Over the past week there was some articles on how UNITED will launch a new look to it's web page.. Well, did it just happen? Did the UNITED web team update on the fly?

Here is the first update, the new logo way out of ratio:

About 10 min later this happened:

You will also notice the new UNITED Mileage Plus logo around the page.

New page title banners are also slowly showing up:

The sad thing is.. not much new, and if you are going to change your image on a web page, update it!! the old logo is still all over the place.. Do not update it part by part live and on the fly...  Really a poor way to launch your new look UNITED!

Also look for new AD's starting today with the new look for UNITED.


Kevin March 1, 2011 at 02:57 pm

Also that new selector on the top... to quickly toggle between and

I actually kinda like the UA site - i'm glad there's not much new. They probably know that if they overhaul it completely, they'll confuse a lot of people. I bet changes come slowly. I do like the new Mileage Plus logo :-).

Heck, the new livery is growing on me! I'll always miss the tulip, but I'm starting to think these new UA planes look quite classy.

Damian March 1, 2011 at 03:01 pm

@ Kevin.. I agree I do not mind the new look, and do like the new Livery, and got to fly a new one a week ago.