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Get Your Annual Fee Waived or Reduced

Paying yearly membership fees is a BIG no no in my book, however, every now and then it is worth it, especially if the card program is superior to other or if the card is not churnable. I love my American Express Gold Reward card* because I absolutely love membership rewards point. In the last year I have earned well over 100,000 membership reward points with over 75% of those points coming from bonus offers. Not to mention, with membership reward points transferable to a number of hotels and ...

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Hawaii Doesn't Get Cheaper Than This!


If you haven’t heard yet there has been a number of posts on the internet and FlyerTalk about CHEAP fares to/from Hawaii! Cheap Fares in economy from the east coast have been reported for as little as $413 round trip! The fares are so cheap and so low that they are averaging out to between 3.5-4.5 cpm depending on your routing and airline. The fares have been matched by many carriers including Hawaiian, United, Delta, and Alaska. This is Great news! No matter who you collect miles with, ...

Items Stolen On Tiger Airways From Checked Luggage

As an experienced traveler, if there is one thing I know, it’s to never leave anything of value in my check bag. Check bags are for clothing and toiletries only and maybe a bottle or two of alcohol from Duty free, otherwise, check bags are to never have money, valuables, electronics, etc in them. Most people know this; however the traveler who does not fly very often may be forgetful and is taking a great risk in having those personal valuables stolen. 

Last week when ...

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Getting Your Drink On at 30k Feet


No matter where I am flying, I won’t lie, I like to have a drink. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled with 1st class since before I was 21 or because I just enjoy how much easier it is to get a buzz in the air, but when flying I enjoy a drink or two. However, when drink prices in Economy being as much or more than a drink at a bar, drinking on an airplane can get very expensive very quickly, even if only buying 1 or 2 drinks. So how do you drink for free when ...

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Is Complaining To United Even Worth It?

After having a less than wonderful trip experience from LAX to HNL a few weeks ago I finally decided to take all of you guy’s advice and write a letter to United voicing my frustration and dissatisfaction with my inflight experience. Being a new United flyer, I just assumed that this was standard customer service, I mean after all, since the merge, I have heard almost nothing good about the United/Continental team.

Now before I go any further, let me preface my astonishment. I ...

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Seaventure Rig Hotel - Diving in Sipadan


If you ask a scuba diver where the best place to dive in the world is, the majority of them will mention Sipadan, Malaysia, which is a tiny island off Borneo.  A national park with pristine un-fished waters, Sipadan offers only 86 diver permits per day; a limited opportunity to play in nature’s best underground playground! It is an hour off of the coast of the tiny port city of Semporna, which makes it secluded. There are limited options available to divers who want to stay near ...

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Low Cost Carrier Seair MNL-BKI


Low Cost Carriers (LCC) are truly the cheapest and easiest way to get around Asia. For less than $50 a person I was able to secure seats from Manila to Kota Kinabalu r/t on SEAir, a low cost airline based in the Philippines that is now a subsidy of larger Tiger Airways. Being the cheapest way to get from the states to KK, I was up for some LCC flying between the two destinations, saving hundreds of dollars.

Our flight from Manila was at the smaller Clark airport, located about two ...

Flying Back From MNL and Excessive Security


Well, after trying to use a regional upgrade from a friend on a flight from Manila to Guam, I must say that despite being number one on the list for hours, just 2 hours before the flight, I was bumped from #1 to #4 the upgrade list. By the time boarding started, all 14 seats were taking on the older Continental Micronesia United B737 and I was still waitlisted. I am not familiar with the United Upgrade polices enough to figure out how United Decides who is #1 on the list and who is not, ...

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Trying to use a Regional Upgrade Cert on United


Tonight, I am flying home from the Philippines (sad face) to return to the “western” and “developed” world. Since I did not qualify for Platinum Elite status while under my 90 days status match with United, first class was 100% out of the question.  I am somewhat glad I did not qualify because year to date my flights on United have been far from pleasant
Anyway, despite not qualifying, thankfully I have a good friend who has Platinum status with United and ...

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United Airline: GUM-MNLTrip Report


Flying from Guam to Manila seemed like heaven after a long flight from California to Hawaii and an even longer non-eventful flight from Hawaii to Guam. I was #5 on the upgrade list as Premier Platinum with only 3 seats open in first, so I knew there was almost no way my upgrade was going to clear.

Upon landing in Guam, I headed straight to my departure gate, for my plane was already boarding and was technically supposed to depart 5 minutes earlier. However due to the delay of the ...

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United Airlines: HNL-GUM Trip Report


After a less than amazing flight from LAX-HNL in first class I was connecting on towards Manila via Guam with a scheduled 1 hour and 37 minute layover. However like every flight I’ve had with United, my flight to Hawaii was delayed and now my flight to Guam was also delayed. This ment even with my inital flight delay I was still facing about a 90 minute lay over in Hawaii. This time, the delay was listed as 45 minutes and the reason was “awaiting aircraft".  However, after ...

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An Upgrade to the Meal Tray


Back in August, I had one of the best domestic flight experiences in all my years of flying on Delta, however, not only was the flight experience top notch due to the above and beyond service given by the airlines, I also took notice to new or different meal try concept presented by Delta Airlines, and I must say I really liked it!

Flying often, it is rare that the meal try stands out to me. I feel like most domestic business/first food comes out on standard cafeteria-style trays that ...

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Deal Deal: Canadians Only: 50,000 Bonus Best Western Reward Points


Attention: MBNA Best Western Mastercard deal is now only 20,000 bonus points and the following benefits:

Receive 20,000 bonus Best Western Rewards points after your first qualifying purchase†† Earn 1.5 Best Western Rewards points for every $1 in net retail purchases‡ Receive 50 Best Western Rewards points for every cash advance transaction over $50‡ Receive a one tier elite status upgrade within the Best Western Rewards program when you ...

Canadians Only: 24,000 FREE Choice Privileges Points



Howdy Friends North of the Border! Right now MBNA of Canada is giving you the opportunity to 24,000 Choice Privileges bonus points with a new credit card! The MBNA Choice Privileges MasterCard normally only provides new card members with 8,000 bonus points, but for a limited a time, MBNA is tripling your sign up bonus and offering you 24,000 Choice Privilege points! That is enough ...

Have you Qualifed for Elite Status for 2013?

How do you choose your loyality?

I have always wondered how people choose to be loyal to one airline or another?  Ever since I started flying I was loyal to Northwest Airlines and their partners. The reason wasn’t because I liked NWA over the other airlines, but it was actually because of my partner at the time. Since then, I’ve tried to leave NWA (now Delta) for other airlines and I’ve consistently failed to do so. Do you choose your airline loyality by route ...

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United Airline: LAX-HNL Trip Report


Flying LAX to HNL In united 1st class

Flying from LAX to Honolulu in route to the Philippines was an interesting experience, but it allowed to me try out all of United’s more Premium products. I was flying on an Elite upgrade from LAX to HNL and am a Star Alliance Gold member, which allowed me to access not only Premier check in, but also the United Club at LAX.

First, arriving at LAX I parked my motorcycle and headed to the Premier check-in within Terminal 6. Since ...

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SkyTeam Grows again – Aerolineas Argentinas Joins Alliance

8/29/2012 Marks the day when the SkyTeam welcomes their first South American carrier and grows to 18 members strong! Today Aerolineas Argentinas (AR) joins Aeromexico as the SkyTeam’s second Latin America carrier. The carrier brings 40 new destinations to the SkyTeam global map and makes connections and flights through Argentina and South America easier for all SkyTeam fliers! Furthermore, this opens up MORE redemption opportunities for flights within South America and beyond (For ...

Eating In Economy - It's getting Pricey!


Free food on Domestic US flights is very rare these days, especially in the economy class cabin. However as airlines have removed free food and snacks other airlines have not. Delta removed meals from their flights years ago, but have continued to offer free snacks, such as peanuts, pretzels, cookies, and snack mix on almost all flights. Continental was the last of the legacy carriers to pull free meals from the economy cabin, but these “delicacies”  were pulled in 2010 due ...

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Into the Wild (Of Borneo)


I have finally made it to the bustling metropolis of Kota Kinabalu and I must say I’m extremely happy to be able to finally relax! Over the next two weeks I am going to explore Borneo and take in as much high-flying adventures as I can!

I am going to spend a couple of days here exploring the city and the islands off the coast. Tunku Abdul Rahman National park is an archipelago just off the cost of KK and offers top notch diving, snorkeling, and animal and bird spotting. ...

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LAX T7 United Club


Not all airport lounges are created equal, yet airlines do attempt to standardize their clubs across their system making sure each one has similar offering. Never before had I stepped inside a United Club, therefore my visit to the LAX club was a christening! I was hoping to be in for a treat.

Upon entering the club a friendly United employee welcomed me and asked me for my boarding pass or membership club card. I handed her my boarding pass, which was a 1stclass ticket from LAX to ...

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