Return Stay: Conrad Algarve - beating itself as the best!


I had the pleasure to return to my all time favorite hotel, the Conrad Algarve in Portugal. My second stay was better then my first back in February! I cannot put into words how great the service is at this hotel! I have to say that I have been a guest at off peak times for this resort in Southern Portugal and I have already booked my 3rd stay for March. Being off peak might have a little bit to do with the great personalized service and the family like atmosphere but after this stay I’m 100% convinced the staff and management at this hotel love their job, and really care about every guest that walks in the door of this grand modern luxury hotel. Everyone working at the Conrad Algarve understands the Conrad brand and makes sure guest is truly enjoying his or her stay.


Besides the fact this hotel is just amazing, great detail all over of this breathtaking resort. As someone who travels a lot and reviews hotels I look for issues at every hotel and still cannot find any fault with this property. The rooms are spotless; the housekeeping staff does really pay attention to the minor little details. Before the evening turndown service I did a little test; I took the perfectly placed bath amenities on the bathtub and turned one around (the front of the tube now to the back) and changed the spacing of the 4 items. I also flipped over the soap (still in box) so the branding was face down. After the turndown service every tube back facing forward and once again evenly placed apart.  The soap was flipped back over and the branding was face up. Very impressive! It was almost like every time we left the room, someone went in to check on things and make it perfect again. Little gifts on the pillow each night with a nice card explaining a local tradition or tip, a nice touch. 


far_0102 screen-shot-2014-11-18-at-8.29.53-pm



I booked two standard rooms with points and money for this stay, a great deal for off-season travelers! As a Diamond both rooms were upgraded, one to a Grand Deluxe Suite with pool view, and the other upgraded to a very large deluxe room also with view. The bathrooms are great, the beds are a dream to sleep on, and the bed sheets are just fantastic. Loving being able to pick the bath amenities via the Conrad App and tried all four of them.  The room and suite was just perfect. 


The common areas of the hotel are equally impressive, outside and in, spotless and perfect. I could go on all day about how great the facilities are at this hotel, and they are! The restaurants, lobby, bars, pools, spa, and grounds are some of the best I have seen at any hotel regardless of brand. 


The one thing that just blew me away was the staff, amazing! Just like my first stay, I was just constantly impressed with every member of staff at this hotel. By name treatment most of the time, a little thing, that makes anyone feel special. The front desk staff to include the bellmen, concierge and managers were great examples of what any hotel general manager would dream of having on his/her team. As a frequent traveler you do run into the “special ones” at hotels and you take note, but I have never been to a hotel like this, every single person working the front of house was the best I have seen. I wish I could name each of them all and give them the credit they truly deserve but I did not do a good job getting their names. There was a young man who (the bellmen) told me he was a summer higher that was kept on full time, this guy was great. Always with a big smile; meeting us at the elevator to say hello, getting our car from the valet (free service) and a great person to chat with. Verna the front of house manager and Mariline a front desk agent were also just amazing. Helpful tips, friendly chatter and it shows they love their job. I know I forgot the names of all of the amazing people working the front desk but they were all great. Until you experience this hotel you cannot understand how you really start to fell like family. You are welcomed back to the hotel by name, they know you had dinner at local restaurant and asked about your meal, it is genuine and means alot. 

On my first stay I will never forget how I was greeted by a man-waving "hello" as we drove up the long driveway, amazed by the hotel. Rui opened the door to our rental car and welcomed us to the Conrad Algarve, he was my amazing first impression of this hotel and the amazement has not stopped. Rui has moved up at this hotel and is now part of the management team; it was great to see him again. Hands down this guy will be running an amazing hotel someday and I cannot wait to check in. 

The hotel offers Diamond guest an “experience” as a perk, you can choose a cocktail experience, or tea experience, a very unique and cool thing to offer the Hilton VIP members. Full Breakfast with a large made to order menu (including steak) is also free for Gold and Diamond members. The best hotel breakfast I have had in a long time. Internet is now free for everyone at this hotel and the speeds are great. As a welcome gift a nice bottle of Port was in the room. 

The Conrad Algarve is also home to “Gusto” by Heinz Beck the hotels signature restaurant; the bar in Gusto is also home to the best barman in Portugal, Wilson!



No he really is the best, Wilson has won Portugal’s ‘Best Barman’ competition,after making it past three qualifying rounds. I got to have two of his amazing cocktails, and tried 5 of them. WOW, having Wilson make you a drink is a must event, even if you are not a cocktail person, he will change you. Order from his great new menu or just tell him what you like and he will create you something amazing. It is a special experience for sure.

Here is my mother enjoying her drink!

So once again, I was impressed by this gem of a hotel in the Hilton Family, a hotel that I think is in a class of its own. It might not be some hotel on an exotic island with an underwater restaurant but this hotel has much more, and amazing staff. 

I love this hotel! 

This area of Portugal is also amazing! Check out some of my photos here and below