This is an executive lounge not a play ground.

prg_8268I’m back at one of my favorite Hotels in the world, The Hilton Prague. This hotel has what I think could be on of the best Hilton Executive lounges in Europe . Tonight I was shocked at the number of kids in the lounge. Out of control! Americans get a bad name around the world because of parents like this. Letting the kids run wild, sticking their dirty hands in food on the buffet, spilling stuff all over the floor. As an American I was so embarrassed, then here come the Germans. This family must have been let out of the only trailer park in Germany. These kids are just as bad or worse, oh and then the parents and grandparents. Oma thinks you chug Baylis Irish cream out of a tall glass filled to the rim, she is on number 5 right now.

 Kids should not be permitted in hotel executive lounges period. The staff in the lounge are running around cleaning up and moving kids away from the coffee maker. I’m still very impressed with the lounge and the staff; they have to be one of the best I have experienced. Management needs to help this staff out and keep the kids out. The screaming, running and yelling like they are at a playground; this is all bad enough. The thing that just makes me so mad is dirty little hands in the food. I want some gummy bears but I just watched this little girl pick her nose and eat it... then pick out the green gummy bears. She must only like to eat green things.

End of my rant... This is my 8th time at this hotel and I have never seen anything like it.. I hope it is just a bad night.


Yuk about the girl and the green gummy bears. I feel this post is similar to that of banning kids from premium cabins..

BR May 26, 2012 at 04:12 pm


ROTFL! Good times, Damian!

Damian May 27, 2012 at 10:13 am

&BR, to give you a Baileys update, it is a little after 4pm and Oma is slurping down more of the creamy goodness. ;/

A. S. May 27, 2012 at 01:43 pm

My wife and I recently stayed at the Buenos Aires Hilton with our 1.5 year-old. We, too, had access to the lounge and used to go there daily. Now, my little girl is extremely well-behaved and truly a happy, joyous kid that everyone seems to enjoy, but even she will occasionally get out of control -- she's a baby!! But the minute she started misbehaving either my wife or I just took her back to the room. It's that simple. I'm not bragging, but any parent that doesn't do that is just an ass. It's not that difficult (unlike on a plane, where there's nowhere to go but the galley and you're not always welcome there, either). Parenting is hard, but for the most part it's a choice. If you're not up to it, stay away for everybody's sake, especially the little devil spawns you'll be creating!

Damian May 27, 2012 at 02:50 pm

@ A.S. I think this might be the first time we agree on something ;) It is the parents for sure. Tonight a mom took her child out after a small little peep, it was really nothing. Then again there is a new kid here tonight with a useless young mother who is just a horrible person. Good on you for being one of the good parents. The worst part is the smiles from parents like they think it is cute when their devil child is running laps around the lounge. Dear Parents it is not cute!