Hotel Review: Grand Hyatt Bali

Yes. I'm yet another person who was out to burn some British Airways miles on a Cathay Pacific trip in F to Asia before the new British Airways Avios regime took over. One of the stops on my Asia tour (my first trip to Asia) was the Grand Hyatt in Bali. Perhaps some of you have seen some of my other hotel reports from Hyatt properties in the U.S. In general I'm a big fan of Hyatt properties and of their Gold Passport loyalty program. Some might even say that I'm a 'Hyatt Fanboy'. While all that might be true, my stay at the Grand Hyatt Bali didn't leave me wanting to return to this property.

Before arrival, my travel campanion and I arranged for a car service from the airport to the property. We opted for what they called the 'limousine' service, which was in actuality a Mercedes sedan. At 32 USD each way, this didn't seem too expensive given that the other less desirable transportation options offered up by the hotel were either the same price or just slightly lower.

Before leaving the US, I had upgraded my room to a suite using one of the four Hyatt Gold Passport diamond upgrades. This process was painless but I look forward to the day when this can be done online instead of having to call. We were here for five nights so I used only one of my four suite upgrades. It was an excellent use of the diamond suite upgrade sticker.

Entrance to the Grand Hyatt


Check-in area


Open Air Bar near the main desk


Sitting Area Just outside the bar


The arrival at the hotel went well. The open air check in area is spacious. We were met by someone with a cold beverage and a cool towel. He escorted us to our suite. We were given a resort view suite. The view was very nice but nothing to write home about. As I had booked the cheapest available rate and used the diamond upgrade currency, it didn't appear as diamond status afforded any kind of an upgraded view.

The Suite

The Bedroom


Dining Area



The Diamond Amenity was in our room upon arrival.


The Living Room



The Balcony off the living room


These tasty goodies just appeared in our room one day. A nice touch.


The bathroom. There was a second powder room in the suite. The bathroom was spacious with a seperate tub and shower. The dressing area and walk-in closet were very large.






Our stay was not without issues. We discovered upon returning from a day at the pool that our suite door was not latching shut without assistance. We knew this because our suite door could be just pushed open. I called the front desk to let them know about this safety issue and they came to fix it right away. The next day some flowers were delivered to the suite---a nice touch to make up for this oversight.


The Grand Club concierge lounge

 The open-air lounge is quite attractive, affording nice views of the resort and the ponds surrounding it. I couldn't ask for anything more as far as a facility was concerned. Where the lounge falters is in the quality of the food and the lack of staff to meet the crowds that fill it. This is probably the main reason why I'd probably not return to this property; the disappointment in the grand club. Now this disappointment was probably influenced by the fact that my stay here was sandwiched in between nights at the Conrad Hong Kong and the JW Marriott Bangkok, both of which have outstanding lounges.

The selection of food in the Grand Club included both hot and cold items. Even the hots items that had just been brought out from the kitchen often appeared dried out. Everything was edible and for the most part tasted "okay". In general too many of the foods items didn't seem to be 'up to snuff' with that found in lounges in hotels of comparable stature in Asia.

There was one thing that I saw that distirbed me. In the afternoon the lounge was open for drinks and a small assortment of snacks. Under glass were some of the baked goods from the morning. I lifted the glass and when I did so, I saw a large number of flying insects feasting on the food. I called over the lounge attendant, expecting him to replace these items as insects were all over them. Well instead he brought over an electric bug zapper that looked like a tennis racket, put it over the food. The sound of some of the bugs meeting an untimely death was heard. He replaced the glass lid over the same baked goods and walked away. I was The only thing worse than bugs feasting on baked goods  is dead bugs in baked goods. I thought that maybe I'm was just being a tempermental American who was "too sensititive" and this was just a 'cultural difference'. Well if this were the case, why were they covered in the first place? Having lost my appetite, I just walked away and had a cold beverage.

Speaking of beverages, all beverages were served. No 'serve it yourself' like in the Grand Clubs in the USA. Well this would be great if there were adequate servers to serve the beverages. At breakfast and hors-d'oeuvres times, the lounge would be packed and it was often necessary to 'chase down' a server to place an order. It was not unusual for the beverages to arrive after eating. It was clear that there were not enough servers to keep the buffet stocked and serve beverages. They need to either better staff the place during peak times or allow guests to serve themselves.

As one would expect, there were concierges in the lounge to assist Grand Club guests with dinner reservations, excursions, etc. We set up our return transportation to the airport with the Grand Club concierges. Should be a rather mundane task for the concierges. Well it appears now, as they incorrectly recorded the date of departure and called the room at 6:30am wondering where we were. All I can say is that it seems like a lot of things in the Grand Club were 'not ready for prime time'.









The Grand Club Pool was for the use of those with Grand Club access. I think it might have been adults only. It had its own bar and pool service. During our stay, it was never hard to find a nice lounger no matter what time of day. (This is a pet peeve of mine---having to line up at the crack of dawn or pay an extorsion-like reservation fee to get a lounger or a palapa....I'm talking to you Hyatt Aruba.)



The Beach

Obviously plenty of room here. There is a low tide though around 4pm daily.


The Main Pool








Various Pictures of the Resort.

The resort is very well kept and just beautiful. In this respect, it is everything one could hope for.







One of the resort's villas.


One of the restaurants on the resort


Another one of the villas on the resort.







As one would expect at a resort of this size, there is a little shopping area. In the evening there are little outdoor Balinese shops set up in this area by some of the locals.



BR June 15, 2012 at 09:16 pm

Looks nice...great pics!

Jamie July 10, 2012 at 07:20 pm

Looks deserted. We're going to Bali in October; didn't you want to stay at a more local, smaller place? To me, Hyatt is always just a Hyatt.