The Airport hotel to stay away from at BWI - The Hilton BWI

baltimore-hilton-bwi Normally I try to highlight the hotels around the world that treat loyal guest right, but from time to time you run into hotels that just fail on so many levels. As a loyal Hilton Diamond for over 8 years I have become accustom to the standards of Hilton Hotels.

The Hilton BWI airport is a hotel that is cutting corners, lying to guest, and just is not good. I had some minor issues at the hotel last Friday, but these issues showcased how this hotel operates, how the management lies and the hotel has a disrespect to their guest and their privacy. It all started at check in, I was informed the executive lounge was closed on the weekend and because of this as a Diamond I would have the choice of “A drink at the bar OR Breakfast” as a Hilton Diamond i’m entitled to breakfast already and at hotels with a lounge access to the lounge. I asked, “should I not get both?”, the agents said, just one, what one do you want? At this point two agents were at the desk the one talking to me and the other agreeing with him. I then said, so I get to pick between something i’m already entitled too; breakfast or give that up for a drink at the bar? He said, “so what one you want?” I took breakfast but still this did not sound right too me. I walked back down to the desk later with different people at the desk and was told I only get one. I get the lounge was closed on the weekend but do not give the option like this if you are going to be so cheap about it.

I was “upgraded” to an executive room, a room that was nothing more then a standard room with “VIP” above the room number. As there was no opened lounge this upgrade was useless. The so called executive room had no upgraded room amenities, no robe or slippers as Hilton Executive rooms normally do. In the bathroom they did not have all the standard bath amenities, no body wash, or conditioner. My bathroom had, 1 used bar of soap, 1 bottle of shampoo and body lotion. These are not big issues but this is a Hilton with brand standards and well this place was not up to standards. I reached out on facebook to Hilton and was quickly responded too that someone from the hotel management will contact me. I had some meetings and was ready to depart the hotel, I had some items in the room that would not fit in the safe and I really did not want people in the room when I was gone so I put out the do not disturb sign and left.

At 9:47pm I got an email (I checked in at 2pm and contacted Hilton on facebook at 2:30pm) the email was from the “Assistant Front Office Manager”. Here is the main part of that email:

“Although we do not place robes in our guestrooms, it is my understanding that you should have had one brought to your room earlier this evening. I would however most of all like to apologize for the service rendered to you upon check in. As a Diamond member you are always guaranteed both a drink voucher and breakfast on the weekends while our Executive Lounge is closed so please feel free to stop by the desk to obtain whichever voucher our agent failed to provide you with.”

The problem is that 3 different agents at the front desk before this email told me that I only get Breakfast or a Drink. I do not think this is a mistake. The other problem is when I got back to my room after 11pm I found a robe on the floor of the rooms closet and body-wash and other items in the room. I guess they were trying to make it right but there was a do not disturb sign on my door, yet someone entered the room.

The hotel itself is showing age and it is clear that preventive Maintenance is lacking at this hotel, torn carpets in the hallways, patches all over the wall in my room, the shower-head in the room was all clogged up and dirty. 




 Breakfast in the restaurant was cold and limited it was clear that the people working that morning did not want to be there, not a happy bunch at all. My silverware was dirty, the buffet area was not looked after and food was all over the floor. 

I wrote a very quick review and posted it on, I was notified today that the hotel requested the review be removed and tripadvisor did do this. I’m still working with tripadvisor to see why they removed it and what reason the hotel gave to have it removed. I hope to have it back up there soon.

To me it looks like the management of this hotel wants to get away with doing the minimal they need to. They also outright lie to a guest, enter their room when the guests wishes are not to have them enter the room.

So many other options around BWI, do not stay at the Hilton BWI.

I’m sure many will say stop bitching about the little things, and I agree for the most part. I really hate to see hotels that are just not up to the standards. Hilton Corp needs to do a better job and track these hotels and get them back in line, it becomes a very slippery slop for the entire brand. As a guest who is hotels a lot and mostly Hilton I feel I need to make it known not only to my fellow travelers but also Hilton corp so they can get these hotels to do the right thing or bring in the crane and pull down the Hilton logo.


BR March 26, 2013 at 07:49 pm

Sounds like just about every other Hilton I've been to.

Sounds horrible. Please update us on what Trip Advisor decides. I didn't even know they removed reasonable reviews like yours if the hotel protested.

Is your report back on Trip Advisor?

Damian April 2, 2013 at 07:01 am

Happy that after a few emails with Trip Advisor, it was put back up! Really no reason was given as why it was taken down!

Margita August 17, 2013 at 12:19 pm

We stayed at BWI embassy suites in march 2013 and experience was so poor I wrote and extensive letter of complaints and ultimately received a full refund...