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Alaska Airlines Needs to Open a Board Room in San Diego


For the past several months there has been speculation on Flyertalk and from the San Diego Airport Authority that Alaska Airlines might open a Board Room in Terminal 1. Alaska Airline is currently the only airline that operates out of Terminal 1 (gates 11-18). Currently, the crowded and small gate area offers 7 gates, a Starbucks, cramped seating area, bathrooms, and few concessions. There’s also abandoned space from the old United Red Carpet Club which closed recently because United no ...

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Delta SkyClub: No More Free Guests for Diamond Elite & American Express Platinum Card Holders

Delta Airlines announced a major revamp to the way SkyClubs memberships are distributed this morning and also informed many customers that the way they access SkyClubs today will not be the same way they access clubs in the future especially those who travel with friends and family. The changes make club membership more expensive and devalue high end credit card benefits, such as the American Express Platinum Card.

This morning, Delta sent an email out with the following announcing ...

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Delta Reduces Business Elite Seats on B777 & B767

2014 has started off with another Delta devaluation announcement. This Delta is making it more difficult to redeem miles for business class tickets by reducing the number of Business Class seats available on their 767 and 777 aircrafts. Delta has already reduced the number of seats available on their B747 from 48 to 57 when they replaced the angle flat seats for full flat beds, but now Delta is actually removing seats that are already installed to make room for more economy seats, packing ...

AA & US Airways Begin To Align Customer Benefits

American Airlines and US Airways are taking the first noticeable steps to frequent flyers today to become one airline and have announced select mutual frequent flyer benefits on reciprocal airlines starting today. This means if you are flying either US Airways or American Airways you will now be able to credit your flight to either you US Airways Dividend account or American Airways AAdvantage account. In addition they announced the two airlines aligned the following policies ...

Delta Shortens SkyMile Program Year by a Month

If the Delta SkyPeso program had a theme in 2013, it would be named “the year of devaluation.” In July, I wrote an article about Delta’s D game and recapped some of my sub-par experiences with the airlines in 2013. It also described how the airline has devalued their Elite program and is stripping a number of perks from Elite Flyers which made it more difficult to earn elite miles with their partners. We have all moaned and groaned about the minimum spending requirements to ...

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2013 in Review


2013 was a fun year, full of a mixture of work travel and personal adventures! Although most of my travel was for work and around the United States, I was able to manage to sneak off to Europe a couple of times for fun and fly back from South East Asia - all in business class. As terms of flying, I probably traveled less in 2013 than I have in the last 6 or 7 years, but nevertheless I still got to experience some pretty awesome new planes, new places, and see more of the world that I had yet ...

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Virgin America Short Haul Trip Report


Hip, stylish, and fun – three words I would never use to describe flying domestically in the US. Although, Virgin America is trying to reinvent the US aviation industry and has injected it with plush leather black seats, lavish purple mood lighting, TVs in every seat, wi-fi (before it was popular), and on demand ordering of food, drinks, accessories from the TV in your seat. From the young and stylish crew to the sparkling new planes, everything at Virgin America screams trendy. This is ...

American Airlines: The Pinstripe Tail is here to stay!


Last month, American Airlines and US Airways employees voted to decide the future of the new American Airline livery. The new grey painted planes with the stripped eagle beak were here to stay, but employees were allowed to vote for the American Flag style tail or for the historical AA with the embedded eagle. After a month of voting American Airlines has announced that the new livery introduced last year is here to stay and the AA symbol will be ...

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British Airways B747 Premium Economy LHR - LAX


Recently I had the joys of flying on the new British Airways A380 and I truly enjoyed soaring through the skies in the world’s largest jumbo jet. On that trip, I flew from Los Angeles to London in premium economy and was really wowed by British Airways staff and new airplane. On my return trip, I flew the same route, but this time on a B747 in Premium Economy. I must say, my love for British Airways came to a screeching halt.

From the airplane to the level of service ...

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Could Priority Pass Save the American Express Platinum Airport Lounge Program

Save 10% and Access 600 airport lounges

American Express and US/AA announced earlier this month that lounge benefit access will no longer be granted to American Express Platinum card holders after March 2014. With the announcement, many people declared how they were going to quickly use their $100-$500 AA/US airline credit and then cancel their American Express as it would no longer serve their needs appropriately. Likewise, I had similar thoughts until I reevaluated the benefit of Priority Pass and thought to myself, just maybe ...

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Taba Heights Marriott Resort, Red Sea Egypt


Less than 30 minutes from the border of Israel, lays a village built from the ground up to support Red Sea tourism from around the world. The small village of Taba, Egypt lays inland from the sea. Although the area the tourists see is rarely the city itself but instead tourist flock to Taba Heights, the epicenter of tourism in the area.  Taba Heights includes a small town with condos, restaurants, and shopping but again, its draw is really the Red Sea, scuba diving, and the four resorts ...

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American Airlines Allow Employees to Vote: New Livery or Old


Let’s be honest, very few people like change and often time the more senior someone is, the more they dislike change. We as humans get used to the status quo and then dislike any major changes. This is not unique to the airline industry. Many people including bloggers, travelers & employees were rallied up when American Airline refreshed their brand image and livery in January 2013. Within minutes people from all over were complaining that it wasn’t original, the new image ...

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Relaxing in Dahab Egypt & The Dahab Hilton Resort


In a small Bedouin fishing village, just 80km north of the bustling resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt lies some of the best scuba diving in Egypt and on the Red Sea. The town of Dahab is still extremely small and quaint, yet offers hotels for every type of traveler. The small fishing village still withholds its charm, including small buildings, building half erected and left to crumble, and families going about their daily lives. The revolution has truly affected this town, bringing ...

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US Airways & Lufthansa Credit Card Winter Bonus opportunities


Barclay Bank is giving card holders opportunity to earn 2,500 bonus miles on two of their best airline travel cards in two targeted promotions to earn bonus miles on purchases at grocery stores, movie theaters, and utility payments from January 1 - March 31, 2014.

Select US Airways credit card holders will earn 5 miles for every purchase in the above categories for the first $500 they spend. 


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Free Uber Rides to Seatac Airport For Christmas Travel


Alaska Airlines and Uber have teamed up in Seattle to make Holiday travel easier for Seattlites and are offering FREE rides to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on December 23 and 24th!  The promotion requires NO sign up at all and all you have to do is end your trip at Seatac airport on either date and your account will be credited up to $50! Any fare over $50 is your responsibility, but the good news is fares from Downtown Seattle ...

Alaska Airlines: Star Alliance - I think Not; OneWorld - Maybe


Earlier this week Matthew wrote a post about how the world’s largest airline alliance,Star Alliance, should try to court Alaska Airlines after losing a couple of key partners this year to OneWorld, specifically US Airways and TAM. Despite his post, I must say that I am in utter disagreement with Matt and I believe Star Alliance should not court Alaska Air. United will be Star Alliance’s only remaining US-based airline after US Airways leaves the Star Alliance on March 30, 2014, ...

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British Airways A321 Economy LHR - TLV Trip Report


After a wonderful flight on the BA A380 in Premium Economy from LAX to LHR and a stopover in the T1 BA lounge, I was on my final flight to Tel Aviv aboard British Airways mid haul A321 formerly a BMI aircraft. This plane only features a two class cabin (business and economy). I inquired about an upgrade to business class for the flight, but at a going rate of $450, I could not justify the cost for only a 4 hour flight so I decided to keep my exit row seat and enjoy the flight from the back of ...

Comfort Hotel Rome Fiumicino Review


After a long delay on my Alitalia flight from Frankfurt to Rome the only thing I truly wanted to do was sleep and thankfully my hotel was close to the airport. I had chosen to stay at the Comfort Hotel Rome Fiumicino due to its location and its Choice Privilege low rate of only 8,000 points a night. Choice Privileges is an American Express Membership Reward partner, so I transferred 8,000 points from my American Express Membership Rewards account to my Choice Privilege account and booked the ...

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British Airways International Lounge London Heathrow Terminal 1


Airline Clubs are supposed to be reserved for the elite travelers, business and first class passengers, or those passengers who are willing to shovel out hundreds of dollars a year towards membership fees. The British Airways clubs are no different, and require passengers to either pay a hefty surcharge or be a OneWorld Sapphire member or a BA elite flyer. Despite this, on my recent trip from LAX-LHR on the BA A380 and onto TLV I was able to ...

Free Alcohol On Delta's International Flights


Delta Airlines is currently the only US airliner to offer complimentary spirits on domestic flights (only in economy comfort between NY JFK and Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco) and in recent years were one of the first to reintroduce complimentary beer and wine between the US and international markets greater than 4 hours. Then they expanded their offering by allowing customers in economy comfort to have their choice of beer, wine, or hard ...

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