fix the issue, but that was only after talking to two agents, a supervisor, the help desk twice, and ticketing! Who knew a mileage run could cause so many issue?!

In the end,  the issues were all resolved and I’m now in Hawaii 2 segments deep on my 8 segment adventure. I have 5 hours in Hawaii so I’m going to put on my running shoes and take myself for a jog down to the 24 hour fitness downtown (~5 miles from the airport), lift some weights and then head back for my return flight. I figure if I’m going to sit around for 3 days I might as well get some exercise in for good measure! 

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When will the next report be posted?!

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