Lufthansa’s New Business Class – B747-8i

In early July I got the opportunity to fly on the new Lufthansa B747-8i in business class.


This new aircraft was the first to have LH’s new flatbed Business class seats. Over all it is a major improvement from the old LH seats in Business class. I was able to score a seat in the upper deck, and to make it even better the seat next to me was open. One thing I love about Lufthansa is that they block the seat next to a Star Alliance Gold member in any class just like they do for LH Senators.

My trip was from IAD (Washington Dulles) to Frankfurt, I spent a few hours in the LH Senator lounge before the flight. This lounge is nice, and much better then any UNITED Club in the airport.




Boarding was right on time and very orderly; one door was only for First, Business, and Star Gold members.


Overall I have to say the new LH flatbeds are nice, I was able to get a good sleep.





Easy to sleep with the very cool cabin lighting


However the LH in flight entertainment system is weak. I have flown on the A380 and Now the B747-8i and one would think LH could get a better system with better content.This is one thing that UNITED wins on.


lh-(17-of-17) lh-(7-of-17)


There was 2 live cameras to view from outside the aircraft, that was cool.


The service and food on LH was good, nothing special but what I expected.




One thing to be warned about is in the upper deck of the B747-8i on LH has very little space for your hand baggage. The overheads are bigger then on a B747-400 but still many bags will not fit. There is also a floor level storage bin next to the window that is about the same size as the B747-400. Also unlike the B747-400 there is no closet of storage space around the stairwell. The very German crew started to yell at people on the size of their bags, telling them they must check it. To me the crews reaction was over the top and less then helpful. Many passengers just walked down and found a more helpful crewmember to find storage on the main deck.

Over all it was a good flight! Arrived in FRA early and well rested!


Here is a video of me boarding this flight:

Here is a video from Lufthansa showing off the new Business Class seats:

This LH video is of the over all B747-8i, showing all classes of service


Nice report. No closet on the upper deck is a let down.

Thanks for the report, Damian! I've had my eye on the 748 since I saw it on the FRA tarmac in May. Very tempting to burn some miles for a weekend trip to FRA, so I can fly "her"..

sven August 27, 2012 at 11:02 pm


here my review. I don't really like the new business. is ok, but compare to other airlines not good.