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Marriott Rewards Bonus Points: Targeted


For slightly over a year I have had Marriott Gold status, yet rarely check for specials or opportunities to maximize my points on hotel stays. Normally I just book my room and call it good, although this month, while traveling to and from Bangor, Maine I noticed a tab on the reservation page that read “Marriot Elite Specials”. I have noticed this page a couple of times before, but I normally ignore it. I find the specials usually listed to be not so special. The rates can ...

Downgrading Delta's First Class Offerings


Delta’s favorite commercial to play on board at 30,000 feet is the American Express Delta SkyMiles Credit Card. At the beginning of the commercial, a lady is walking through the airport and makes the statement, “Some say travel isn’t what it used to be, I say it’s what you make it” And she’s 100% right, travel is not what it used to be, and another example of this is the devolution of the domestic first class snack basket.

The inflight Delta snack ...

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Delta Announces Enhancements to Los Angeles & Encroaches on Alaska Air

In March of this year, Delta Airlines announced new routes and enhancements to the Los Angeles market, with a big focus of new routes out of LAX and enhancement to transcontinental flying. Four months later, Delta is announcing even more growth at LAX along with a major remodel that is already underway to improve everyone’s flying experience.

Today Delta announced the following routes & enhancements:

Pacific Northwest service with four new daily flights to ...
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Delta SkyDeck Atlanta


This week, while stopping by the SkyClub in Terminal F, I had the pleasure to check out the newly open SkyDeck. The Skydeck provides a place for travelers to inhale fresh air while providing superb views of runways and taxiways. The SkyDeck is small, but can easily accommodate 25 or so passengers on the terrace with seats that provide stellar views for any aviation geek!

On my visit to the SkyDeck, I did not stay long because it was a stormy and muggy day and the humidity was ...

Atlanta's Newest Lounge: The Club at ATL. Home to Lufthansa, British Airways & More

Access 600 airport lounges

The Club at ATL is Atlanta’s newest airport lounge, offering lounge space for Priority Pass members, Diner Club Card holders, British Airways, and Lufthansa’s guests a place to relax in Atlanta’s newest terminal, terminal F. The large club is located adjacent to the Delta Sky club in the center of the terminal and offers a more superior product compared to the Delta Skyclub. In fact, the club has better offerings than what I have seen in some European airport ...

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Downgraded by US Air During IRROPS

A few months ago, I flew to Europe using my United miles and had the opportunity to experience some awesome European Airlines hard and soft business class product. Despite this, on my return, I flew Lufthansa’s’ 747-8i to Washington DC and was supposed to connect to US Airways to Charlotte and then onto Seattle. Yet, due to irregular options (IRROPS), US Air rerouted on United from DC to Phoenix and then on to Seattle on US Airways. My entire flight was originally booked in ...

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LaGaurdia Shut Down After Southwest Landing Gear Failure


Breaking News: Southwest Airlines Flight 345, from Nashville to LaGuardia landed without nose gear this afternoon at LaGuarida. The New York Airport has had an Air Traffic control ground stop since the incident and Southwest has so far reported no injuries.

There is still mixed reports coming in as this is breaking news, but thus far, it appears as though there are no major injuries. The Boeing 737 was carrying 149 people and per the reports appears as though its nose landing gear ...

Mercedes-Benz Car Transfer for Global Service Members


United Airlines has begun to roll out luxury car transfers for a handful of United's most premium flyers while transferring with tight connections at Houston Intercontinental Airport. The service is reserved for Global Service members who have extremely tight connections at IAH and is 100% by random. The two Mercedes (one sedan & one SUV) cannot be reserved but instead will be deployed based on need determined by United.

Mary Clark, A United Spokeswoman explained the serviced ...

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Another Upgrade Taken Away By Delta


Everyone loves a free upgrade, in fact many of us travel and throw ourselves behind a single airline frequent flyer program because we love the benefits. The benefits of regional and in some cases, system wide upgrades, free baggage allowance, free same day travel changes, etc etc. Yet, not every airline can deliver and sometimes benefits that we become accustomed to are stripped away at the worst possible times. Despite this, there is NOTHING worse than when you receive a perk, such as an ...

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Delta's D Game

Is It just me, or has Delta put away their “A” Game and replaced it with their  “D”  Game? Or maybe I had just drank the kool-aid for too long and Delta has always had their left foot forward, showing us their “D” game all along! Either way, after being on a hiatus from business travel and using my miles for a number of leisure flights this year (flying to/from the Philippines, trips around South East Asia, and miles to/from and within Europe) I ...

Delta: L'eggo My Eggo


Airline Food SUCKS and we all know it! No matter how scrumptious we say it is, we all know it’s not healthy, it’s overly seasoned, full of salt and not good for our guts. Yet despite this, we fly and eat and dine and drink at 30,000 feet. The large majorities of us have lowered our expectations and know that dining on an airplane is no Top Chef experience, let alone a healthy choice. However, when on the ground airport lounges, food also stinks! There are very few food options in ...

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Austrian Airline Smart Upgrade - Your Chance For a Cheaper Business Class Ticket

Everyone wants to experience the front of the plane, yet many of us CANNOT really afford it. This is why we churn credit cards and fly cheap tickets or go on “mileage run”, to sit up front without paying for. Now, Austrian Airline is offering you a chance to fly upfront for only a few extra dollars! That’s right, Austrian is now allowing passengers to make an offer and fly business class for less!

To take advantage of this program, book a ticket on Austrian Airlines ...

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Air France To Refresh All Cabins


Money losing Air France is trying to reinvent itself with a “100 actions” initiative. The airline’s 500 million euros Best & Beyond program will overhaul the airline product and will be completed by 2015. The airline recognizes that new trends in the aviation industry have changed what customers want and Air France is responding.

Air France wants to be the world’s premier airline and they recognize that in order to be the Best & Beyond, their hard ...

Hilton HHonors Summer Promotion: Triple Your Trip


This summer, Hilton is giving HHonor members the opportunity to earn 2x or 3x the points on every stay for summer stays between July 9, 2013 and September 30, 2013. The "Triple Your Trip" summer promotion allows you to collect 3x the points on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and 2x the points on stays Monday-Thursday.  This promotion is clearly geared towards leisure travelers who tend to travel on the weekends, but still offers the business travelers an awesome opportunity to ...

Delta SkyClub Policies: Good For Employees, Bad For Customers

Being a long time NWA flyer, I am still accustomed to the old NWA culture and customs. Each time I come across a nuance, I’m thrown through a loop, especially when I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. This week when flying to Maine, I encountered another round of irregular operations (IROPS) and my flight from DTW to BGR was delayed 2.5 hours. Normally a delay wouldn’t bother me very much, but this time the delay occurred around 10pm and lasted till well after midnight. ...

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British Airways A380 Flying To LAX & Hong Kong

Last week, British Airways took delivery of their 1st of 12 A380 and announced that service to Los Angeles via the A380 that will commence on September 24 followed by Hong Kong, its second destination, on October 22, 2014. Both destinations are offering special fares to celebrate the new A380 with prices starting at only £621 return or £688 to Hong Kong.

The A380 is a fantastic aircraft and an excellent showpiece for British engineering. Our customers are going to love ...

The World's Worst Frequent Fly Program Is...


 Frequent flyer programs are they Holy Grail to our existence. Ours as a collective community that includes the frequent flyers, business travelers, travel addicts, bloggers, flyer talk & mile point contributors and even leisure travelers. The programs we love to hate, and hate to love, yet keep us loyal to our airlines of choice, and even push us away from other airlines. Despite this, no two frequent flyer programs are created equal and some programs are much more rewarding ...

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Alaska Air & Aeromexico Team up

If you can’t beat them, join em. Or at least this is what Aeromexico has done with Alaska Airline after a failed attempt to expand into the Seattle market in 2007 to 2009 with service from Seattle to both Cabo and Mexico city. Since pulling out of the Seattle market, Alaska has had no direct competition from Seattle to Mexico and has dominated the market. Now, banking on the opportunity, AeroMexico and Alaska begun a code sharing on a number of flights back in December of 2012. Despite ...

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This week, when flying Delta, (the first time since early January) I took notice that the upgrade standby priority list is extremely out of sync and broken. I have sent an email to Delta to inform them of this issue, but in the meantime I want readers to know that is BROKEN! Just like the award calendar, the award search functions, and other aspects of, Delta’s IT team has done a terrible job of fixing bugs and staying on top of the website. Since the ...

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Keep Your Cool During IRROPS & Get More!

We all know how stressful traveling can be, and it can be even more stressful during delayed or cancellations. Yet, this week I realized how being calm, laughing at the IRROPS, and going with the flow can really get you ahead.

Here is how the story goes:

 I was booked to fly from SAN-MSP-LGA-BGR, but my flight from MSP-LGA was cancelled. I was automatically rebooked on the next flight, but that flight was also cancelled. With two flights cancelled between MSP and LGA, my ...

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