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Getting Away on Miles: Asiana Business Class Lounge Seoul


After a very short and comfortable late night flight from Manila to Seoul on Asiana Airlines, my travel companion and myself arrived at the Incheon International Airport slightly rested (we both napped for about an hour of the 3.5 hr flight). Being that it was only 5am, it was still too early to head into Seoul for our day of exploring so we instead headed for the Asiana Business Class Lounge. The lounge is not schedule to open till 7am, however as we sat outside the lounge at 5am we saw the ...

Getting Away on Miles: Asiana Business Class Manila to Seoul


My travel companion already wrote an excellent article that described our flight from Manila to Seoul on Asiana in Business Class. Although he did a wonderful job, it was his first flight in Business class and definitely looked at things differently than a more seasoned flyer would, therefore I quickly wanted to give a quick recap and review of Asiana Airline.

Hard Product

Seat: The Business Class Seat on the 767 is an angle flat fixed shell seat. The seat has a 58-62" pitch, ...

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Use Turbo Tax & Earn 1000 SWA Rapid Rewards Points


It’s that time of year again and although no one wants to think about it, it’s time to start collecting W2s, 1099s, and everything else so we can all start doing our taxes by the April 15th deadline. Although taxes aren’t something fun, Southwest Airlines has teamed up with Turbo tax this year and is offering members of their Rapid Reward program 1000 free points as long as you sign up and file your taxes using their software and links provided by Southwest Airline Rapid ...

Delta Comes to the Rescue: Using SkyMiles

Day in and day out, I feel as though I’m the only pro-Delta blogger left on and one of the few in the blogging community. Although, I told myself I would divorce Delta in 2012, I am now having 2nd thoughts and in fact I must say Delta has remained my favorite airline in 2012, and only 2 days into 2013, they have proven to me why I should stay loyal to them and continue flying Delta, despite their skypesos program!

I will make this as brief as possible. 2012 was ...

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Guest Post: First Time In Business Class


My first time getting on a plane was when I was 7 years old; I was leaving the country that I was raised, the Philippines, and traveling to my new home in New Jersey. After that, I’ve traveled an average of twice a year via air and always in economy class, or as I call it, the “regular people class.” As I board plane, I would always walk past business class and constantly wondered what it was like to sit here; but sadly I usually find myself sitting a few rows past business ...

Top 10 Uses For US Airways Dividend Miles

Since earlier this week I posted about the 40K/50K Bonus offer from US Airways when you sign up for the US Airways Credit Card, I thought it would only be reasonable to provide my readers with a top 10 list featuring what I consider some of the best uses of US Airways Miles. This way if you are considering getting this card you could see 10 ways that the US Airways dividend miles program stands out compared to some of its major competitors. On many occasions on the list below, I compare US ...

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Getting Away On Miles: MIASCOR Lounge Manila

2012-12-16-23.41.20Airline lounges are a great place to relax and escape the hectic airport and it’s even better to relax in a lounge before a flight that provides you with personal work space, a relaxing environment and even a few treats or drinks before long flights. Although many lounges in Asia are top notch, this has not been the case of any of the lounges I have visited in the Manila Airport (The Delta Lounge, PAGSS Lounge, Korean Air Lounge). On this trip, I checked out the Miascor Lounge, which is ...
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China Southern Lost My Luggage: Tips To Protect Your Belongings

Nothing is more of a headache than lost, delayed, or stolen baggage, but what adds to this is poor customer service during such an incident. Recently when flying China Southern from LAX-MNL via CAN, China Southern temporary lost my luggage. Thankfully, my backpack with all my essential items arrived, however my large box full of gifts for my in-laws in the Philippines was lost somewhere between Los Angeles and the Philippines. Having delayed luggage before, I initially was not concerned, but ...

Getting Away On Miles: China Southern Business Class Guangzhou to Manila


After a wonderful flight from Los Angeles and a nice stop in the Sky Pearl Lounge, it was time to board my last flight of the day to get me to Manila. The flight was a short 2.75 hours and would get me to Manila just around 11am. The plane was an A320 and after flying the double decker jumbo A380, this jet seemed tiny! Boarding had already begun by the time I reached the gate (I got slightly lost due to my own stupidity) but everyone was neatly queued in one line and the Sky Priority line ...

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Up to 40K Bonus Miles with the US Airways Credit Card

***THIS DEAL HAS Been Updated, SIGN UP BONUS IS NOW 40k***

US Airways and BarclayCard has announced a limited time promotion where new card members can earn up to 40K bonus miles for just signing up for the US Airways Premier World Mastercard. The bonus is simple: Get 30,000 bonus miles after your first purchase and up to 10K more when you transfer money. The card is loaded with benefits and can be an easy way for you to rack up additional miles with US Airways. I won’t ...

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Getting Away On Miles: Sky Pearl VIP Lounge Guangzhou


Getting Away on Miles: China Southern A380 Business Class Los Angeles to Guangzhou

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United Learns To Tweet


United Airlines has lagged far behind other airlines when it comes to Social Media, especially twitter. While American Air, Alaska, Jet blue, Delta and others have taken a liking to tweeting and can reroute you, check upgrades for you, and everything else via Twitter, United’s twitter account has basically been used for random announcements and advertising. United Social Media has been limited to third party applications, they use to take part in TopGuest promotion a few months ago and ...

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Wine Tasting With American Airlines


Christmas came early for me this year when I was fortunate enough to be invited to a wine tasting event with the American Air Social media and marketing team and AA’s Wine sommerlier Ken Chase. The event was held at II Cielo in Beverly Hills and included Frequent Flyers, Bloggers, and other people who are well known frequent flyers and tweeters/facebookers (is there a term for someone who facebooks a lot) or as I like to call them Social Media American Airline Cheerleaders!

The ...

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United Still Has Issues Booking Singapore Air Award Flights


Booking complicated flights via doesn’t always work. What do I mean by this? when trying to book my christmas vacation, I tried to book Manila-Seoul-Bangkok-Phuket-Bangkok-Singapore-Manila. This is all legal routing per the United’s award travel rules and should book for 35K in business class. However, when I tried booking this online I recieved an error message every time! I can book “round trip” MNL-HKT with long lay overs in Seoul and Singapore or even ...

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Can't Afford Brand Name Hotels? You're Not Alone!

Let’s be honest with each other, as you read and other websites you must think, “WOW these guys are always traveling and sure do spend a lot of money on Airfare and Hotels!”

Here at Upgrd, We review where we go and many of you live vicariously through us. Yet despite this, many of our trips and our hotel redemptions or paid nights are at a price point that is way too high for the average reader. When I started my traveling at the age of 18, there was no way ...

Day Rooms Now Available At LAX Four Points


Long layovers and travel delays after a series of flights can either be a lot of fun or horrible, depending on where you are and what you have planned. If planned correctly, an 8 hour layover can become a perfect opportunity to explore a city. Some cities are clearly made for exploring while others are not. In LA, the airport is fairly close to Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown, the beach etc. There’s no reason why anyone would need to sit around LAX for an extended period of time when ...

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Last Chance for 20K Bonus Points with the Virgin America Credit Card


The Bonus has been reduce to 10,000 Miles effective as of 12/20!

Earlier this month, I told you all about an amazing opportunity to get 20,000 bonus points for the Virgin America Credit Card. That offer is surely a limited time offer and is going to expire on 12/19/12! This means if you were considering cashing in on this offer you are nearly out of time and the sign up bonus will be halved to only 10,000 on 12/20!

The Virgin America Credit Card comes with a number of perks ...

Getting Away On Miles: Last Minute Travel Options For Christmas Is Possible!


It’s Christmas Time and I’ve decided to get away! But I'm Going A long ways From Home!

Although everyone seems to say that Christmas Travel is the hardest time to use miles, I think I’ve proven everyone wrong this year. I haven’t posted anything about this trip because this is a surprise trip to visit a friend and I’ve had to keep it as Hush Hush as possible until now. But now that I’ve already boarded the plane and am on my way I will let you all ...

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Airline Art: Malaysia Airline Introduces 'Retro Livery'


This week in celebration of Malaysia Airlines 40th anniversary since the split of MSA into MAS and SIA (yes Singapore Air and Malaysia Airline were once the same airline) MAS rolled out a 737-800 in nostalgic retro 1972 colors, taking the airline back to its roots! The Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 737-800 was re-painted in full colors of the first ever aircraft that took to the skies four decades ago!

"The original livery has the logo featuring the Kelantan wau bulan or moon ...

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