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Malaysia Airline Chef on Call - How to Order your meal


Malaysia Airlines allows customers booked in first class and business class to preselect their inflight meals via the program “chef on call” The airlines has over 30 dishes for business class and First class passengers to choose and the menu is specialized based on where the plane is departing from.

Per Malaysia airlines: "The Chef-on-call menu for both our First and Business classes is revised every two months where five dishes will be replaced with new ones to ensure ...

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Carolinas Aviation Museum - Limited Time Discount


Last weekend I flew out to Charlotte, North Carolina from the West Coast to watch my hometown NFL team, Seattle Seahawks, beat the Carolina Kittens Panthers. Yet before game day, I had a day to waste in North Carolina.

View from my seat - 50 yard line row 11 Visitors side :)

So I did what any true AVGeek would do and spent a few hours exploring the Carolinas Aviation Museum at Charlotte/Douglas International ...

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American Airlines AAdvantage 2015 - Bucks Industry Trends & Remains Best in Class


The 2015 American Airlines AAdvantage program has been announced and unlike American’s largest competitors, 2015 will bring minor changes and an overall approved flying experience for American Airlines and US Airways customers without the transition to a revenue based system. The change also brings changes to the US Airways Dividend program as the two program merger and the 2015 frequent flyer program looks more like the current AAdvantage program and less like the US Airways Dividend ...

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US Airways Credit Card Adds 2 New Benefits - It only gets better!


As we all know there is a limited of time remaining to still sign up and earn bonus miles with the US Airways credit card. As US Airways and American merge, the US Airways credit card will stop accepting new card holders after the two airlines frequent flyer programs are aligned. Yet the good news is, in the meantime not only is Barclays Card still accepting new credit card applications and awarding thousands of bonus miles, the credit card continues to add additional perks. This week I ...

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Alaska Airlines Announces San Diego to Kona Service

Alaska Airline has been busy defending their ground in the battle for Seattle with Delta this year and has expanded new service from Seattle to Baltimore, Detroit, Albuquerque, Tampa, and Cancun and has also grown in Salt Lake Cities by increasing frequencies between Seattle and Salt Lake and expanding new service to five destinations: Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and San Jose. Despite all this growth, Alaska has not forgotten about their newer employee base in San Diego ...

AirBerlin Business Class Berlin - Miami


When I usually think about a European premium airline, Lufthansa typically comes to mind. Furthermore, if asked about traveling on a German airline, the behemoth airline group Lufthansa is usually the first to be mentioned. Many travel bloggers rave about Lufthansas’ first class product and often times overlook much smaller airlines such as AirBerlin. Despite this, I had the opportunity to fly AirBerlin a few months ago and I must say I was overly impressed with AirBerlin’s long ...

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Virgin America Named Best in US Travel & $47 1 Day Only Sale


Virgin America was named the Best US Airline by Condé Nast Travel for the 7th year in a row in the magazines Reader Choice Awards and to celebrate the success the airline is having a 1 day Fly In Winning Fashion Sale with shorthaul flights starting at just $47!

“This year, over 76,000 readers of the premium travel magazine participated in the annual survey, casting more than one million ...

$15-$50 Off Virgin America Flights with LivingSocial

Virgin America has teamed up with LivingSocial to offer deals on your next Virgin America flight with travel deals on your next short, medium, or long haul flight offering up to 3x the value paid towards a future flight!

Whether it's your first time or you're a regular jet setter, you know the value of a fare deal. No matter where you're headed—a cross-country long haul or a single-state short haul—get there in style with Virgin America.

• $25 for $75 ...

Phoenix US Airways Clubs Rebrand as Admirals Clubs


If the merger between US Airways and American wasn’t confusing enough for travelers hopping between the two airlines, things just became even more convoluted in Phoenix where US Airway clubs were rebranded as Admiral Clubs on Friday, October 10. The two airlines are still operating as two different airlines and due to union contracts and failed negotiations, agents from each airline cannot access the reservation system of the other airline in order to help customers during IRROPs, and ...

Looking Beyond Hilton and Marriott – Comparing Hotel Elite Benefits

Over the last couple of years work has kept me loyal to Marriott and Hilton and I must say I’ve been mostly happy with Marriott and less happy with Hilton. For two years I have enjoyed Platinum status at Marriott and Gold status with Hilton and have primarily stayed at the two hotel brands as it was dictated by my work. Now, I have a little bit more flexibility (as long as my hotel room is less than $130 a night—which is fairly easy here in the Central Valley of California) and I ...

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Marriott Rewards Refer A Friend Bonus - 10,000 miles for you and them!

Each calendar year (Jan-Dec), Marriott Rewards allows each Marriott Reward member to refer up to 5 new Marriott Rewards members in order for each party to earn bonus points on the new member’s first five stay. The new member must sign up for Marriott Rewards via a special invitation sent from the current Marriott Rewards member and then stay at a Marriott branded property within 365 days of signing up for the new Marriott Rewards account. Any of the 16 distinctive hotels brands count ...

20% off Virgin America Flights - Must booked by Oct. 14


To celebrate Virgin America’s launch at Dallas Love Field the airline is offering 20% off all flights systemwide if your purchase your ticket by tomorrow, October 14, 2014 for travel between October 20 and December 17, 2014. To take advantage of this promotion, you must book on Virgin America’s website and use promo code LOVE20. Thanksgiving travel and Veterans day travel is blacked out (November 7th, 10th, and 21st – 30th; December 1st) yet any other travel time on any ...

Quality Hotel Nova Domus - Rome Italy - Review


On a recent trip to Rome, I stayed at the Quality Hotel Nova Domus near the Vatican. To book the hotel I transferred points from my Membership Rewards account to Choice Hotels and booked the room using Choice Privilege points. Choice Privilege points tend to me my favorite hotel currency when traveling Europe as the Hotel brand in Europe tends to offer better ran and nicer hotels than their North America counterpart. This hotel was no exception to the rule and I booked 1 double room for three ...

Booth Style Economy Seats & Intimate Pods on Thomson Airways 737-MAX Economy Cabin


The world’s largest charter airline and European holiday charter operator TUI / Thomson Airways is looking at new seating configurations for the sixty 737 MAX airplanes that can not only increase revenue but would offer some of the most unique and more social and intimate inflight experience for their passengers. The new cabin design could turn some rows into more intimate pods with a table between the passengers, similar to Tommy Class, and other rows into train style booth seats with ...

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Fly & Ride: Malaysia Airline & SNCF TGV Now Connects Passengers Beyond Paris

Malaysia Airlines and French hihg speed rail company SNCF TGV have agreed to a codeshare on flights plus rail service which will allow those traveling to France to connect to 15 destinations beyond Paris. The concept is not foreign to airlines in Europe as many airlines partner with local rail companies to connect passengers beyond large cities and major airports. This is a common practice among airlines in Europe, and was even a common place for pre-merger Continental and Amtrak. ...

My Spam Folder Robbed me of 15,000 Bonus US Airways Dividend Miles

I LOVE my US Airways credit card, not because I use it all that often, but because when I do, there tends to be an awesome quarterly bonus offers involved! I swear not including the initial 40,000 sign up bonus I received for signing up for this card, I have earned over 40,000 bonus miles thanks to a number of quarterly bonuses that tend to equate to 10,000-15,000 miles a pop! In fact, you can imagine my disdain for my Spam folder when I found an email on October 1st with an offer of 15,000 ...

Alaska Airlines Seattle to Honolulu First Class


Being born and raised in Seattle, Alaska Airlines will always hold a special place in my heart. I don’t know what it is about the little airline that can, but their amazing customer service, great frequent flyer program, dedicated HAPPY employees, and simple all Boeing 737 fleet just warms my heart. Not to mention, I cannot recall ever having a bad experience on Alaska. So once again, when it was time to take my partner to Hawaii for his first time, I opted to fly Alaska Air as I knew ...

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Virgin Atlantic Cuts Little Red Domestic UK Service


Virgin Atlantic will be ending domestic UK flights after Little Red has proven itself unprofitable and unable to compete with much larger and the more frequent service offerings by British Airways on flights between London Heathrow and Manchester, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. With load factors peaking at only around 40%, Little Red is not able to be sustained if Virgin Atlantic wants to be a profitable airline, so instead Virgin Atlantic is calling it quits just two years after their ...

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How Much Did My 120,000 Miles + $300 Ticket really cost?


Recently I purchased a ticket that would take me around the world for 120,000 Dividend Miles and $300. My trip starts and ends in Mexico City but takes me to Miami, San Paulo, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, and Los Angeles before taking me back to Mexico. The trip was booked in a mixture of first, business, and economy class, with all long haul segments in First, except for GRU-CDG (business instead), KUL-HKG (Business) and LAX-DFW-MEX (economy—which I probably won’t fly).  Although ...

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JAL's New Tumi Amenity Kit


Japan Airlines announced yesterday that they will FINALLY be rolling out premium amenity kits to their business class customers on long haul flights after myself and many other customers voiced to Japan Airlines that their grab and go system made them feel more like a discount carrier than a true premium airline. The airline will offer two different color Tumi bags, offering a black Tumi amenity bag on outbound flights and Red Tumi bags on inbound flights to Japan.

The Tumi ...

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