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Redeem Virgin America Elevate Points to Hawaii and Beyond


Virgin America has launched an exciting new partnership with Hawaiian Airlines and now travelers can burn elevate points on every Hawaiian flight! The new partnership allows Elevate members to exchange as little as 20,000 points (~$4k in spending) for non-stop roundtrip flights to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines from any West Coast city that Hawaiian serves!

From the break down I found on the Virgin America website, it appears as though if the flight is nonstop from any of ...

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Virgin America Offers Status Match for American & United Elites


Virgin America (Vx) which claims to be A breath of fresh Airline is taking on United and American Airline by trying to steal their elite customers by offering them a FREE status match! Virgin America launched their own elite program earlier in an attempt to take on the legacy carriers and to lure business travelers onto their metal tubes and is now offering status matches to encourage people to make the leap.

The Virgin America Elite Program is fairly comparable to the legacy ...

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Getting Bumped on Delta Just Got Worse For Elites - No More Y Class Upgrades


As much as I love Delta, I also love to hate them! I love 90% of their in flight crew, I think they have some of the best IFE and planes for a domestic carrier (even if they are old at least they are refurbished) and have a great global route map! My upgrades from San Diego clear about 70% of the time as a Gold Elite and the other benefits including the “have one on us coupons” when I print my boarding pass at home outweigh the benefits and the lack of service of other US legacy ...

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Delta Welcomes Xiamen Airways to the SkyTeam Early


Have you been on a Delta Airplane since Nov 1? If so and you're anything like me you've probably opened up Sky Magazine and flipped through it. On my last flight I was flipping through the magazine and I realized that Delta has a "welcome" message to Xiamen Airlines to the SkyTeam! Which is CRAZY because Xiamen Airlines has NOT officially joined the SkyTeam yet!

Sorry bad picture from my phone

On June 8, 2011, the 1st ...
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An All New


Have you been over to the new It’s updated, refreshed and all new! This is the second time that Delta has updated their main page since the merger with NWA, but this time instead of only a new landing splash page, everything has been made over/refreshed and looks new and improved. Welcome to the digital 21st century

Delta refreshed their home page but even better is the new My Delta Dashboard. The first time you log in you’ll be ...

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How often do you look out the window when flying?


Flying coast to coast, I find that 95% of the time my window shade is down. I rarely look outside because after all, in my mind, 85% of this country equals a fly over state, meaning everything from East of the Rockies to the Appalachians (minus Chicago) really isn’t worth stopping at or looking at. I lived in Kansas City, Missourifor a while, which I renamed Kansas Shitty, Misery (sorry guys it wasn’t for me), and I was certain that I was in a fly over state. The entire time I ...

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Need to Get away? iFly want's to take you to Budapest

Lets be honest, with Hurricane Sandy clean up going on and the elections nearly upon us I think just about everyone is ready to get out of town and leave our worries and fears behind. To help alleviate your desire to get out of town iFly is offering a free trip for 2 to Budapest!

iFly KLM’s in-flight and online magazine is quickly becoming one of my favorite magazine of any airline! The reason is really short and sweet, just like the magazine. Each month I get a simple ...

How to get an Easy 1st class Upgrade On Delta


If you have Elite Status this tip is for you and it doesn’t matter if you’re Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Elite!

As a frequent flyer, the best part of flying is flying in the front of the plane. Sure, economy isn’t bad when you get an economy comfort or exit row seat; it is what I pay for. I definitely enjoy my first class upgrades, but there’s no way I’m going to pay for them unless they are free, discounted, with miles,  etc. Every now and ...

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How to Order A Special Meal On Delta


If there’s anything that has taken away from the joy of flying in the last two years, it’s my choice of being a pescotarian. Dietary restrictions at 30,000 feet are not the easiest to deal with and when you’re stuck in a metal tube far above the ground, options are not something you always have. Fortunately, if you’re flying Delta internationally or in first class domestically and you know there will be meal service, then be sure to let Delta know before flying of your ...

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Upgraded on Alaska


 Alaska and Delta have greatly expanded their partnership and frequent flyer cooperation and mutual benefits since Delta and NWA merged in 2008. However for the first time last week I received and upgrade to first class on Alaska using my Delta’s Gold Elite Status!  Back when NWA was around, I received upgrades on almost every Alaska Flight, however in recent years I have not been nearly as fortunate.

One of the best parts of the Delta/Alaska partnership is Mutual ...

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Air Canada Saves Sailor Floating Aimlessly

Earlier this week an Air Canada flight traveling Vancouver to Sydney received a call for help from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority after an Australian sail boat suffered damage and was drifting away from Austrailia in a remote location in the Pacific Ocean. The airliner notified passengers of the situation and staff barrowed binoculars from passengers on the flight to aid them in their search. The pilot, after deciding they had enough fuel, diverted from their course and detoured to ...

Twitter: Aeromexico is on it!


Just about every major US airline to American Express every company is upgrading its customer service to include social media. From news updates to airfare sales to pop culture and sports,  to live updates; people are constantly tweeting. Some airlines (Delta, Alaska) are great with responding to Tweets and customers’ problems. Others, like American Airlines, is good at solving problems but also enjoy twitter banter with fellow tweeters. And  then at the bottom of the barrel ...

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2 Credit Card Offers for Canadians, Free Nights Included!


both bonus offers have expired, The Choice card is now only offering 8,000 points and the Starwood American Express is only offering 10,000.

Canadians!!!  There are 2 amazing credit card offers going on right now and both are set to expire within the next month! BOTH offers are expire soon and have LOW or no spending thresholds in order to receive bonuses up to 2.5x the regular sign up bonus! One cards has NO annual fee and links for both applications along with simple ...

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Aeromexico: EZE-MEX Business Class Trip Report


Really Aeromexico? You call this Premier class?

Flying business class is supposed to be a pleasant experience. Airlines putting their best employees forward, offering you quality service and top-notch meals is typical of a business class experience. I’ve flown a number of business class products, and I honestly must say Aeromexico is not one I think I would EVER pay for again! I opted to upgrade my ticket from EZE to MEX for $500. I thought it was a good deal. Yes, $500 is ...

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Alaska Airlines Continues to Grow in San Diego


Alaska has been extremely busy lately. They’ve announce a number of new routes in the last year (including PDX-DCA, SAN-MCO, SEA-STL, SEA-SAT and more),announced their largest Boeing plane order in history, exercised all outstanding options for their B737NG models and ordering another 37 B737-MAX, and announced new streamline seats. If this isn’t enough to keep the people at Alaska busy I don’t know what is!

However, I have insider knowledge that there are ...

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Earn Bonus miles and Free Stay

OK Readers, I have a true #DoubleWideDelight for you! For a limited of time a number of airlines are offering bonus miles if you buy Marriott gift cards through their promotional links. Marriott Gift Cards can be used as cash at Marriott hotels and at their spas and restaurants. If you plan this right you can buy these gift cards and double or triple dip on points, miles and free stays!

Step 1: Buy gift cards using a point’s credit card that offers double points on travel via ...

Alaska Warns Consumers Before Miles Expire

I honestly think Alaska Airline has some of the best policies in place to help customers and frequent flyers when it comes to their frequent flyer program. Last month I wrote about how Alaska Airlines notified me about my funds expiring in my wallet and I was ecstatic that they gave me notice. Sure, they wanted to me spend more than what was in my wallet, but at least they told me instead of just letting the funds quietly expire. Then this week I got another email from them. This time it was ...

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Wanna Get Away? 40% of SWA Flights 2 days Only - Other Airlines Match & Beat!


Want to get away this winter? I have a DoubleWide Delight for you: Right now Southwest Airlines is offering 40% off ALL flights nationwide if booked by 11:59pm PST on Thursday 10/10! Flights that are booked for travel between November 28 and Dec 12 and/or January 7- February 14 are valid for this sale! NO break for the bank and no discount for holiday travel and only discounts when travel is already extremely slow and prices are already lower than normal, but honestly who would complain about ...

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New Routes, New Destinations, Lay Flat Seats & More On Delta From Seattle

506517_Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

Delta Airlines has been growing in Seattle for a number of years and even pre-merger Seattle was an important focus city for NWA with a number of international flights. Before the merger, Northwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines had a strategic partnership in place in Seattle, allowing Northwest Airlines to offer non-stop flights from Seattle to destinations such as Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Osaka and they had announced service to Beijing. The partnership allowed for not only frequent flyer ...

Aeromexico: MEX-EZE


Aeromexico knows how to do one thing right and that’s economy class! Unlike a number of “American” airliners, Aeromexico is still a full service airline offering everything from meals on short flights to free luggage check and alcohol, all for free! MEX-EZE is a 9 hour + flight, so alcoholic drinks, meals, and free baggage is nothing new, however, edible food and good service is a different story.

After a very pleasant stay at the Aeromexico salon, it was time to go, ...

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