Swiss my new airline of choice for European flights

swiss-airlines-logo-design-470x163 My home airport is Manchester UK (MAN) and I have a few Star Alliance options; United, US Airways, Lufthansa, SAS, TAP, Brussels, Turkish and Swiss. I have been sticking with Lufthansa over the years and I have been over all happy with LH, but in the past few years LH has made some changes to their European service that I just do not like. Also Lufthansa has become less reliable with strikes a few times a year. LH still provides a snack on short to mid range flights, in the past Lufthansa provided fresh made sandwiches; basic but very good. On my past flights I have gotten some very odd things, like cold potato salad with a cold hot dog on top in a plastic cup.





It is nice to still have airline giving out free food on all flights in all classes. I think LH is just trying too hard and from my observations most people do not eat these new options. I also hate the new LH slim line seats on their narrow body fleet, they are fine for an hour but after that they become very unpleasant. One thing I do love about LH is the fact that they block the seat next to any Star Alliance gold member and that seat will be open till they need it. They also hold the first few rows of the Economy section for LH SENs and *G’s

This weekend I had two Swiss flights MAN-ZRH then ZRH - SKG. I was so happy to see the old LH style fresh sandwiches made the way to LX. I had an option of Chicken or Cheese.


The crew was very good, and the cabin and the A320 was spotless. I was impressed with the service. The best part was the Swiss chocolate after the meal service.


I only had a 50 min connection in ZRH and my MAN flight was running about 10 min late. I got passed security and passport and to my gate within 15 min. When I arrived at the gate my flight to Thessaloniki (SKG) was delayed by 15 min for “connecting passengers”. I went to the agent to check on my seat, and she told me the row was mine. I asked if Swiss blocks seats for Star Gold she confirmed that they do. She said she was worried about me making the connection, and was happy to see me. It sounded like over 30 people had very tight connections and Swiss delayed the flight to make sure everyone made it.

My second flight was just as good as the first. This time on a A321, my row; both sides of the isle was open. The meal on this 11pm departure was a hot cheese pizza, it was good and made me happy, not bad for a 2 hour flight. The crew recognized my UA*G status and the flight manager welcome me by name and the crew called me by name the entire flight. This was a nice touch.


So I think I will check Swiss first from now on, Lufthansa is still good but has lost some of it's charm over the years. Then again it is much better then any US domestic service.


UA-NYC September 3, 2012 at 01:38 pm

Hasn't Lufty Inc. basically positioned LX as the more premium brand in their portfolio of airlines?

Steven January 18, 2013 at 10:48 pm

I've had a better experience with United and US Air for domestic [US] and international flights than Lufthansa. []