Hotel Review: Grand Hyatt Seattle

I have to admit that the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seattle is one of my favorite hotels in one of my favorite cities. Of course, a big part of that is how frequent Goldpassport Diamonds are upgraded to suites. Evertime I’ve stayed here, save one, I’ve received a complimentary diamond upgrade to a suite. This time was no different.

Unilike some other “Grand” Hyatts I’ve stayed at, this property is in great shape and not needing a makeover. My only disappointment was the evening hors-d'oeurvres at the Grand Club. It seemed like they had taken quite a hit since my visit here last summer. The food selection seemed to be meager and rarely replenished. The continental breakfast at the Grand Club was good....what one would expect from such a breakfast in the club.

 The suite is a 'true' suite in that it has a seperate bedroom and a seperate living area. It also has a spacious bathroom. This particular suite did not have a bar area in the living area, unlike another suite that I had another time at this property.


June2011 033

 Modern and comfortable Hyatt bed.

June2011 037

Very functional desk area. The plugs were a bit inconvenient, but nothing too bad.

June2011 031

The living room was very comfortable and great for talking with a small group of friends.

June2011 044

A view from the suite's main entrance.  

June2011 032

The television and min-bar in the living room. Unfortunately, there was no refrigerator as there was no wet bar area in this particular suite.

June2011 036

This was a corner suite which gave me a great view of the Hyat Olive8 next door.

June2011 034

No water views from this suite.   

June2011 039

Seperate shower and tub as is typical in hotels of this calibre.

June2011 041

June2011 040

Very nice marble countertop and functional sink area.       


Nick October 28, 2011 at 03:39 pm

This really makes me with the Grand Hyatt was closer to the regency bellvue so I could stay there during the megado