18% off Frontier Airline

It’s hard to believe but July 5, 2012 will be the 18th birthday of the airline that took to the sky from Denver’s old Stapleton Airport in 1994 after Continental closed down their hub in 1993. The airline today is known for their cheap no frill fares, but back in the 1990s the “different kind of Animal” airline that we know now, took to the sky with their B737 and their slogan “The Spirit of the West”.

Frontier has come a LONG ways over the last 18 years. For example they have stopped flying B737 and by the early 2000s and transitions to a fleet of only Airbus A318s and A319s. The airline has expanded to 76 destinations across the United States, Caribbean and Mexico and added direct TV to all their airbus planes. The Airline was dubbed a major US carrier by the DOT in 2007, making it a major playing in the US Air industry, only 13 years after it took to the skies! Although Frontier has done well in Denver and took on major players such as Southwest and United, Frontier’s 18 years have not all been pretty!

In 2008, Frontier Airline filed for bankruptcy and was one the verge of collapsing when small town regional carrier Republic acquired Frontier. Through the Republic Airline accusation, Frontier was merged with Midwest Express (Republic Airline was also in the process of acquiring Midwest Express) and the larger Frontier name survived. Now just 4 years later, Frontier is being spun off into its own airline again as Republic Airways attempts to refocus itself on regional contracts.

To celebrate this turbulent history Frontier Airline is offering a true #DoubleWideDelight and giving you 18% off ALL Domestic flights to/from the lower 48 States. To grab this discount book at FrontierAirlines.com and use Promotion Code BIRTHDAY18. This Promotion ONLY available for booking July 3-5, 2012 with travel between July 24 and Nov. 14, 2012.

Hat tip to my Friend Alex for this deal


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