Where is the best Star Alliance Gold lounge?

One of the big perks of being a Star Alliance Gold member is lounge access! As these lounges are all run or contracted by different airlines, the services and quality levels are all over the place. Over the past year I have been to Star Gold lounges all over the world, and I think the best lounge might not be where most would expect. Most would assume one of the world’s five star airlines would have the best lounges. Star Alliance has Singapore and Asiana and both have very nice lounges, but I do not think it is the best. jeffs-cardLufthansa allows Star Gold’s to access their senator lounges a step up from their business class lounges, very nice lounges but over the past years I have noticed some cut backs. There is always The UNITED Clubs, with all you can eat processed cheese and crackers, UNITED might want to be “The Worlds Leading Airline” but I’m not sure what world they are in but the UNITED Clubs are a joke, many airport-contracted lounges are better. Both Mathew and I have posted about what I’m calling the best Star Gold Lounge in the world. I also think that the airline that owns this lounge could be on the way to be a Five Star Airline; they have been voted as Europe’s best airline beating out Lufthansa. They are added real business class seats on their narrow body fleet. They are Turkish Airlines, and the “Lounge Istanbul” is amazing. You have to see this place to believe it! I just ran across this video of the lounge, and I think it gives you an idea of this place. So if you are *G and are in Istanbul make sure you give yourself a ton of time to enjoy this top notch lounge! It is also important to note if you have donted your money to buy a UNITED Club or US Airways Club membership you have access to this lounge as well.


Ben L. April 28, 2012 at 07:35 pm

its getting really crowded, especially with the wait for the showers. I was in at 4:30am and there was a line for showers....already

Great video! I love that lounge and you are making me homesick for Europe!

azm April 29, 2012 at 01:45 am

Completely agree with you, Damian. I don't travel as much as you do, but have been to a number of lounges, and this is definitely the best I've seen. I got to try the lounge a few months ago when I was going from IAD (my current home) to DAC (where I grew up) via IST. Many lounges have nice couches, showers, and computers, but in my mind there are several elements that makes the Turkish lounge unique: the wide array of food, from kebabs made to order to a dozen types of desserts; the pool table the video game consoles; the mini-theater; and the individual TV stations. The South African lounge in JNB is also pretty nice, with a separate media room, but can't beat this one.

Tony April 29, 2012 at 06:54 am

Damian, I just love Jeff's Mileage plus number! Did you make that up? I knew the numbers had to have some meaning. quick look on a telephone key pad! Ha!

Damian April 29, 2012 at 07:01 am

@Tony, yep that was my handy work. Happy that someone got it ;)