Thanks, Jeff

I was shocked to find an email in my inbox from “Jeff Smisek”; the head of UNITED airlines; the other day. I cc’ed him on an email to the 1K desk praising a flight attendant (Karen) that I had on a FRA-IAD flight. This Frankfurt based crew member was on of the best I have ever experienced on UA and really on any airline. I also pointed out how some of my past flight on UA this year had some major issues but this FA really showed that UA has some really good people and sadly we mostly remember the bad ones.

Within 10 minutes of hitting send, I got this back from Jeff Smisek, I’m guessing that it was really from him because it was such a fast response time and very too the point.

Thanks Damian and we will recognize Karen. Sorry we haven’t given you better service on your other flights.


Now I have to say if this is an email from Jeff himself, i’m impressed! It gives me a little hope that Jeff is trying to make things right. My goal in sending the email was to make sure “Karen” the FA got recognized for her good service and work. It as also good to point out some of the issues that most have had with UA so far this year.


i got an email from Jeff a few months ago as well! He does reply! Pretty impressive for a CEO of such a big company!

Glad he replied to the email! Though it is too bad he does not/will not/can not fix all of the things he has screwed up at COdbaUA since 3/3...