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1000 HHonors Points FREE

Right now, there are two chances for reader to get social with Hilton hotels and earn an easy 1000 HHonors points! Both are Facebook promotions and offer an easy 500 HHonors points each for just a few minutes of your time.

Easy Option #1 Hamptonality Moments:

The first offer is brought to you by Hampton Inns and their Hamptonality Moments page on facebook. This is the second time Hampton Inn has offered a 500-point bonus for watching a ...

To Fly Or Drive?


Being based in San Diego, choosing what airport to fly from can sometime be EXTREMELY difficult. Of course, some airports are MUCH closer to home and are more convenient, but sometimes the price difference is SO large that I cannot justify flying from my local airport instead of one of the many other area airports. I grew up in a doublewide trailer and driving a little further to save some money was the way I was raised!

Lindbergh Field is home to San Diego International Airport ...

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250 Delta MQM per 2 Day Hilton Stay


I just received an email from Delta offering me 250 FREE Medallion Qualifying Miles for signing up for their Hilton Double Dip Fall promotion! Although the email made it appear as though signing up for the promotion would result in 250 free Medallion miles, when reading the fine print it does appear as though you do actually have to stay 2 consecutive nights at a Hilton resort to actually receive the bonus MQMs. Eitherway, if you’re short on MQM this could be a good way to boost your ...

3 Seats All To Myself


The seat mate game and best seat on the airplane game is all but familiar to any frequent flyer. After purchasing a ticket, many of us compare the seat map on the plane to that on seatguru or expertflyer and choose the best available seat. These seats tend to be bulkhead or exit row seats, providing more leg room and greater pitch. However, last night when checking in from my flight from Mexico D.F. to Buenos Aires I came across a conundrum. The seat map was showing the plane only ...

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CANADIANS: 15K Bonus Starwood Points w/ SPG, Bonus 5K Higher Than Normal


Finally, American Express Canada has upped the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card bonus from 10,000 to 15,000 POINTS! This offer isn’t contributing as many points as we’ve seen with AMEX USA, however it’s still better than the 10K normally offered! This is a limited deal and expires on November 3rd!

The card also comes with a number of other benefits on top of the bonus points if you choose to spend a large amount on it every year. However, unlike past promotions, ...

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AEROMEXICO 3 day sale: Mexico From $199 r/t, South America From $399 r/t

Aeromexico is having another killer 3 days sale allowing you to travel from a number of departure points in the USA for as little as $199! This time, the sale is slightly more costly than last weekend’s rock bottom prices, however either way these prices are UNREAL! Not to mention, I recently cashed in on the deal from LAX to EZE for only $430 (last week price) and I’m not going to lie, my service and flight from LAX to MEX and onwards to EZE were amazing! Reviews will come in the ...

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MASWings: Regional Flying The Way It Should Be



 Last month when traveling Borneo, I had the opportunity to take a number of domestic flights on Malaysian airlines and their regional affiliate MAS wings. Being accustomed to regional jets in the States I was prepared for no leg room, no overhead room, limited baggage space, and all the other joys that come with regional flying. However, flying MAS wings was actually a pleasant surprise!


My route on my MAS wing flights took me from Kota ...

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PAGSS Lounge Manila: Home to Many Airlines


Lounge Membership comes with a price, however the best part of traveling internationally is most international airports have a Diners club lounge! My Diner’s Club card, provided by my work, allows me free access to these lounges while traveling! Although this does very little for me in the United States, due to the limited numbers, it’s great when traveling outside the country.

On my trip home from Manila, I had a chance to check out the PAGSS lounge at MNL. This ...

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Help me Plan my trip to Buenos Aires

Hello Upgrd and Doublewide readers!! This weekend I posted about an amazing airfare sale from the USA by Aeromexico allowing you to fly from places like LAX to as far away as Santiago or Buenos Aires for $430. Well, I figured that this was such a bargain I would jump on the sale myself and now I am heading south to check out a new part of the world! I’ve never been further south than Peru so I’m ready for a high energy jam packed adventure!

This is where you all come in. ...

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Two Chances to Win from KLM


Right now iFLY magazine, the official magazine of Dutch carrier KLM, is giving away two pretty rocking vacations and I think each and every one of you should highly consider signing up for! It only takes a minute and if you’re the lucky winner you could either be on your way to Panama or Amsterdam!

The first contest is a 7-day all-inclusive trip to Panama for two! The trip includes everything from airfare, hotel stays, domestic flights around panama, city tours, rainforest tours ...

A Free Upgrade to GOLD

This morning I woke up to a very interesting email form Marriott. The subject read “You’ve been Upgraded”. I have no current reservations with the Marriot so I knew there was no way I was getting a notification that a room I had booked was being upgraded to a suite. Ready to delete the email without giving it any thought, I decided to open the email instead, thinking to myself that it was just another announcement of a change to their program or a promotion they were ...

DEAL DEAD: From Mexico To Argentina, Latin America is on Sale NOW

This deal expired at 11159 CST on 9/23/2012

Aeromexico is having a HUGE sale this weekend! You have to purchase before 9/24/2012 so really Sunday is your last day to buy! There are discounts to cities all over Mexico, South America and Central America!  In fact, the fares are at record lows, hundred of dollars less than competition, and are from just about every city in the USA that Aeromexico serves! Buy now, and fly before December ...

One Could Never Have Enough Time in Borneo


Many people have asked for a full report from Borneo, So here goes:

East Malaysia, on the Island of Borneo, is the outdoors adventurist playground. If you have an audacious bone in your body and are not scared of the world’s largest insects, then this is the place for you! Oh, and don’t worry too much, only some of the insects are poisonous! But seriously, Borneo is a paradise for the outdoorsman, offering everything from the #1 diving spot in the world, the world’s ...

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Manage All Your Credit Cards In 1 Place


As a travel Editor and points buff, I must admit that I probably have 10 to many credit cards! I am always opening and closing accounts and trying to maximize my return on investment, meaning points! Every card I have in my wallet serves a purpose. Although I only actually use two or three cards normally, there is always a card with an awesome sign up bonus that I just can’t turn down! Not to mention, churning cards for more points and free travel just gives me something to do and ...

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ATTENTION: Your Credit will Expire soon!


Again and Again Alaska Airline has proven to be one of my favorite airlines bringing not only topnotch customer service to every flight, but doing things for passengers that other airlines do not. Being in the industry to make buck, I feel like airlines favorite thing to do is either let your miles expire or your electronic credit voucher expire without notice, leaving it up to you to know the details and the fine print.

Alaska Air, like most airlines, only allows ECV to be good ...

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Get Your Annual Fee Waived or Reduced

Paying yearly membership fees is a BIG no no in my book, however, every now and then it is worth it, especially if the card program is superior to other or if the card is not churnable. I love my American Express Gold Reward card* because I absolutely love membership rewards point. In the last year I have earned well over 100,000 membership reward points with over 75% of those points coming from bonus offers. Not to mention, with membership reward points transferable to a number of hotels and ...

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Hawaii Doesn't Get Cheaper Than This!


If you haven’t heard yet there has been a number of posts on the internet and FlyerTalk about CHEAP fares to/from Hawaii! Cheap Fares in economy from the east coast have been reported for as little as $413 round trip! The fares are so cheap and so low that they are averaging out to between 3.5-4.5 cpm depending on your routing and airline. The fares have been matched by many carriers including Hawaiian, United, Delta, and Alaska. This is Great news! No matter who you collect miles with, ...

Items Stolen On Tiger Airways From Checked Luggage

As an experienced traveler, if there is one thing I know, it’s to never leave anything of value in my check bag. Check bags are for clothing and toiletries only and maybe a bottle or two of alcohol from Duty free, otherwise, check bags are to never have money, valuables, electronics, etc in them. Most people know this; however the traveler who does not fly very often may be forgetful and is taking a great risk in having those personal valuables stolen. 

Last week when ...

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Getting Your Drink On at 30k Feet


No matter where I am flying, I won’t lie, I like to have a drink. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled with 1st class since before I was 21 or because I just enjoy how much easier it is to get a buzz in the air, but when flying I enjoy a drink or two. However, when drink prices in Economy being as much or more than a drink at a bar, drinking on an airplane can get very expensive very quickly, even if only buying 1 or 2 drinks. So how do you drink for free when ...

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Is Complaining To United Even Worth It?

After having a less than wonderful trip experience from LAX to HNL a few weeks ago I finally decided to take all of you guy’s advice and write a letter to United voicing my frustration and dissatisfaction with my inflight experience. Being a new United flyer, I just assumed that this was standard customer service, I mean after all, since the merge, I have heard almost nothing good about the United/Continental team.

Now before I go any further, let me preface my astonishment. I ...

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