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5,000 Bonus Marriott Reward Points for Courtyard Stays

Looking to beef up your Marriott Rewards account? If so, consider staying 1 Friday or Saturday night at a Courtyard Hotel anywhere worldwide before July 31, 2013 and you will earn an easy 2,500 bonus points! If you stay twice, you will earn another 2,500 points for a total of 5,000 bonus rewards points!

5K points total is not enough for a free hotel room, but a mere 7,500 is! This means, 2 nights could put your three quarters of the way to a free hotel room at hundreds of hotels ...

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Airlines Relocate at SeaTac Airport


Big changes are happening at SeaTac Airport this months as airlines and airplanes are on the move, rearranging themselves to make connections between airlines easier and to place airlines that have recently merged alongside of each other instead of spread across multiple terminals. When the moves are completed, a number of airlines will not only have shift terminals, but their check in desks and baggage claim locations will move as well. SeaTac airport is taking on a new shape, so beware; you ...

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Retirement Party at 30K Feet


Earlier this year, I departed on a mileage run from San Diego to Hawaii to New York and back again with American Airlines. Although the flights didn’t stand out as anything extraordinary and I never wrote an actual trip report since it was all domestic flying, there was one incident that really stood out above the rest. When boarding the plane from LAX to Honolulu, I noticed the jet bridge had been decorated. I didn’t reach for my camera phone until I got to the airplane, but it ...

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Marriott Offers Elite Complimentary Breakfast 7 Days A week

Marriott has finally realized that business travelers and families are on the road 7 days a week, not just weekdays. With this new realization, they have also decided that Marriott’s most elite members who spend 50 or more nights a year at their hotels deserve breakfast 7 days a week. Not just Monday-Friday!

It’s been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day and now it’s on us. Beginning June 22nd, Marriott Rewards Gold and Platinum Elite members and a ...

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United Phone Agents Do Not Always Know All The Rules

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Booking complicated United Award trips have become increasingly more difficult via I found, from my own experience last week, that would often times tell me that saver space tickets were not available if the ticket required more than 2 stops. However, due to my advance knowledge of United Award rules, and of course some help and double checking from Matt, I was able to book an amazing get away to Europe. Despite this, it did not come easy and it did take more than one ...

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Philippine Airlines Monday Madness Sale


Philippine Airlines and PAL, the low cost subsidy of Philippine Airline, have started weekly sale fares every Monday called Monday Madness. These tickets offer AMAZING savings for travel throughout South East Asia, Australia and within the Philippines. Tickets go on sale EVERY Monday at midnight and continue through Tuesday. This means that at 12pm EST Sunday the sales begin!

Although many of us will not be in the Philippines and will not be able to take advantage of these deal there ...

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SPG Summer Promotion - Double Take / Double Points


This Spring/Early Summer the hotel reward program bonuses are abundant and no one is missing an opportunity to provide you with bonus points. While Marriott is offering bonus points after xx amount of nights, SPG is upping the ante and providing guests with points after EACH stay! That’s right! From May 1, 2013 – July 31, 2013 each stay at SPG properties around the world will earn DOUBLE StarPoints! Furthermore, SPG will also give you 500 addition Starpoints when you book your ...

Airline's Hard Product: All The Same


As I began to plan my next trip, this time to Europe, I started investigating European Airlines’ Business class offerings, specific star alliance carriers. I personally have never flown a European Star Alliance carrier, so whether it is SAS, Lufthansa, Swiss, Brussels airline, etc., the experience was definitely going to be a new one. After finding initial routing to my final destination (Frankfurt) and securing it, the tweaking took place and I put together my ideal itinerary and ...

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United Releases 787 Domestic Schedule


If everything goes as planned, next week I will be flying on the recently grounded but finally flying Boeing 787 Dreamliner! While planning a get away, using miles, I noticed that next week United's 787 will be making revenue test runs between Denver and Houston, Houston and Chicago, and Los Angeles and Houston. This is sooner than May 31st, the day Rohan had stated United would relaunch domestic operations and the best part is there is TONS of award space open on these flights! So I'm flying ...

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Walnut Creek Marriott


The comforts of home when traveling is what I always seek in a hotel, yet rarely find at most properties, but this is not the case at the Walnut Creek Marriott where customer service and homeyness supersedes all norms of a large corporate hotel. Instead, the Walnut Creek Marriott is not only all business and professional, but the staff goes above and beyond to ensure that from check-in to check-out, every part of your stay is perfect. It’s the first hotel I’ve ever stayed in where ...

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Marriott Unexpected Bonus

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The Marriott hotel brand is one of my favorite and is my go to hotel brand while traveling. I don’t know if I actually like the Marriott’s better than say Hyatt, SPG or the Hilton Family, but in my line of work, it seems that my company has always preferred the Marriott family to any other, therefore I’ve grown accustom the brand and I am quite happy with it. (Although I honestly think I just love the concierge lounge access after just 50 nights a year) Each quarter Marriott ...

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Finnair unveils second plane in special Marimekko livery


Keeping in theme with Rohan’s latest post: New airline liveries: the good, the bad and the ugly, today I bring you pictures from FinnAir newest painted A330. A blue-forest livery based on the Marimekko print Metsänväki (“forest dwellers”) that emblems the corporation between Finnair and Marimekko.

The New Marimekko A330

With our Marimekko cooperation, we want to bring timeless yet modern Finnish design to the ...

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Special Offer: 7.66 miles per Dollar Spent on US Airways Credit Card


Barclay Bank has been busy in the United States trying to win over card holders from Chase and American Express and in doing so have introduced a number of airline credit card and rewards cards. The US Airways Dividend miles card is one that I do carry (see my summary of the card & benefits) and one that I am starting to enjoy more and more with each passing day. I originally signed up for this card back in January due to the pending AA/US merger and I jumped on the 40K sign up ...

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Get a 13 Month Delta SkyClub Membership for the Price of 12 Months


Update: Offer Expired

One of my favorite parts of flying is lounge access. It doesn’t matter how far I’m flying, spending a few minutes in the airline lounge is a nice way to begin or end a journey which always provides a comfortable place to relax between flights. Not to mention, during irregular operations the club agents seem to be able to do more for club members quicker than anyone else. The club provides not only a place to relax, but a service that is extremely ...

Foodstagram It!

Everyone LOVES to eat, or at least I LOVE to eat and in today’s world, so many of you like to take photos of your food and post it on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to show your friends the culinary delights that you are indulging in! Now, instragramming your pictures just got better because your next meal could win you $1000!

From April 29-May 31, 2013 individuals who take a photograph at a restaurant that participates in a rewards program operated by Rewards Network and ...

Frontier Airline Charges for Carry on Bags & Drinks - Transitions to Ultra Low Cost Carrier

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Frontier Airline is drastically changing the way you fly and is keeping to their slogan—“a Whole Different Animal.” Summer 2013, Frontier Airline policies and onboard experience is getting a facelift and the airline is basically in transition from a low cost carrier to a Hybrid Ultra-Low cost carrier and follow Allegiant and Spirit's leads by charging customers for carry on bags that don’t fit under your seat and instead go in the overhead bin. In addition, free drinks ...

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Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel Review

The luxurious world-class Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel offers modern amenity with extensive curb appeal located in the heart of Bangkok’s nightlife and shopping districts. Just steps away from high-end shopping, directly on the LTR (elevated train), and near by the famous late night club district and night markets of Si Lom, this hotel is in the ideal location for exploring Bangkok for travelers and businessmen alike and the prices of this hotel will not break the ...

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Free Platinum Status On American Airlines

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This morning I woke up to a lovely email from American Airlines telling me that I deserved FREE Platinum status! This year I have flown about 25,000 EQM since January and have already attained Gold status through 2014. Yet now, with this promotion I am being bumped to Platinum status. This is amazing since last year I only flew 16,000 EQM on AA and should truly have NO status. But thankfully, AA does not just drop Elite members, therefore I’m ...

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American Airlines 2013 Elite Rewards


American Airlines has announced their Elite Rewards for 2013, giving extra gifts to everyone who flies a certain amount of points, miles, or segments in 2013. Straying from the 2012 requirements, this year frequent fliers will be rewarded for flying based on all three status tiers instead of the harder to earn elite qualifying points, which was the only way to earn elite awards in 2012. This change means Elite Awards are easier to earn, because Elite Awards match status levels. Therefore, ...

10% off Copa Airline Flights


For a very limited of time Copa Airline is offering 10% off all their fares for flights purchased between and travel between April 27, 2013 and May 22, 2013 by using promotion code AFTRVL. Only fare classes C, D, Y, B, M, H, Q, K, V, U, S, W and E are eligible for this promotion and the ultra low economy fare classes of  N, L and T are excluded. Despite this, if you're traveling last minute or planing a May getaway, a 10% saving can be very substancial. In addition, all these fares on Copa Airlines earn 100% EQM (or 150% for business class) into Mileage Plus accounts, as Copa shares the Mileage Plus program with United. 

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