Lufthansa scans Japan flights for radioactivity - Pulls A380

"This is a precautionary measure for us," a Lufthansa spokesman told news agency AFP.

At the Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt and Munich all flights from Japan were checked by airport fire departments but no radioactivity has been detected so far.

A source at Frankfurt airport said that only Lufthansa had taken the measure.

Lufthansa has also pulled the A380 from the FRA-NRT route till further notice, they have also set up a revised timetable:

daily: LH 710 Frankfurt (FRA) 13:30 - Tokyo (NRT) 11:30
(with technical stop in Seoul (ICN))
daily: LH 711 Tokyo (NRT) 13:35 - Frankfurt (FRA) 21:00
(with technical stop in Seoul (ICN))

daily: LH 714 Munich (MUC) 15:35 - Tokyo (NRT) 13:35
(with technical stop in Seoul (ICN))
daily: LH 715 Tokyo (NRT) 15:35 - Munich (MUC) 22:55
(with technical stop in Seoul (ICN))

daily: LH 740 Frankfurt (FRA) 14:20 Uhr - Osaka (KIX) 09:35 Uhr
daily: LH 741 Osaka (KIX) 11:15 Uhr - Frankfurt (FRA) 15:30 Uhr

15.03.2011: LH 736 Frankfurt (FRA) 14:25 Uhr - Nagoya (NGO) 10:00 Uhr
16.03.2011: LH 737 Nagoya (NGO) 11:35 Uhr - Frankfurt (FRA) 15:55 Uhr

Local times listed.

Lufthansa is not willing to overnight crews in Tokyo, and this is the reason for the stop in Seoul, crews will change and aircraft will be fueled. Other Lufthansa group airlines have also make changes, Austrain airlines will also stop in Seoul for its Vienna - Tokyo route. SWISS will make a stop in Hong Kong.