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The Silver Lining: Calling Delta means long wait times

I must admit, I HATE calling the airlines, in fact, I hate talking on the phone in general. I am someone who much prefers communication via text, emails, and maximizing the internet and webpages to do everything. Yet as well know, sometimes a phone call is a must and can solve the problem faster than an email or a tweet. For as long as I can remember back now, I’ve had midlevel to high level status with Old NWA or Delta. As a Gold or Platinum member calling in for help, I was always ...

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San Diego Admirals Club is now an AirSpace Lounge - American Express Card Holders Rejoice


The American Airlines Admiral club in San Diego is getting a much needed facelift and along with the remodel, they are getting a new name and operator. As of Wednesday April 30, the San Diego Airport Admiral club partnership with Airspace lounges has been launched and this airport lounge is now open to Admiral Club & US Airways Club members along with American Express Platinum & Centurion card holders and all members of the flying public who are willing to pay $25 to enter the club. ...

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40,000 US Airways Bonus Miles Credit Card Returns!

US Airways and BarclayCard has brought back the 40,000 mile bonus credit card for a limited time. The promotion allows new card members to earn up to 40K bonus miles for just signing up for the US Airways Premier World Mastercard. Reports say that this card is VERY churnable and there are reports of people who already have this card getting a second one! The bonus is simple: Get 30,000 bonus miles after your first purchase and up to 10K more when you transfer money. The card is loaded with ...

US Airways Twitter Handle Cannot Solve ANY Reservation Issues


Social media has taken the US and world by storm and everyone, from individuals to major corporations, have turned to social media to express themselves, advertise, and to resolve customer service problems. I have had restaurants thank me for dining with them when checking in via foursquare and have had hotels wish me a pleasant stay. I’ve also used twitter to connect with companies. I connect with the American Airlines team the most frequently, but in the past, I have connected with ...

50,000 Miles Lufthansa Premier Miles & More MasterCard Is Back


The Lufthansa’s Miles & More Card is back for a limited time offering 50,000 miles to new card holders after their first transaction.  Although the spending minimum is slightly high ($5000 in 90 days), the miles are valuable and with the help of Vanilla reload cards and Blue Bird, spending the minimum is easily doable for just about anyone.

I covered this card in details last summer when Barclay’s proposed a VERY similar offer. For ...

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American Airlines 777-300 LHR-LAX Business Class Trip Report


The day had finally arrived. I had flown the 77W in Main cabin Select from LAX to London Heathrow and now I was going to get to fly AA’s newest plane in business on the return segment! The seat is no stranger to me, as I’ve experienced it on many other airlines, but the service and AA experience was all new and something I was very much looking forward to! After a quick flight from Budapest to London on BA, I passed through security, answered the extra BS security question that ...

American Airlines Award Routing Rules - Not Frequent Flier Friendly!


This week I decided to cash in 90,000 award miles for a last minute trip to my favorite diving spot in the world – Sipadan, Malaysia! With last minute prices even in economy between California and Tawau, Malaysia being over $1500, I decided it was time to cash in some of my AA miles before AA further devalues the program. I used the BA award search engine because JAL, AA, Malaysia Airlines, and Cathay Pacific award space is searchable. I searched segment by segment and put together the ...

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American Airline Admiral Club London Heathrow T3


Not all Admiral clubs are created equal and this is clear when it comes to the beautiful T3 Admirals clubs at London Heathrow Airport. The club can be found in lounge area H, near gate 12B, mid terminal next to grandiose clubs such as the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse and the nearby smaller British Airways Galleries Club Lounge. I visited before my 1pm flight back to LAX and was connected from a BA flight from Budapest. I had about 90 minutes between flights so I stopped by the lounge for a quick ...

To Fly Southwest Or Connect - My Ultimate Flying Conundrum


I just recently landed a contract position in Sacramento, California and will have to start commuting every week to and from Sacramento, I will fly in either late Sunday night or early Monday and depart each Thursday to return home to Southern California. As I start to plan for my first work trip, one that will become all too familiar to me, I have to decided: to fly Southwest or Connect.

Southwest offers the ideal schedule with 10 peak daily round trips between the city par, with the ...

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Seattle - Just Say NO to Delta! Frequent Flyer Programs Hit Rock Bottom


If 2013 and the start of 2014 wasn’t a clear enough sign of what consolidation of the airline industry does to frequent flyer program then I can’t think of how to lay it out any clearer. Across the industry, Delta, United, American, Alaska, and Southwest have all devalued their frequent flyer programs over the last 36 months, making it harder to earn miles and requiring more miles for award redemption. Delta even had the audacity to turn Skymiles into a revenue based program in ...

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90,000 miles in Business Class to Asia is still an option


US Airways changed their partner award chart without notice today to match American Airlines award ticket cost from the US lower 48 and Canada to North Asia. I have reviewed the whole award chart and no other award regions were changed. The policy which is bad for consumers quickly increased the cost of awards from the USA to North Asia by 20,000 miles in business class. The good news is there are still a few sweet spots in the US Airways Award chart, as I had outlined before in my Top 10 ...

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American Airlines Introduces 5 Tier Award Chart & Changes Baggage Policies

Airline mergers are hardly good for consumer and today proves it yet again as we were all just #Parked. Airlines try to claim that airline mergers create more competition, adds tons of benefits for frequent flyers, and consumers benefit from larger network. But lets be real,  since the creation of the the Super Pac (AA, United, Delta) Elite benefits and non elite consumer benefits have been stripped and removed. With just three super airlines now ruling the US Aviation industry, policies ...

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American Airlines Reveals New 777-200 Cabin


American Airlines has been quickly retrofitting their planes, introducing new planes, and refreshing their brand image as the once cutting edge airline now tries to play catch up with their largest US competitors and overseas competitors in order to provide customers with a modern and comfortable inflight experience. After being the first US based airline to fly the 777-300ER, with an extremely solid hard product offering, the airline is now retrofitting their other widebody jets and ...

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A380 Economy - 11 Abreast


Airlines love to cram more passengers in less space, especially in the economy class cabin where seat pitch has been reduced significantly in the last 20 years. Ultra-thin seats have been installed and in many situations: seats, arm rests, and aisles width has been decreased. As airlines try to increase profit margins as labor and fuel costs rise, passengers comfort takes a beating in order to raise revenue and cram more people into the flying tin can. In the last few years, a number of ...

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Alaska Expands Inflight Entertainment Options

Alaska Airline has not been known to be the airline with the best inflight amenities, but yet they still have some of the most loyal frequent flyers in the US Aviation industry. Their all Boeing 737 fleet is less than exciting with most airplanes lacking powerports and all planes lacking seatback personal televisions (PTVs). The airline heavily invested early in GoGo Wifi and offered bulky digiplayers on long haul flights to passengers in first and those willing to pay in economy. Passengers ...

Delta International Economy Amenity Kits & Upgraded Snacks


Years ago Delta Airlines stopped providing customers in international economy amenity kits. I can recall back in 2007 traveling to Europe for the first time, I flew Delta from New York JFK to Bucharest. On that flight I was provided with an amenity kit that included a bright red eye mask, cheap headphones, and earplugs. Soon after that flight, Delta discontinued providing customers in the main cabin amenity kit and blamed it on costs and 9/11 (like every other cut back in recent years). Now, ...

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Virgin America Introduces Total Temperature Control


Virgin America & Nest has teamed up to offer frequent flyers the options to control the temperature around each seat! The new Virgin America’s IFE known as Red is here and it’s going to give passengers more choices than ever--now introducing Inflight temperature control! No longer will passengers on Virgin’s flights have to worry about being too warm or cold based on the crew's mood. Having a hot flash or have the sniffles? Don’t worry, if your hormones are ...

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Iberia Madrid Barajas T4s Lounge


The Iberia Lounge at Madrid Barajas airport in terminal 4s is by far the best Iberia lounge in Madrid. The lounge offers all the amenities of other lounges, but also offers an upgraded buffet along with cold prepackage items as the lounge is located in the non-schengen  secured flight area of the airport and is primarily used by long haul travelers to the Americas, Middle east, Africa, Asia, and beyond. The lounge is hidden and is accessible post security, after immigrations, and the ...

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OneWorld Triple Play - TAM, US Airways, and SriLankan Airlines Join OneWorld


Tomorrow (March 31, 2014) is a good day for Oneworld Fliers as both US Airways and TAM join their other halves in the fast growing OneWorld Alliance. US Airways and TAM have both left Star Alliance as of March 30, 2014 at midnight and joined OneWorld on their first scheduled flight on March 31 due to mergers with American Airlines and LAN respectively, creating the new American Airline Group and LATAM Airlines Group. The addition of both TAM and US Airways will add a number of new ...

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Alaska Adds Flights to South, Midwest, & East Coast From Seattle

Alaska Airline is expanding in Seattle again as they announce a number of new routes from Seattle to the south, east coast, and Midwest. The Airline, trying to fend off Delta’s rapid expansion in Seattle, is looking to quickly expand into a number of markets that the airline doesn’t currently serve, so they can continue to be the business traveler’s number one airline in Seattle. On Feb 11, Alaska announced new service from Seattle to Tampa, New Orleans, and Delta’s ...

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