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Alaska Increases Carry-on Baggage Space by 48%


Alaska airline announced today that they will be the first airline to install Boeing’s newest Space Bins which increase storage capacity by almost 48%! The new space bins allow easier loading as they hang two inches lower (watch you heads when you stand up) but are deeper and wider which allow bags to be stored on their sides instead on their back. This innovated design allows for 178 standard size carry-on bags to be stored compared to the 117 now.

The new Space Bins ...

Last Day for 50,000 Lufthansa's Miles & More Credit Card Bonus

Today is the last day to sign up and get the 50,000 miles Lufthansa Mles & More Card. The bonus ends today and will be reduced to the typical 20,000 miles bonus with an additional 10,000 miles for a horrible balance transfer options. This card is awesome, as 50,000 miles is still enough miles to fly round trip to Europe in coach. Although, to get this bonus new card holders (card is churnable) must spend $5000 in the first 90 days of having he card.

I covered this card in ...

Life Behind Walls - A Trip Inside Palestine


Imagine life behind a wall, a modern day prison where you have freedom to roam, but your freedom is halted 50+ feet concrete walls. Visiting with friends and family are distant memories which are only revisited through modern technology thanks to the invention of facetime and Skype and jobs and property are lost because access has been cutoff; as like your family these things are on the other side of the wall. This wall I speak about is not the 1980s era Berlin wall, but it’s the wall ...

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Delta Slowly Backpedals On Transcon Upgrade Policy

Early last December, Delta revamped their unlimited complimentary domestic upgrade elite policy and transition to a program similar to United which still offered unlimited complimentary upgrades on most routes but required Global Upgrade Certificates to be used on premium transcontinental routes between JFK and Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and long haul routes between Hawaii and the East Coast. Prior to these changes, Delta offered Unlimited Complimentary upgrades (UCU) on all ...

The Pier - Cathay Pacific Business & First class lounge at HKG


The Pier Business class lounge at Hong Kong International airport is just one of many OneWorld and Cathay Pacific lounges within the megaplex. The pier, is one of the furthest lounges from security and the rest of the airport located by gate 62 and 66, but I opted to visit this lounge only as I did not have much time before my flight to explore the airport and it was the lounge closet to my gate. Already being worried I’d miss my flight, I was lucky to even be able to explore the Pier, ...

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American Airlines Tweets "Our fat bottomed girls make your world go round"


Early this afternoon, American Airlines posted on Instagram a photo of a Boeing Jet with the caption “our fat bottom girls make your world go round.” As you can imagine many people took the quote literally and were appalled by the comment, calling it crude, crass, sexually inappropriate and not politically correct, amongst many other things. From Twitter to Instagram, some people LOVED the photo and caption while others hated it. I was on the love side and even made a sarcastic ...

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US Airways Share Miles 100% Bonus

US Airways is once again having a 100% mileage bonus opportunity when two people share miles between each other. In the past few months we have seen a number of US Airways bonus miles opportunities which have included a slew of bonuses, the best being last winter which gave a 100% bonus on the miles shared. This time, the bonus is still 100% but the is split between both the person giving the miles and the person receiving the miles. This bonus opportunity runs though June 30, 2014 and ...

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Virgin America Main Cabin Select SFO-SAN


Often times when flying intra-California routes for work I am posed with the dilemma of either connecting via LAX on a legacy carrier or breaking my alliance to American (formerly Delta) and fly direct on either Southwest and sometimes Virgin. I will usually choose to connect when returning home, as I am in no rush, although sometimes due to time constraints I regularly will fly direct when going to work. Despite this being my norm, a few months ago when returning home from the Bay Area, I ...

US Airways Increases Medium & High Level Award Cost for Travel in North America

US Airways/American Airline has apparently learned from their mistake and the company is actually giving frequent fliers a heads up this time before further devaluing their award chart. For the second time this year, US Airways has announced increase in award prices, but instead of giving no notice, they are giving travelers until July 31, 2014 to book award travel at current costs. Starting August 1, 2014, Award travel will cost more miles than they do today for first class travel on a three ...

AA Elites Now Recieve Unlimited Upgrades on US Airways From June 11, 2014

The new American Airlines has announced new Elite benefits today as American Airlines and US Airways begin to merge their two frequent flyer program and merge elite flying benefits across their two programs. In January, we saw the two airlines announce a slew of basic elite benefits which included priority boarding, baggage, check in, and security check along with free checked luggage on both airlines for elite travelers. However, the grand slam benefit of being an elite traveler, ...

Delta Upgrades Transcontinental Premium Economy Product

Delta is once again upping its game on their transcontinental route by further enhancing their premium economy product offering. In the last year we’ve already seen Delta offer free spirits and free upgraded snack wraps to economy comfort customers between New York’s JFK and Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angelas, and today Delta announced that starting tomorrow customers will see further improvement to their economy comfort cabin with more added amenities which include a full ...

Delta Consolidated Operations at SAN

As of June 5, 2014 Delta is moving out of the smaller commuter terminal at San Diego International and moving their LAX bound flights to Terminal 2 in an effort to reduce operating costs and move all flights into a single terminal, reducing the number of staff needed as the two terminals are about a ½ mile apart, requiring a completely separate ground staff. The move will not only reduce the staff that Delta will need for its SAN operations, but the move provides LAX bound customers an ...

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Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong


After a long but enjoyable flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, I had scheduled a 20 hour layover in Hong Kong, maximizing my time in the SAR in order to visit old friends. I had booked a standard room using 30,000 Marriott Rewards points at the Harbour View Renaissance Hotel in Wan Chai (central area) and was able to book the room online via Marriott’s website. I chose the hotel based on the location and easy access to the airport express train that departs from the Central MTR ...

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Mabul/Sipadan Malaysia - Great Diving, Horrible Poverty


Often times on this website and many other websites that are similar to this one, I believe that I (we) get caught up in the ritz and glamour of traveling. Bloggers here and in many other places write trip reports describing their flights in business class and their hotel stays at high end hotels, making traveling look affordable to anyone. Yes, I too am guilty of this, but I must say, I fail to write many reports about the places I primarily stay--the mom and pop shops, the cheap budget ...

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AA Website Pricing errors & More


Airline websites are a distance from being glitch proof and we know that the Legacy carriers’ outdated technology and behind the time IT teams are far from perfect. It seems like most US airlines from United (especially since the co merger) to Delta website are incompetent, especially when it comes to finding partner award space. Due to this issue, I often search segment by segment on other airline webpages such as Air Canada Aeroplan, ANA, British Airways, etc. I find Aeroplan and ANA ...

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HUCA - It almost always works!


We have all probably heard this a hundred times, but sure enough I continue to realize how important it is to hang up and call again (HUCA), especially when a simple task is denied or rejected by the airlines. I spent a large part of my day planning a last minute award trip to Europe. As you can imagine, when I finally found award routing that would work, I was ecstatic! I had been looking off and on for 2 days, but after sitting down for three hours straight this morning I found a ticket: ...

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Cathay Pacific Business Class LAX - HKG Trip Report


I have flown a lot of different airlines all over the world, especially in the last three years. I’ve flown some of Europe’s best carriers and even some of Asia’s best. I’ve flown the 787 and the A380 multiple times now and have enjoyed flying low cost carriers such as Tiger Air, Air Asia, Lion Air, EasyJet and more. Flying a new airline is always exciting and I get giddy like a little kid on Christmas each time I fly a new carrier. This time, that excitement made me ...

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US Airways Clubs add complimentary Spirits & Upgraded Food


The last few weeks I have found myself on AA codeshares flights flying US Airways metal instead of AA metal. If any of you follow me on twitter, you would already know and see I’ve been very much unimpressed with US Airways and so much so that I actually bought my first ticket on Southwest because US Airways customer service just sucks! From ground service to their twitter handle, US Airways has left a BAD impression in my mouth. Not to mention whenever I call AA they tell me they ...

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OneWorld Lounge LAX TBIT


If the new Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at LAX itself wasn’t enough to get excited about, the new alliance lounges definitely are! After stopping by the KAL SkyTeam lounge, I headed over to the OneWorld lounge as I was flying Cathay Pacific Business Class. The large lounge is divided into two sections, one for Business Class passengers and OneWorld Sapphire members and the other side for First class passenger and OneWorld Emerald members. As I am only a Sapphire member, I ...

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KAL / Skyteam Lounge TBIT LAX


Since the recent grand reopening of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) in LAX, I have not had the pleasure to use any of the new lounges. The last two times I flew out of TBIT, I visited the old Korean Airlines SkyTeam lounge as I did not have status high enough on AA to visit the OneWorld lounge and before that, I was actually flying Korean Air A380, while TBIT was a complete mess/war zone during the facelift. The KoreanAir lounge before was dated and claustrophobic as it had ...