35 Hours After Systems Integration--United "Armageddon" or "Business As Usual" at O'Hare?

Matthew spoke a few days ago about the all important passenger systems integration between United and Continental that took place and the possible 'armagaddon' that such endeavours have brought in other airline mergers. That fact that I was supposed to fly from Chicago to Houston on United some 35 hours after this transition had me a little concerned.. So far it turns out to have been for no reason.

I made a few advance preparations to help my travel a little bit easier: no checked bags and checkin using the United app on my iPhone. I also figured that I might try security at the United Express Terminal Two at O'Hare as sometimes that is a little less crazy than the normal security lines in United's Termal One. I arrived at the airport a little over three hours before my schedlued flight time.

None of these appeared to be all that necessary. I was sitting in  the United Club some fifteen minutes after arriving in the terminal. Security lines were small and I was able to maneouver them quickly. The United departure boards were not riddled with late flight and cancellation announcement. After clearing security I was able to head right over to the United Club in Terminal B. I thought that there might be lines at the club to see an agent but nothing...the only lines at the club were at the bar! Actually the club looks a little quieter than normal. Perhaps folks booked away from United this Sunday? Well my flight looks nearly full. Perhaps the airline ran a thinner than normal Sunday schedule? (I am now told that this was the case. I was told 65% of normal.)

This is not to say that others haven't had sad stories to tell from the systems integration. Now I hope not to have to call United for at least a week or two. I know there are a few issues with a couple of my future itineraries but I am going to hope that they get fixed in the next couple of weeks as I don't want to call.

Hopefully the rest of my journey will go smoothly............

Update: It was very clear upon boarding that the schedule had been thinned out. I have flown on this flight before and the Continental Gate area around B3 typically look like a refugee camp. Not at all today. We left on time and arrived 20 minutes early to Houston.