The Hilton & HGI Frankfurt Airport (Germany) will now open in December.

The long delayed Hilton Frankfurt Airport and Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport is reported to be opening a bit ea rlier then last expected. I’m told now that both hotels will open sometime this December. The dates on have been jumping all around and as of this post still list an opening date of May 2012. I was informed today that both hotels are on track for Dec.Screen Shot 2011-08-18 at 10.17.51 PM

 The Hilton Frankfurt Airport will have a total of 249 rooms, 89 of them Executive, 16 Suites, 1 Presidential suite and 3 Accessible rooms. There will be a restaurant called “Rise” with seating for 115 people and “The, Fifth, Lounge & Bar with 120 seats.

The Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport will have 334 rooms, with a few Jr. Suites with Free WiFi like any HGI. The Restaurant and Bar will have a “Show Kitchen”Screen Shot 2011-08-18 at 10.17.16 PM

The Hilton & The Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport are located in THE SQUAIRE, with direct pedestrian access to Terminal 1 a 5 minute walk. THE SQUAIRE has direct motorway access and the ICE main-line station with over 185 high-speed rail connections per day, is located underneath the building.

This will be a nice alternative to the Sheraton at the Frankfurt airport, over the years I have been a guest at the Sheraton the service and quality have just diminished, there is a very “we are the only game in town” attitude there. I think the Hilton and HGI will give them a run for their money.

We will see if this new dates stands. This hotel was first to open Nov 2010.