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Spin To Connect With The New American Sweepstakes


It is time for another contest and as the king of freebees or as I call #DoubleWideDelights I was among the first to sign up! Although I have never won a grand prize, I’m hoping one day all these contests will pay off! Anyway, enough about me always losing, onto the contest!

 This time, American Air is the  Official airline of South x SouthWest, or SXSW , and the #NewAmerican Claims that they are all about keeping us connected while cruising the clouds at 30,000 feet. ...

Delta Expands in Los Angeles

The battle for the Los Angeles market is heating up and Delta is rolling up their sleeves and are bringing everything to the table to up their market share in LA. Today, Delta reminded travelers they are committed to the LAX market, by announcing a number of new flights from LAX this summer that include new routes, increase frequencies, and larger planes! In fact, some of the new routes step on their partner Alaska Airline toes and tells me that Delta and Alaska are no longer as comfortable ...

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500 Free Elevate Points to Celebrate Virgin America & Singapore Airline Earn & Burn Partnership


Singapore Airline and Virgin America teamed up and as of March 1, 2013 allow travelers to now earn and burn points/miles on ALL flights! To celebrate the new partnership, this month Virgin America is giving away 500 FREE elevate points (A #DoubleWideDelight) and is sending one lucky person and their plus one to either Soul, Hong Kong or Tokyo! Just sign up  before March 31 for your change to win!

Earning and Burning Structure

Virgin ...

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AA/US Merger Commercials - Already?!?

Today when working out at the gym, I spotted this commercial on a big screen TV overhead out of the corner of my eye. Not being able to hear it, the first thing I did when I returned home was search for the advertisement that I saw. In the end, it ended up being a commercial highlighting the newly announced American Air/US Merger. Take a look at it and let me know what you think:

My first thoughts: Interesting. Not because the commercial shed any actual light on the merger, ...

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American Airlines Elite Status Soft Landing


Last year I was fortunate enough to receive an Elite Status Match from American Airlines where AA matched my status from Delta and then American attempted to woo me and win my business travel. Although I enjoyed flying American, I had a hard time moving my travel completely to them because they require elites (other than Executive Platinum—their top tier elites) to use 500 mile upgrade certificates for domestic upgrades. Delta, on the other hand, provides free upgrades to all elites ...

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Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia Review


(Picture from

The Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia is in a prime location for exploring all that Philadelphia has to offer. Located in the northeast corner of downtown; it provides easy access to memorials sites including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall,  the Ben Franklin Institute, multiple museums, world class restaurants, the cities theaters and ...

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Getting Away on Miles: Delta Check-in & Upgrade MNL-NRT

After a wonderful vacation circumventing Southeast Asia, it was time to return to North America. Originally, I was slated to return later in the month, yet due to unforeseen circumstance I was forced to return to North America earlier. Thankfully Delta came to my rescue and got me a last minute ticket home without additional miles or fees! Initially I was schedule to fly MNL-KUL-NRT-LAX in business class back to the United States on Delta’s five star partner Malaysia Airline, however ...

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Delta Improves Transcontinental Flying Experience

Delta Airline just upped the ante on transcontinental flight offering even more to it’s customers who are choosing to fly Delta airlines nonstop from Seattle, San Fran, and LAX to New York. This time the investment isn’t just on business class travelers, but Delta is investing in the back of the bus, making the experience better for just about everyone!

This morning, Delta publically announced the following new offerings:

Sparkling wine in ...
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American Eagle Inflight experience

Things are different over on American Eagle, I’m truly noticing a difference and finding myself jetting back and forth on the smaller commuter planes more often. Although my flights on American Eagle are usually less than 30 minutes, I’ve notice the crew goes above and beyond to make it the best 30 minutes of flight time possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Economy or First, the crew really doesn’t seem to forget about anyone!

What sets American Eagle ...

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Tropicana Resort Las Vegas is Now a DoubleTree Hotel

Staying on the Vegas Strip just got easier with the new Hilton Doubletree located on Las Vegas Boulevard! Always been a wasteland controlled by MGM and Harrah's Club/Total Rewards, non-casino award stays on the strip has been difficult. Before, one of the only other options was Priority Club award stays thanks to their partnership with the Venetian/Palazzo. Now, there is a new option because the remodeled Tropicana joined the Hilton portfolio as a DoubleTree Hotel back in January! This means, ...

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A Mileage Run to Hawaii - My Journey to AA Executive Platinum Begins


Some would say I’m crazy, others would say they would do the same, other’s just shake their head in disbelief. Nevertheless, as I write this I am somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and by the time you read this post I’ll be in Hawaii. Nevertheless, over the next 3 days I will travel 15K+ miles as my carbon footprint grows and I ply the skies between San Diego, Hawaii, New York, and back again! I’ll travel for many hours above the 30K feet mark as my routing takes me ...

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Student Credit Cards & Cards for the "Credit Challenged"


Looking back 8 years ago, I recall being 18 years old and wanting to build my credit and earn hotel/airline points, however I can remember how difficult it was to get a credit card when I had almost zero credit history. Sure, I had my own checking account since I was 16 from Bank of America, yet that alone wasn’t enough history to get a credit card. Instead, each time I applied I got turned down! I was frustrated by this, but then, finally a credit union offered me my first credit card ...

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Getting Away on Miles: Singapore Air Business Class SIN-MNL


The time finally came, the monitors in the lounge changed from “on time” to “Final Call” and my travel companion and myself started to quickly pick up our belongings and streamline it for the gate. Although we were told boarding would begin at 2pm, it was 1:58 and the airport monitors were reading final call. Never flown Singapore Airlines before, little did we know that although the monitors read final call, all it really means is boarding had just begun. Why ...

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Frontier Airline's EarlyReturns - Elite Status with Fewer Miles & Award Tickets for Less


Over the last two days, I have provided my readers with an intro to Frontier Airlines and a breakdown of the different fare classes on Frontier Airlines. Today, I bring you the meat of the series and explain to you the benefits of the Frontier Airline reward program, EarlyReturns. Like most airlines, Frontier offers a loyalty program for its frequent flyers and the airline rewards their most frequent flyers through an elite program. If you don’t travel 100,000 miles a year, and most of ...

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There's Love In the Air with American Air & US Air this Valentine's Day

Apply for The US Airways Premier World MasterCard(R)

Tomorrow is Valentine's day (AKA Nationally single awareness day) and whether you spend the day with a lover, a random okcupid date, or alone with your single friends drinking beer hating on your ex-lovers, it's a day when the world (well part of the world) stops and recognizes romantic connections between people. The history of why why we celebrate Valentine and who Saint Valentine truly was is fairly diluted, but nonetheless, the day has become a hallmark holiday representing love and ...

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Frontier Airlines - Explanation of Fare Classes & Benefits


Yesterday, I introduced my readers to Frontier Airline and gave a brief overview of the airline. Today I want to dig deeper in the airline and explain Frontier Airline Fare classes and the benefits to each class. First know, all airlines have different fare classes, often times people will talk about the basic fare classes being F, J, or  Y. These three fare classes refer to full fare business (J), First (F) and Economy (Y), despite this, within each class there is actually multiple ...

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Frontier Airlines - An Introduction to A Low Cost Carrier


With all the airlines merging it’s a good time to look into other options which might not be typical for the mileage runners/frequent flyer. After all, in the last few years the United States Aviation market has seen a number of airlines merged including Delta + NWA, United + Continental, SouthWest + AirTran, Frontier + MidWest and soon to be announced American + US. This means with fewer airlines flying, ticket prices are going up and award availability is rapidly dropping.  So ...

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Getting Away on Miles: Singapore Air SilverKris Lounge Terminal 2


Singapore Airlines is known as one of the world’s best carriers, offering 5 star service in the air and on the ground. Never before had I flown SIA despite traveling through Singapore numerous times. All in all I'd rate the lounge 4 out of 5 stars,  and I honestly was epecting to give it at 6 or more….after all this is Singapore Airlines right?!?

After checking in with the snarky agent my travel companion and I quickly were ...

Win Two First Class Tickets From American Airlines (AA)


American Airlines is working hard to become the #NewAmerican and they have been running a number of initiatives and campaigns over the last few years to not only to redefine themselves, but to get business travelers and leisure travelers back on board. Everything from the inflight experience to the ground experience has been updated and American is investing in the airline hoping it will make a true difference in your flying experience.

In the last two years, we have ...

Delta Makes it Harder To Earn MQM on SkyTeam Partners - Is this the End of the Alliance?


Delta Airlines one of the world’s largest airlines, flying to 319 destinations in 59 countries on six continents, is a founding member of the SkyTeam Alliance. Yet now, the founding member is pulling back from the alliance and in some aspects, further breaking up the unity of the alliance by making it harder for their members to fly partner airlines and still earn Elite Status. This means Delta is trying harder than ever to insist that Delta fliers fly Delta Metal. It goes ...

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